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Working from home

Eivind Fonn TheBB

Working from home
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TheBB /
Last active Jun 26, 2019
Wedding schedule

Car transport table

  • People in brackets are drivers and “main people”.
  • There’s some room for flexibility (especially Sunniva and Thor can switch Passat and Golf more or less as they wish)
  • Passat and Peugeot are the biggest cars, Kun in wedding dress should never be in the Golf or the Hyundai
  • Also, avoid five people in a car if Kun in wedding dress is one of them
  • Especially avoid five people in a car if Kun in wedding dress and Sven with photo gear are both there
  • The words “get” and “put” mean to leave someone or something behind or pick someone or something up, respectively
  • “The Lius” are: Kun’s parents, sister and cousin (four people)

Peugeot (home base Flatåsen)

View after-change-bytes.el
(defvar-local bb--region-before-change nil)
(defun bb--before-change (beg end)
(setq-local bb--region-before-change
(cons beg (buffer-substring-no-properties beg end))))
(defun bb--after-change (beg end len)
(let* ((pre-beg (car bb--region-before-change))
(pre-str (cdr bb--region-before-change))
(nbytes (string-bytes (substring pre-str (- pre-beg beg) len))))
from functools import wraps
from inspect import getclosurevars
# WITH wraps
def hyphen_decorator(func):
def ret():
View poisson.c
* C program to solve the two-dimensional Poisson equation on
* a unit square using one-dimensional eigenvalue decompositions
* and fast sine transforms.
* Einar M. Rønquist
* NTNU, October 2000
* Revised, October 2001
* Revised by Eivind Fonn, February 2015
import numpy as np
import timeit
from nutils import core, log, function as fn, plot, _, mesh
def one(domain, basis, z):
mx = basis[:,_,_] * basis[_,:,_] * basis[_,_,:]
mx = (mx[:,_,:,_,:,_] * z[:,:,_,_,_,_] * z[_,_,:,:,_,_] * z[_,_,_,_,:,:]).sum([0, 2, 4])
return domain.integrate(mx, ischeme='gauss9')
from astropy import coordinates as coords, time, units as u
from datetime import datetime, timezone
import numpy as np
now =
wageningen = coords.EarthLocation(lat=51.9692*u.deg, lon=5.6654*u.deg, height=9*u.m)
for mins in 15 * np.arange(40):
timept = now + mins * u.minute
from nutils import mesh, function as fn, plot
import numpy as np
xpts = np.linspace(0, 4, 5)
domain, geom = mesh.rectilinear([xpts])
basis = domain.basis('spline', 3, knotmultiplicities=[[4, 1, 3, 1, 4]])
dofs = [0, 0, 0, .5, 1, .5, 0, 0, 0]
func =
View rbspacetest.ipynb
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from nutils import mesh, function as fn, log, _, plot
import numpy as np
CASE = 'channel' # 'backstep', or 'channel'
if CASE == 'backstep':
# Three-patch domain
domain, geom = mesh.multipatch(
from nutils import mesh, function, plot, _
import numpy as np
import scipy as sp
nelems = 40
xs = np.linspace(0, 1, nelems + 1)
domain, geom = mesh.rectilinear([xs])
basis = domain.basis('spline', degree=2)
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