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Setup NPM

Install make

You will probably need build essential tools

# Ubuntu install build tools:
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential

Install Node.js

Node installation instructions

The instructions for Ubuntu/Debian:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Setup NPM

Avoid having to use sudo with npm on Ubuntu:

# Make a local directory for NPM
mkdir ~/.npm-global

# Configure NPM to use npm-global for non-root access
npm config set prefix '~/.npm-global'

# Add .npm-global/bin to $PATH
# Change ~/.profile to ~/.zshrc if you are running in zsh shell like on macos
echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.npm-global/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.profile

# Update the local $PATH (don't forget the leading . with a space after it)
. ~/.profile
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For the PATH line under emacs, clarify that the line should be added to the file, not as a replacement for any other existing PATH definitions that may be present on a raspiblitz.

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openoms commented Apr 27, 2020

See the steps for the RaspiBlitz:

Will work on adding it to the SERVICES.

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tried that on tmux, closed session, opened new terminal bos: command not found. need to do . ~/-profile again.

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tried that on tmux, closed session, opened new terminal bos: command not found. need to do . ~/-profile again.

Maybe it needs to be in .bashrc or .bash_profile or something

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One of those should work:

  1. echo "source ~/.profile" >> ~/.bash_profile
  2. echo "source ~/.profile" >> ~/.bashrc

Then restart console. Now it should work everytime you open console.
Would be nice, if you could add this to the

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Kixunil commented Mar 26, 2021

Please do not recommend users to use It can break the system, as happened to a friend, and is generally less secure than installation from Debian/Ubuntu packages.

Simple apt install nodejs is enough. The version in Debian stable is supported by bos, so there's no problem. Users with older system should just upgrade the OS instead of making "franken Debian".

Ubuntu generally has newer packages than Debian stable, so the same applies in that case.

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