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Progressive web apps reading list
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wle8300 commented Nov 25, 2015

This resource is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

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dosjota commented Dec 1, 2015

Thank you!!!

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Nolan, just read through your post and the app-opocalype posts - excellent work! I am going to read through these resources this weekend!

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Hey, wanted to comment on the post but didn't seem it allowed comments. I'm pretty impressed by the results, and learned loads just checking out the different technologies used. P.S., I'm seeing some more React-inspired Angular 2 at the NgRx Github; looks pretty exciting.
Actually having to go through what you did to achieve something similar seems pretty daunting though -- the amount of apparent boilerplate seems significant. I'm also getting the impression that projects like NativeScript are trying to tackle similar problems in terms of allowing devs to write generalized code yet internally making use of native capabilities.
I'm not sure how familiar you are with them -- I'm definitely pretty new to all of this myself -- but would you have any thoughts on to what extend things like that might fit in to potentially ease the pains you've had to go through?

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Thanks for the list =]

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Thanks for this list +1! :).

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kkemple commented Apr 29, 2016

Excellent work on, thanks for that write up as well as this list! Much appreciated!

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sericaia commented May 9, 2016

Great! Thanks :)

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nie-xin commented Aug 19, 2016

Great readings! Any update?

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