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Aaron Buchanan aaronbuchanan

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aaronbuchanan / geojson_us.js
Created Jun 30, 2017 — forked from adamawolf/geojson_us.js
GeoJSON Multipolygon for the United States
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"type": "MultiPolygon",
[ -123.123779, 48.227039 ], // contig. u.s.
[ -123.318787, 49.000042 ],
[ -121.742592, 49.000267 ],
[ -95.157394, 49.000493 ],
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7 git rules:
1. Separate subject from body with a blank line
2. Limit the subject line to 50 characters
3. Capitalize the subject line
4. Do not end the subject line with a period
5. Use the imperative mood in the subject line
6. Wrap the body at 72 characters
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let noop = function() {
export default class ArcadeController {
static factory(moveStartCallback, moveCallback, fireCallback, cbContext) {
return new Phaser.ArcadeController(, moveStartCallback, moveCallback, fireCallback, cbContext)
constructor(game, moveStartCallback = noop, moveCallback = noop, fireCallback = noop, callbackContext) {
game.input.holdRate = 150;
ddprrt / Gulpfile.js
Last active May 8, 2020
Gulp: Grabbing JavaScript assets from a CDN to add to your build pipeline
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var gulp = require('gulp');
var source = require('vinyl-source-stream');
var request = require('request');
var merge = require('merge2');
var concat = require('gulp-concat');
var buffer = require('gulp-buffer');
* 1. We request the latest jQuery version from the jQuery CDN. The
* request package allows for streaming. What we get in return
simevidas /
Last active Sep 21, 2015
A summary of Nicolas Bevacqua’s post on ES6 Number improvements

ES6 Number improvements

  • use the 0b prefix for binary, and the 0o prefix for octal integer literals
  • Number.isNaN and Number.isFinite are like their global namesakes, except that they don’t coerce the argument to Number
  • Number.parseInt and Number.parseFloat are exactly the same as their global namesakes
  • use Number.isInteger to check if the argument is a Number value that doesn’t have a decimal part
  • use Number.EPSILON to check if the difference between two Number values is negligible (e.g. the difference between 0.1 + 0.2 and 0.3 is negligible)
  • Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER and Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER are the largest and smallest integers that can be safely and precisely represented in JavaScript
  • use Number.isSafeInteger to check if an integer is within those bounds


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Pull Request Process

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@implementation InterfaceController
SRWebSocket *_webSocket;
- (void)awakeWithContext:(id)context {
[super awakeWithContext:context];
- (IBAction)didOpen {
nolanlawson /
Last active Apr 11, 2020
Anatomy of the CouchDB changes feed

Anatomy of the CouchDB changes feed

I just spent a lot of time finally understanding CouchDB's changes feed, so I thought I'd do a short writeup here.

The mystery

Let's imagine the following changes to the database. There are two documents, A and B:

_id seq rev winner?
mjackson / FirebaseStateMixin.js
Last active Feb 5, 2016
A simple mixin for React components that need to bind state to a Firebase ref
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var Firebase = require('firebase');
var baseRef = new Firebase('');
function getSnapshotValue(snapshot) {
return snapshot.val();
* A mixin for components that want to bind the value of a state variable
* to the value at a Firebase ref.
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