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Git log as JSON array

Git log as JSON array

git log \
  --pretty=format:'{^^^^date^^^^:^^^^%ci^^^^,^^^^abbreviated_commit^^^^:^^^^%h^^^^,^^^^subject^^^^:^^^^%s^^^^,^^^^body^^^^:^^^^%b^^^^}' \
  | sed 's/"/\\"/g' \
  | sed 's/\^^^^/"/g' \
  | jq -s '.'

The format is applied to each line to create a json object per line. Then jq --slurp is used to "slurp" up the objects to create a valid json array object.

git log pretty format source:


# [Git log as JSON array](
git log --pretty=format:'{^^^^date^^^^:^^^^%ci^^^^,^^^^abbreviated_commit^^^^:^^^^%h^^^^,^^^^subject^^^^:^^^^%s^^^^,^^^^body^^^^:^^^^%b^^^^}' | sed 's/"/\\"/g' | sed 's/\^^^^/"/g' | jq -s '.'
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