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Last active May 25, 2023 06:20
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Fix "Permission denied (publickey)" error when pushing with Git

"Help, I keep getting a 'Permission Denied (publickey)' error when I push!"

This means, on your local machine, you haven't made any SSH keys. Not to worry. Here's how to fix:

  1. Open git bash (Use the Windows search. To find it, type "git bash") or the Mac Terminal. Pro Tip: You can use any *nix based command prompt (but not the default Windows Command Prompt!)
  2. Type cd ~/.ssh. This will take you to the root directory for Git (Likely C:\Users\[YOUR-USER-NAME]\.ssh\ on Windows)
  3. Within the .ssh folder, there should be these two files: id_rsa and These are the files that tell your computer how to communicate with GitHub, BitBucket, or any other Git based service. Type ls to see a directory listing. If those two files don't show up, proceed to the next step. NOTE: Your SSH keys must be named id_rsa and in order for Git, GitHub, and BitBucket to recognize them by default.
  4. To create the SSH keys, type ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "". This will create both id_rsa and files.
  5. Now, go and open in your favorite text editor (you can do this via Windows Explorer or the OSX Finder if you like, typing open . will open the folder).
  6. Copy the contents--exactly as it appears, with no extra spaces or lines--of and paste it into GitHub and/or BitBucket under the Account Settings > SSH Keys. NOTE: I like to give the SSH key a descriptive name, usually with the name of the workstation I'm on along with the date.
  7. Now that you've added your public key to Github and/or BitBucket, try to git push again and see if it works. It should!

More help available from GitHub on creating SSH Keys and BitBucket Help.

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Hello, I think I’m not the correct audience for this mail chain. If yes , please exclude me from this call. Best Regards, Vani From: Ekta Arora @.> Date: Thursday, 29 September 2022 at 07:30 To: adamjohnson @.> Cc: Vani Swamy @.>, Comment @.> Subject: Re: adamjohnson/publickey-git-error.markdown @Ekta17 commented on this gist.

________________________________ this works! one extra step is to add the rsa key in your path: touch ~/.ssh/config vi ~/.ssh/config paste following in this file and change location of the rsa file: Host * AddKeysToAgent yes UseKeychain yes IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa — Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or unsubscribe You are receiving this because you commented.Message ID: @.***>

Hi. There is an unsubscribe button in the email you get that you can press to stop receiving updates from this thread.

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How did you fix it with another user?

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I got the same error when following the key generation guid for Mac on Github docs:

The problem for me was the entry in .ssh/config which has to be for host * and not * as the guide says since * does not match the ssh domain So Git didn't even use the key when trying to push to Github.

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THANK YOU! Finally connected PyCharm because of this.

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thanks, you are awesome!!!

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This helped. Thank you so much 🙏

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Thank you!

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kdaysal commented Nov 24, 2022

Bravo!! I was getting the Permission Denied (publickey) error when trying to execute npm run deploy to publish an app to gh-pages for the first time. Kept going in circles on different forums without much luck. One suggestion was to change the remote's URL from SSH to HTTPS - which I tried, and it worked ONCE (published to gh-pages successfully) - and then some time later I tried to publish new changes and it failed with the same error as before. Such a headache, but the solution described here worked like a charm after I switched my remote URL back to SSH and followed the steps. Thank you so much! :)

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nyamwaya commented Dec 1, 2022

worked for me. had to rename files to id_rsa respectfully

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Thank you so much! fixed a problem I was having for a few days...

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Very helpful, thanks

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Zyanvel commented Dec 15, 2022

Thank you SO much!

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using WSL, this DID solve my problem for windows-based git. however, using WebStorm and a project based in the linux file system, it still wasn't enough and I couldn't get it to work for several months. the solution finally came by wrapping the git that WebStorm (or IntelliJ etc) uses for WSL projects in a bash script that starts the respective ssh-agent, see this thread:

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Thanks, it works with Ubuntu on WSL2

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Thanks man, i named my keys id_"some_custom_name" but i renamed it to rsa and it started working fine.
Still i didnt get why it didnt work for custom name. I added the identity in the config file

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This is very helpful. Easy steps saved lots of trouble.

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steveninety commented Jan 3, 2023

Powershell terminal users!

You'll keep getting this error even after following the outlined instructions. It only works in the Bash/Cygwin terminal. In Cygwin, I ran:

ssh -T


Hi steveninety! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

Find the comment by @2bam where he explains how to get rid of the error in Powershell.

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thanks. it's work master.

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I am also running into same issue on my mac. I tried above solution but didn't work. Following is my ~/.ssh/config file:

Host *
AddKeysToAgent yes
UseKeychain yes
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Can anyone please help!

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TifSecberus commented Jan 10, 2023

I have this issue and need help! My config file is set up correctly, I can connect to GitHub using the command ssh I ran the command ssh -vT and was able to see my public key connect successfully. However when I run the command ssh-add -l -E sha256 I receive this error message "The agent has no identities." I can not understand how this is possible and any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been working on this issue for 2 weeks. Using a Mac.

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Thanks! It's really works! <3

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It worked! Thanks!

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Thank you! Finally it worked!

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Not working at all

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LiuXH98 commented Feb 14, 2023

Thank you so much!!!!!

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Thank You! Works like a charm.

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you saved me

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Thanks man, i named my keys id_"some_custom_name" but i renamed it to rsa and it started working fine.
Still i didnt get why it didnt work for custom name. I added the identity in the config file

hello sir, I also have the same issue how can I rename ? please help

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