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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Let’s leave aside, for now, the fact that you’ve changed web standards. You’ve been a participant in the first time—in the history of the web, far as I know—that the web development community has taken a feature from an initial proposal to the funding of an honest-to-God native implementation.

Instead, I want you to focus on this: say only ten developers use a native responsive images solution to reduce the weight of just one page apeice by only 500kb, and each of those pages has a barely-significant 5,000 hits per month: those users have been saved almost 24GB of data. A thousand pages saving 500kb apeice, and we’ve saved users an entire terabyte in a month. Now expand that to the entire industry: every web developer; every hit on every page that would otherwise carry with it a huge, wasteful image request, saving megabytes at a time. To those users, the only change is that the web is faster, less expensive, more accessible. For those users, the web is just better.

In helping make the picture element real—by backing Yoav Weiss’ work, contributing to the paperwork, writing posts and emails, or just helping to spread the word—you’ve improved the web itself.

Thank you.


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