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Alex Ilyaev alexilyaev

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alexilyaev / time-to-decimal.js
Created Dec 6, 2018
Alfred Worflow - Time To Decimal
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* Convert a time string to a decimal value
* @param {string} argv e.g. 142h13m, 142 h 13 min
function run(argv) {
const query = argv[0];
const [, hours, minutes] = query.match(/\s*(?:(\d+)\s*h)?\s*(?:(\d+)\s*m)?/)
let decimal = 0;
alexilyaev /
Last active May 11, 2020
Summary of the new stuff in Next.js 9.3

The blog post on Next.js 9.3

export async getStaticProps

  • Runs at build time only, meaning if there’s no getInitialProps, the page will be served as a static file (no SSR).
  • Can pass data to the page component as props.
  • In development runs on every request

export async getStaticPaths

alexilyaev /
Last active May 19, 2020
Git CI authentication with SSH keys
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# References:
# Inspired by:
# But using SSH keys instead of Personal Access Token:
alexilyaev /
Last active Sep 25, 2020
What to do now that Moment.js is considered a legacy project?

trailingComma: es5 (default)

When set to none...

  • Often forgetting to add a comma when adding entries to an Object.
  • Commenting a property in an object currently removes the comma from the property above it.
  • Moving the last property of an object up requires an extra step to add a comma at the end.
  • Messes up Git diff and sometimes creates conflicts.
alexilyaev /
Created Dec 10, 2020
CSS Styling Guidelines

CSS Styling Guidelines

  • Use rem units for font-size and line-height.
    • The user preferences are respected.
    • We can change the apparent px value of rem to whatever we'd like.
  • Use px, % or vw for layout purposes.
    • For example, when using margin, padding, width, height, etc.
    • Easier to implement design requirements.
    • Why not rem here as well?
  • Layout can break when changing the base browser font-size.

Style Guides


  • Avoid using any as much as possible.
    • If you want a type meaning "any object", use Record<string, unknown> instead.
  • If you want a type meaning "any value", you probably want unknown instead.
alexilyaev /
Last active Dec 10, 2020
React Folder Structure Ideas

React Folder Structure Ideas

Suggested structure



A really nice tool to manage the different Node.js/npm/yarn versions between projects:

The problems it solves

  • Making sure everyone who works on the project uses the same Node.js/npm/yarn version for consistent dependencies tree and Node.js execution.
  • Switching the Node.js version when jumping between projects.