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Nick Johnstone Widdershin

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ekmett / CEK.hs
Created Jul 22, 2018
Simple CEK Machine
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{-# language StrictData #-}
module CEK where
-- C -- Control
-- E -- Environment
-- (S) -- Store
-- K -- Continuation
data Exp
= Var String
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Context and Describe

We tend to use describe() for things and context() for context

RSpec book


  • wrap a set of tests 'against one functionality'
staltz / index.ios.js
Created Apr 7, 2015
Experiment with Cycle.js and React Native
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'use strict';
var React = require('react-native');
var Cycle = require('cyclejs');
var {Rx, h} = Cycle;
var createExperimentalIOSRenderer = require('./src/ios-renderer.ios.js');
var {StyleSheet, Text, TextInput, View} = React;
var styles = StyleSheet.create({
container: {
kellective /
Last active Jun 18, 2021
Shit developers say

Overheard in my team (circa 2015)

In a fit of refactoring madness I have gone and changed a lot

Did you seriously just give ME nil?... No!

If the shit sticks, then we put nice paint on it

Fucking red dot motherfucker (Ben and his failing specs)

staltz /
Last active Jul 1, 2022
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing