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Last active Oct 26, 2021
Modern JavaScript in React Documentation

If you haven’t worked with JavaScript in the last few years, these three points should give you enough knowledge to feel comfortable reading the React documentation:

  • We define variables with let and const statements. For the purposes of the React documentation, you can consider them equivalent to var.
  • We use the class keyword to define JavaScript classes. There are two things worth remembering about them. Firstly, unlike with objects, you don't need to put commas between class method definitions. Secondly, unlike many other languages with classes, in JavaScript the value of this in a method [depends on how it is called](
gunnzolder /
Last active Jan 18, 2019
How to Make Effective User Research With No Budget at No Time: keynote assets

How to Conduct Effective User Research With No Budget in No Time

Today User Research became a vital component of any software development project. Some still consider it expensive toys for big guys, or just waste of money, - and this is a try to show it's not true, shedding some light on how to make User Research in a smart and scalable way.

First part of the speech is dedicated to conducting the interviews with focus on practical experience and pitfalls, tools. Software, tips and tricks and so on.

Second part is the methodology (insight repository) which allows using the results in the process, applying quantitative methods to a qualitative research, thus helping to prioritize and make smarter decisions in creating the new product, adding features to existing one or even dealing with the bug-fixing routine.


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Last active Apr 18, 2019
Agile vs Fragile - Summary

Agile vs Fragile - Summary

My personal notes on Brian Copeland's blog series: Agile vs Fragile

(If you are unable to access the blog post, try using a US proxy or web-based proxy service e.g.

1) Deliver value to customer

  • Agile: focus on deliver valuable software to customer
  • Fragile: focus on meeting delivery period