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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am pemapmodder on github.
  • I am pemapmodder ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 2BC0 5919 A666 BB87 C952 8F9A A622 E755 B01B F23D

To claim this, I am signing this object:


A few days ago I tweeted and profile-posted this message:

靜雞雞咁我走啦,好似我靜雞雞咁嚟,fing 一 fing 件衫,唔拎走一舊雲。 嗰棵榆樹下面潭水,唔係泉水而係彩虹,喺藻葉之間搓碎,將彩虹咁既夢整沉左

Yes, I am serious about this message. I am leaving (very soon).

Minecraft Item names

Before player logs in, player visits a website or tells the app to notify the database that he is going to join this server. Database logs his IP address.

When player joins the server:

  • Server opens a TCP client-socket to the database server-socket.
  • Server sends a string that identifies which server the data are from.
  • If identified, database responds with a secret token (secret between database and that specific server) that confirms that the database is valid.
  • If server finds the token correct, it sends a batch of username and other relevant information of the player (e.g. IP address) to the database, using the JSON syntax.
  • Database responds with a line like this:
    • If player is using the correct IP address and enables IP auth: SUCCESS <message to send to player>. Server should send the message as-is.
  • If player is disables IP auth: NEEDPASS . Server should send the message as-is. Then, server should wait for client to send a temp token.

#Terms and abbreviations

Term Definition
MCPE Minecraft PE, or any other versions of Minecraft that we support
Player the person who owns the client; the actual human who plays the game; the actual human who legitimately owns an account
Client the machine that owns the MCPE app, or the MCPE app itself, owned by the player
Server the MCPE server that has an global auth plugin, or a network of these servers
Official/Vendor (describes) the organization that is in charge of the whole project
Database the centralized server that hosts accounts, controlled and managed by vendor, provides limited access to servers
Global For all servers that use the same database
PEMapModder / plugin.yml
Last active November 12, 2016 14:42
ChatPopSound - Auto-generated gist plugin stub by InstaPlugin
name: ChatPopSound
author: PEMapModder
version: "1.0"
- 1.12.0
main: PEMapModder\ChatPopSound\Main
commands: []
permissions: []

[QUOTE="TheDeibo, post: 142836, member: 16757"]correction: shoghi OR shoghicp[/QUOTE] That's not important. [QUOTE="Legoboy0215, post: 142835, member: 18294"]Hi: I am a very very inactive dev on ImagicalMine. I contributed a lot on the early days where there was a skin bug, chest bug, and etc. At start, ImagicalCorp consisted of members of… [USER=29074]@k3ithkfng[/USER]'s server's staff. We thought: "Wow, where did shogi go?" So we started. I still don't get the reason why [USER=29074]@k3ithkfng[/USER] did not fork the repo, but it's too late :)

We tried our best, and I tried my best typing this on my paperwhite XD Hope this answers your question.


PEMapModder / mysqli.php
Created January 20, 2016 11:13
Simple MySQL client written in PHP
#!/usr/bin/env php
if(!defined("STDIN")) define("STDIN", fopen("php://stdin", "R"));
$host = "localhost";
$user = "root";
$password = "";
$schema = "";
$opts = getopt("h:u:p:s:");
# HereAuth configuration file
# Default settings for each account (players can change them if they have the permission)
# Enable these methods for automatic authentication
# Automatically authenticate if the client secret is same as the last login
# "Client secret" is a password automatically sent by the client, and is different for every
# server (so other servers can't steal it) and changes with device.
Where is my It is here
flying car slime blocks
moon colony existed long time ago with mods
self-driving car minecarts
floating sky city that's out-fashioned now, people now love underground bases
hoverboard you can ride on an arrow without mods if your server sends such packet