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Aleksey Kulikov alekseykulikov

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// Translates a Google diff-match-patch diff to an array of ottypes textv1 ops
// Pretty straight-forward!
module.exports = function (diff) {
var ops = [];
for(var i = 0; i < diff.length; i++) {
var diffComp = diff[i];
switch(diffComp[0]) {
case -1: // DELETION
ekryski / circle.yml
Last active May 24, 2017
Using Yarn with CircleCI and Heroku
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- mkdir ~/.yarn-cache
version: stable
- curl -o- -L | bash
- ~/.yarn-cache
rauchg /
Last active Jun 19, 2017
Writing ES6 today, effectively.

Effective transpiling of ES6

After publishing my article on ECMAScript 6, some have reached out to ask how I exactly I make it all work.

I refrained from including these details on the original post because they're subject to immiment obsoletion. These tools are changing and evolving quickly, and some of these instructions are likely to become outdated in the coming months or even weeks.

The main tool

When evaluating the available transpilers, I decided to use 6to5, which has recently been renamed to Babel. I chose it based on:

kof /
Last active Jul 3, 2017
External things that keep me motivated at work
  1. Open Source being officially part of the job, not just an "after job fun" instead of spending time with the family.
  2. Colleagues one can learn from, not those one needs to clean up after.
  3. Money matters. Only a stupid person can think that money doesn't matter in our capitalistic society. This also includes social security, medical ensurance and any other expenses. I am not mercantile, no.
  4. Soft deadlines. Having time to do things right.
  5. No pressure in being at time every day in the office. We all got our issues.
  6. Workout during working hours. Possibility to go quickly for a run or to the gym.
  7. Office is optional. I prefer to work from any location I want. Sometimes being in the office is nice though.
  8. Good sitting conditions: good chairs, gym ball, stay desk, sofas.
  9. Relaxation room or nap room.


Static files and 404 pages.

{{ mkdir "build" }}
{{ copy "static/*" "build" }}
{{ render "404" | write "build/404.html" }}
matthewmueller / index.html
Last active Jan 11, 2018
HTML Starter Template for rock-solid Web Apps
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HTML Starter Template for rock-solid Web Apps
Get the latest template here:
rweald / simple-linear-regression.rb
Created Aug 29, 2012
Simple Linear Regression in Ruby
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class SimpleLinearRegression
def initialize(xs, ys)
@xs, @ys = xs, ys
if @xs.length != @ys.length
raise "Unbalanced data. xs need to be same length as ys"
def y_intercept
mean(@ys) - (slope * mean(@xs))

Avoid live "then()-ables"

Like a Promise, await will call any .then() function on its operand. This can be used to create values that change every time they are awaited.

let lastId = 1;
const id = {
  then(fn, errfn) {
pmeenan / gist:7465158c6439db066a53
Created May 20, 2015
RUM Speed Index Custom Metric
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var RUMSpeedIndex = function(win) {
win = win || window;
var doc = win.document;
Support Routines
// Get the rect for the visible portion of the provided DOM element
var GetElementViewportRect = function(el) {
neonto /
Last active May 14, 2019
React Studio - a GUI tool built specifically for React

--> Star this gist if you want to see it on the Reactive 2016 conference <--

Writing React.js is fun... But being able to draw React components, design responsive layouts and create entire app flows visually can be even more fun! (Especially for those non-coder members of your team who think ECMAScript 6 is a skin disease. They should see the light of React too.)

In this lightning talk, we'll give you a world premiere sneak peek at React Studio (, a GUI tool built specifically for React. We'll explain how React's functional design makes it a great fit for visual tools. Also we will show how React Studio's plugin approach makes it a really powerful meta-programming system. Want to switch your app from Redux to Alt.js or vice versa? Just swap the state plugin and export again! That's just one of the joys of using a visual system for your Reactified visual design.