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Work and stuff

Oscar Godson OscarGodson

Work and stuff
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OscarGodson / netflix_categories.json
Last active Aug 29, 2015
An ongoing list of all the netflix categories. These are generated with JS
View netflix_categories.json
"1":"African-American Crime Documentaries",
"2":"Scary Cult Movies from the 1980s",
"4":"Tearjerkers from the 1970s",
"5":"Gay & Lesbian Psychological Movies",
"7":"Showbiz Movies based on real life",
"10":"Movies starring Pradeep Kumar",
"11":"Military Dramas",
"15":"Suspenseful British Independent Movies",
"16":"Understated Biographical Documentaries",
View atomic-spec-building.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
var fs = require('fs');
var glob = require("glob");
var browserify = require('browserify');
var watchify = require('watchify');
var watch = require('watch');
var exec = require('child_process').exec;
var manifestFilePath = './spec/built/manifest.js';
View how_do_i_stub_requires.js
var Foo = require('../foo/index.js');
var someClass = new SomeClass({
someMethod: function () {
// How do I stub this without requiring it to be set on the prototype?
// ex: w/o having it set on someClass.baz =;
var baz =;
if (baz == 'hello') {
return 1

My fave "not corny" horror films


My all time favorite revenge horror, and one of my all time favorite movies in general.


def sum(a, b): return a + b
def stringSum(s):
numArray = list(str(s))
return reduce(sum, map(lambda s: int(s), numArray))
print stringSum(2**1000)
View clone.js
function clone(obj) {
// Handle the 3 simple types, and null or undefined
if (null == obj || "object" != typeof obj) return obj;
// Handle Date
if (obj instanceof Date) {
var copy = new Date();
return copy;

Apps that aren't included that I suggest checking out and ones I use all the time. Ones with * I use all day.

  • iTerm2 *
  • Twitter for Mac *
  • Spotify *
  • Alfred *
  • Caffiene
  • Monosnap
  • Flux (F.lux)
  • OneNote
OscarGodson /
Created Dec 31, 2013
Window swapping in vim

To use (assuming your mapleader is set to ) you would:

  1. Move to the window to mark for the swap via ctrl-w movement
  2. Type \mw
  3. Move to the window you want to swap
  4. Type \pw
View test.js
$('parent').addEvent('click:relay(#child)', function () {
$('parent').fireEvent('click', { target: $('child') });