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Sovereignity of Mind
Katy was poring over the isosikerian charts, her headphones blasting music
of the worst kind in terms of quality. The repeating beat was not even
perceived anymore but did a good job in keeping the noises of the ship out.
There is nothing as important as silence when working on a new hyperspace
jump. The calculations are difficult enough that modern computers cannot
reach a satisfying result in acceptable time. The interaction of a
hyperspace navigator with the program in order to prioritize is often the
way to the best results. The hyperspace navigator has to have a set of
Rejis / gist:1303140
Created Oct 21, 2011
Neoquux language
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Neoquux is an FT version of the quuxish ideals
There are modifiers and relations.
Relations are combined of two objects by interleaving syllables of the two
terms. Many specific relations have their own words though. In regular
forms, the more animate term is used first. The levels of animation are (body
parts of a creature of a specific level are in an implicit class below it):
1. Quuxa deities
2. Quuxa
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--bgcolor default
--fgcolor yellow
--title Technology Vocabulary in Rejistanian
--author Mechthild Czapp
--date 2011-05-14
--## If someone from a different time would see the modern world, s/he would be quite confused. Our mice don't squeak, our keyboards don't play music or hold keys, except of course for the ones which do not open doors. And don't get me started on joysticks... When new concepts arrive in the world they do not arrive with new words already attached, instead, words are repurposed, re-repurposed and re-re-repurposed for the new concepts. This presentation aims to show how the process happened in rejistanian but you are encouraged to use its structures in your own languages and projects.
--## Mechthild Czapp got into conlanging through philosophy class where language and fundamentals were discussed and related websearches led her to Rosenfelder's Languge Construction Kit. Rejistanian was her first conlang, which is under development since 2001. When she discovered the game NationStates in 2003
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Interface Culture -- Constructing Language Barriers
Chapter 1: The days, which remain (Lisa)
You stand in the Kennedy Street and look at the large house, more a villa
than a house, and wonder whether it is a good idea to just ring the doorbell
and ask for Mira. The large, huge manison is awe-inspiring, but for the
family inside it, it is surprisingly understated. The family inside it is so
clearly out of your league that you feel inadequate even for approaching
them. Mira told you of her family but until now, you always thought she was
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\title{Ytin'he'ny\\ --- \\Those who are changed}
Rejis / rejistanianintro.txt
Last active Mar 13, 2016
short introduction on rejistanian grammar
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Rejistanian is designed to be the auxilliary language of the fictional
nation of Rejistania. Thus the grammar is simple, but this does not mean
that the language poses no challenges or insights to the learner. It is not
a simple re-work of Esperanto.
Lines which start with a | are out of character notes from Mechthild.
Pronouncing Rejistanian:
There is no definite pronunciation of Rejistanian, the Academy of the
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Quru's rules of programming
1) It's either sunlight or code!
2) The best time to save was a few seconds ago.
2b) The best time to commit to the repository will be after you deleted
_these_ debug messages.
3) If the comment '/*hideous code from here to the end of file*/' is needed,
make sure that it does not belong in the first line.
3b) or the line after the includes, smartarse!
4) Allocate a ressource, deallocate it, then implement actual funtionality