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TristanFJ / A Cycle To Break
Created Oct 5, 2017
Wrapped up in a numbing routine
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Normalized insanity
hammered heavily into
my space
Before my epiphany
I didn't see this act
as a disgrace
What comes as bare
Naked truth doesn't matter
View Frequency
Waving goodbye to what could become
a long lost friend
A chance to sea once again the fun
around the bend
I see every pattern that is us,
Each vibration
To me I think the world is unjust
But that's okay
There is much more than doing my part
For we all must
View What Is Left
Miles away
Two toddlers dismay
Wait for the day
Of glass
An inch above
The trigger, hand gloved
There is no love
En masse.
TristanFJ / The Artistic Conundrum
Created Sep 24, 2017
Everybody can be a little meta
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My poetry expires as soon as I type this
Its perfection we desire like a warm kiss
My chance to improve leaves others behind
My book of mistakes I wouldn't rewind
Each line I fabricate - a new horizon
Lettery shadows from the rising dry sun
Across the lake I spot an idea fresh
A choice in fate pursued like flesh
TristanFJ / Royalty
Created Sep 24, 2017
Moderation even in prosperity
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Lavish thoughts
A river of them
A famished drought
No perspective, even
In all four seasons
Above, they are breathing
consuming, being
Below is seething
sirens reeling
TristanFJ / Human Assumptions of Good
Created Sep 24, 2017
A stoic approach to human imperfection
View Human Assumptions of Good
On this planet, presently
there roam the unheavenly
The sick, the dying
The dishonest, the lying
For no, not all is fine
Men and women remain broken
But in effort they are soaking
Toil and trouble, a compass guides
From war, rubble, landslides
TristanFJ / Journey of Creations
Created Sep 24, 2017
Art is the sensuous display of ideas
View Journey of Creations
Allow an artist to set the scene
Flowing freely like whisps of smoke;
Colorful streaks of paint brush strokes
Created by one who is most keen
Rivers of texture, emotional plumes
Orchestrated purely to pull tears
And carefully crafted by many years
Look deeper and deeper; something looms
TristanFJ / Deterioration
Created Sep 24, 2017
An idea more abstract; Interpretations galore
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An idea itching
Asking to be free
Synaptic neurons hitching
Inside the brain called me
A movie plot I am not pitching
But something much more honest
Like fraudulent money I'm ditching
No blame to place on us
TristanFJ / Universally
Created Sep 24, 2017
What can we learn from nature
View Universally
Into the forest
In search of a chorus
That rings true
For all
We rest our heads
In our makeshift beds
Under a sky so blue
In fall
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