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Privacy Policy for SponsorBlock

SponsorBlock is a browser extention that allows you to submit sponsor times in YouTube videos and fetch sponsor times that other people have submitted.

Log Files

Almost all data that is collected through this extension can be downloaded from Some more sensitive data such as votes and hashed IPs are stored in a private database.

The only things I keep are:

  • Information you submit (sponsor times, votes)
  • A hashed version of your userID (a randomly generated value assigned when you first install the extension)
  • The time the submission happened
  • A hashed + salted version of your ip address. My server can check if the same ip is posting too many things and ratelimiting them. No hacker or anyone who downloads the database file from the above link should be able to get any personal info.

The extention also optionally logs whenever you skip a sponsor. This is used to let other users know how much their submissions have helped others (leaderboard). The skip tracking is completely anonymous and can be disabled in settings.

The webserver also is logging each request to make debugging easier. Time of request, request url, and status code are logged. No IPs are logged.

Requests sent to the server while using the extension

Each time you browse to a new YouTube video:

  • A request to there server is sent asking for sponsors for that video.
    • This request contains no personally identifiable information and no IPs are logged from this request.

Each time you skip a sponsor: IF you have skip tracking enabled:

  • An anonymous request is sent with the ID of the sponsor to record one skip
    • No IPs are logged from this request. IF you have skip tracking enabled AND the popup enabled
  • A vote request is sent for this sponsor. This indicates that it worked. This includes your userID.

Each time you downvote a sponsor:

  • A request with your userID and the sponsor ID is sent

Each time you submit a sponsor

  • A request with the video ID, your user ID and the submission is sent

Children's Information

Children under 13 are not allowed to use this service.


By using this browser extension, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its Terms and Conditions.

Additional Info

If you have additional questions or require more information, contact me through email at You can also ask me questions on Discord (Ajay#1922).

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