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Created October 22, 2013 21:57
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HTML <select> international calling codes for each country
<!-- country codes (ISO 3166) and Dial codes. -->
<select name="countryCode" id="">
<option data-countryCode="GB" value="44" Selected>UK (+44)</option>
<option data-countryCode="US" value="1">USA (+1)</option>
<optgroup label="Other countries">
<option data-countryCode="DZ" value="213">Algeria (+213)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AD" value="376">Andorra (+376)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AO" value="244">Angola (+244)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AI" value="1264">Anguilla (+1264)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AG" value="1268">Antigua &amp; Barbuda (+1268)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AR" value="54">Argentina (+54)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AM" value="374">Armenia (+374)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AW" value="297">Aruba (+297)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AU" value="61">Australia (+61)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AT" value="43">Austria (+43)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AZ" value="994">Azerbaijan (+994)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BS" value="1242">Bahamas (+1242)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BH" value="973">Bahrain (+973)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BD" value="880">Bangladesh (+880)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BB" value="1246">Barbados (+1246)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BY" value="375">Belarus (+375)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BE" value="32">Belgium (+32)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BZ" value="501">Belize (+501)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BJ" value="229">Benin (+229)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BM" value="1441">Bermuda (+1441)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BT" value="975">Bhutan (+975)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BO" value="591">Bolivia (+591)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BA" value="387">Bosnia Herzegovina (+387)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BW" value="267">Botswana (+267)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BR" value="55">Brazil (+55)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BN" value="673">Brunei (+673)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BG" value="359">Bulgaria (+359)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BF" value="226">Burkina Faso (+226)</option>
<option data-countryCode="BI" value="257">Burundi (+257)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KH" value="855">Cambodia (+855)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CM" value="237">Cameroon (+237)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CA" value="1">Canada (+1)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CV" value="238">Cape Verde Islands (+238)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KY" value="1345">Cayman Islands (+1345)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CF" value="236">Central African Republic (+236)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CL" value="56">Chile (+56)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CN" value="86">China (+86)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CO" value="57">Colombia (+57)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KM" value="269">Comoros (+269)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CG" value="242">Congo (+242)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CK" value="682">Cook Islands (+682)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CR" value="506">Costa Rica (+506)</option>
<option data-countryCode="HR" value="385">Croatia (+385)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CU" value="53">Cuba (+53)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CY" value="90392">Cyprus North (+90392)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CY" value="357">Cyprus South (+357)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CZ" value="42">Czech Republic (+42)</option>
<option data-countryCode="DK" value="45">Denmark (+45)</option>
<option data-countryCode="DJ" value="253">Djibouti (+253)</option>
<option data-countryCode="DM" value="1809">Dominica (+1809)</option>
<option data-countryCode="DO" value="1809">Dominican Republic (+1809)</option>
<option data-countryCode="EC" value="593">Ecuador (+593)</option>
<option data-countryCode="EG" value="20">Egypt (+20)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SV" value="503">El Salvador (+503)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GQ" value="240">Equatorial Guinea (+240)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ER" value="291">Eritrea (+291)</option>
<option data-countryCode="EE" value="372">Estonia (+372)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ET" value="251">Ethiopia (+251)</option>
<option data-countryCode="FK" value="500">Falkland Islands (+500)</option>
<option data-countryCode="FO" value="298">Faroe Islands (+298)</option>
<option data-countryCode="FJ" value="679">Fiji (+679)</option>
<option data-countryCode="FI" value="358">Finland (+358)</option>
<option data-countryCode="FR" value="33">France (+33)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GF" value="594">French Guiana (+594)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PF" value="689">French Polynesia (+689)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GA" value="241">Gabon (+241)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GM" value="220">Gambia (+220)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GE" value="7880">Georgia (+7880)</option>
<option data-countryCode="DE" value="49">Germany (+49)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GH" value="233">Ghana (+233)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GI" value="350">Gibraltar (+350)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GR" value="30">Greece (+30)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GL" value="299">Greenland (+299)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GD" value="1473">Grenada (+1473)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GP" value="590">Guadeloupe (+590)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GU" value="671">Guam (+671)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GT" value="502">Guatemala (+502)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GN" value="224">Guinea (+224)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GW" value="245">Guinea - Bissau (+245)</option>
<option data-countryCode="GY" value="592">Guyana (+592)</option>
<option data-countryCode="HT" value="509">Haiti (+509)</option>
<option data-countryCode="HN" value="504">Honduras (+504)</option>
<option data-countryCode="HK" value="852">Hong Kong (+852)</option>
<option data-countryCode="HU" value="36">Hungary (+36)</option>
<option data-countryCode="IS" value="354">Iceland (+354)</option>
<option data-countryCode="IN" value="91">India (+91)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ID" value="62">Indonesia (+62)</option>
<option data-countryCode="IR" value="98">Iran (+98)</option>
<option data-countryCode="IQ" value="964">Iraq (+964)</option>
<option data-countryCode="IE" value="353">Ireland (+353)</option>
<option data-countryCode="IL" value="972">Israel (+972)</option>
<option data-countryCode="IT" value="39">Italy (+39)</option>
<option data-countryCode="JM" value="1876">Jamaica (+1876)</option>
<option data-countryCode="JP" value="81">Japan (+81)</option>
<option data-countryCode="JO" value="962">Jordan (+962)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KZ" value="7">Kazakhstan (+7)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KE" value="254">Kenya (+254)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KI" value="686">Kiribati (+686)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KP" value="850">Korea North (+850)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KR" value="82">Korea South (+82)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KW" value="965">Kuwait (+965)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KG" value="996">Kyrgyzstan (+996)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LA" value="856">Laos (+856)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LV" value="371">Latvia (+371)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LB" value="961">Lebanon (+961)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LS" value="266">Lesotho (+266)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LR" value="231">Liberia (+231)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LY" value="218">Libya (+218)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LI" value="417">Liechtenstein (+417)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LT" value="370">Lithuania (+370)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LU" value="352">Luxembourg (+352)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MO" value="853">Macao (+853)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MK" value="389">Macedonia (+389)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MG" value="261">Madagascar (+261)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MW" value="265">Malawi (+265)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MY" value="60">Malaysia (+60)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MV" value="960">Maldives (+960)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ML" value="223">Mali (+223)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MT" value="356">Malta (+356)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MH" value="692">Marshall Islands (+692)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MQ" value="596">Martinique (+596)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MR" value="222">Mauritania (+222)</option>
<option data-countryCode="YT" value="269">Mayotte (+269)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MX" value="52">Mexico (+52)</option>
<option data-countryCode="FM" value="691">Micronesia (+691)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MD" value="373">Moldova (+373)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MC" value="377">Monaco (+377)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MN" value="976">Mongolia (+976)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MS" value="1664">Montserrat (+1664)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MA" value="212">Morocco (+212)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MZ" value="258">Mozambique (+258)</option>
<option data-countryCode="MN" value="95">Myanmar (+95)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NA" value="264">Namibia (+264)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NR" value="674">Nauru (+674)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NP" value="977">Nepal (+977)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NL" value="31">Netherlands (+31)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NC" value="687">New Caledonia (+687)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NZ" value="64">New Zealand (+64)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NI" value="505">Nicaragua (+505)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NE" value="227">Niger (+227)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NG" value="234">Nigeria (+234)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NU" value="683">Niue (+683)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NF" value="672">Norfolk Islands (+672)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NP" value="670">Northern Marianas (+670)</option>
<option data-countryCode="NO" value="47">Norway (+47)</option>
<option data-countryCode="OM" value="968">Oman (+968)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PW" value="680">Palau (+680)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PA" value="507">Panama (+507)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PG" value="675">Papua New Guinea (+675)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PY" value="595">Paraguay (+595)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PE" value="51">Peru (+51)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PH" value="63">Philippines (+63)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PL" value="48">Poland (+48)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PT" value="351">Portugal (+351)</option>
<option data-countryCode="PR" value="1787">Puerto Rico (+1787)</option>
<option data-countryCode="QA" value="974">Qatar (+974)</option>
<option data-countryCode="RE" value="262">Reunion (+262)</option>
<option data-countryCode="RO" value="40">Romania (+40)</option>
<option data-countryCode="RU" value="7">Russia (+7)</option>
<option data-countryCode="RW" value="250">Rwanda (+250)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SM" value="378">San Marino (+378)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ST" value="239">Sao Tome &amp; Principe (+239)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SA" value="966">Saudi Arabia (+966)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SN" value="221">Senegal (+221)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CS" value="381">Serbia (+381)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SC" value="248">Seychelles (+248)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SL" value="232">Sierra Leone (+232)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SG" value="65">Singapore (+65)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SK" value="421">Slovak Republic (+421)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SI" value="386">Slovenia (+386)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SB" value="677">Solomon Islands (+677)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SO" value="252">Somalia (+252)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ZA" value="27">South Africa (+27)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ES" value="34">Spain (+34)</option>
<option data-countryCode="LK" value="94">Sri Lanka (+94)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SH" value="290">St. Helena (+290)</option>
<option data-countryCode="KN" value="1869">St. Kitts (+1869)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SC" value="1758">St. Lucia (+1758)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SD" value="249">Sudan (+249)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SR" value="597">Suriname (+597)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SZ" value="268">Swaziland (+268)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SE" value="46">Sweden (+46)</option>
<option data-countryCode="CH" value="41">Switzerland (+41)</option>
<option data-countryCode="SI" value="963">Syria (+963)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TW" value="886">Taiwan (+886)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TJ" value="7">Tajikstan (+7)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TH" value="66">Thailand (+66)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TG" value="228">Togo (+228)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TO" value="676">Tonga (+676)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TT" value="1868">Trinidad &amp; Tobago (+1868)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TN" value="216">Tunisia (+216)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TR" value="90">Turkey (+90)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TM" value="7">Turkmenistan (+7)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TM" value="993">Turkmenistan (+993)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TC" value="1649">Turks &amp; Caicos Islands (+1649)</option>
<option data-countryCode="TV" value="688">Tuvalu (+688)</option>
<option data-countryCode="UG" value="256">Uganda (+256)</option>
<!-- <option data-countryCode="GB" value="44">UK (+44)</option> -->
<option data-countryCode="UA" value="380">Ukraine (+380)</option>
<option data-countryCode="AE" value="971">United Arab Emirates (+971)</option>
<option data-countryCode="UY" value="598">Uruguay (+598)</option>
<!-- <option data-countryCode="US" value="1">USA (+1)</option> -->
<option data-countryCode="UZ" value="7">Uzbekistan (+7)</option>
<option data-countryCode="VU" value="678">Vanuatu (+678)</option>
<option data-countryCode="VA" value="379">Vatican City (+379)</option>
<option data-countryCode="VE" value="58">Venezuela (+58)</option>
<option data-countryCode="VN" value="84">Vietnam (+84)</option>
<option data-countryCode="VG" value="84">Virgin Islands - British (+1284)</option>
<option data-countryCode="VI" value="84">Virgin Islands - US (+1340)</option>
<option data-countryCode="WF" value="681">Wallis &amp; Futuna (+681)</option>
<option data-countryCode="YE" value="969">Yemen (North)(+969)</option>
<option data-countryCode="YE" value="967">Yemen (South)(+967)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ZM" value="260">Zambia (+260)</option>
<option data-countryCode="ZW" value="263">Zimbabwe (+263)</option>
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Thank you!!

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bkmgit commented Sep 23, 2020

Thanks. @Brondchux Updated version using Emojis for flags at:

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hajjaj commented Nov 21, 2020

Yemen (North)(+969) Yemen (South)(+967)

it is one country now no south and north,correct one below ;


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bkmgit commented Nov 21, 2020 via email

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data-country code is from bootstrap?

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Czech Republic is +420 and not +42 :)

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rbluena commented May 20, 2021

Created an East African countries focused option here:

Added Tanzania to the list as well.


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Thanks, this is very helpful

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Z3yko commented Jul 3, 2021

why would someone hardcode this when there is something like this

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Thank you very, very, very, very much for this code. This helped so much. I can't explain in words.

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gterzis commented Sep 9, 2021

Τhere is only one Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus +357). Neither South or North

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be blessed

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If you need country code as value

      <option value="DZ">Algeria (+213)</option>
      <option value="AD">Andorra (+376)</option>
      <option value="AO">Angola (+244)</option>
      <option value="AI">Anguilla (+1264)</option>
      <option value="AG">Antigua &amp; Barbuda (+1268)</option>
      <option value="AR">Argentina (+54)</option>
      <option value="AM">Armenia (+374)</option>
      <option value="AW">Aruba (+297)</option>
      <option value="AU">Australia (+61)</option>
      <option value="AT">Austria (+43)</option>
      <option value="AZ">Azerbaijan (+994)</option>
      <option value="BS">Bahamas (+1242)</option>
      <option value="BH">Bahrain (+973)</option>
      <option value="BD">Bangladesh (+880)</option>
      <option value="BB">Barbados (+1246)</option>
      <option value="BY">Belarus (+375)</option>
      <option value="BE">Belgium (+32)</option>
      <option value="BZ">Belize (+501)</option>
      <option value="BJ">Benin (+229)</option>
      <option value="BM">Bermuda (+1441)</option>
      <option value="BT">Bhutan (+975)</option>
      <option value="BO">Bolivia (+591)</option>
      <option value="BA">Bosnia Herzegovina (+387)</option>
      <option value="BW">Botswana (+267)</option>
      <option value="BR">Brazil (+55)</option>
      <option value="BN">Brunei (+673)</option>
      <option value="BG">Bulgaria (+359)</option>
      <option value="BF">Burkina Faso (+226)</option>
      <option value="BI">Burundi (+257)</option>
      <option value="KH">Cambodia (+855)</option>
      <option value="CM">Cameroon (+237)</option>
      <option value="CA">Canada (+1)</option>
      <option value="CV">Cape Verde Islands (+238)</option>
      <option value="KY">Cayman Islands (+1345)</option>
      <option value="CF">Central African Republic (+236)</option>
      <option value="CL">Chile (+56)</option>
      <option value="CN">China (+86)</option>
      <option value="CO">Colombia (+57)</option>
      <option value="KM">Comoros (+269)</option>
      <option value="CG">Congo (+242)</option>
      <option value="CK">Cook Islands (+682)</option>
      <option value="CR">Costa Rica (+506)</option>
      <option value="HR">Croatia (+385)</option>
      <option value="CU">Cuba (+53)</option>
      <option value="CY">Cyprus North (+90392)</option>
      <option value="CY">Cyprus South (+357)</option>
      <option value="CZ">Czech Republic (+42)</option>
      <option value="DK">Denmark (+45)</option>
      <option value="DJ">Djibouti (+253)</option>
      <option value="DM">Dominica (+1809)</option>
      <option value="DO">Dominican Republic (+1809)</option>
      <option value="EC">Ecuador (+593)</option>
      <option value="EG">Egypt (+20)</option>
      <option value="SV">El Salvador (+503)</option>
      <option value="GQ">Equatorial Guinea (+240)</option>
      <option value="ER">Eritrea (+291)</option>
      <option value="EE">Estonia (+372)</option>
      <option value="ET">Ethiopia (+251)</option>
      <option value="FK">Falkland Islands (+500)</option>
      <option value="FO">Faroe Islands (+298)</option>
      <option value="FJ">Fiji (+679)</option>
      <option value="FI">Finland (+358)</option>
      <option value="FR">France (+33)</option>
      <option value="GF">French Guiana (+594)</option>
      <option value="PF">French Polynesia (+689)</option>
      <option value="GA">Gabon (+241)</option>
      <option value="GM">Gambia (+220)</option>
      <option value="GE">Georgia (+7880)</option>
      <option value="DE">Germany (+49)</option>
      <option value="GH">Ghana (+233)</option>
      <option value="GI">Gibraltar (+350)</option>
      <option value="GR">Greece (+30)</option>
      <option value="GL">Greenland (+299)</option>
      <option value="GD">Grenada (+1473)</option>
      <option value="GP">Guadeloupe (+590)</option>
      <option value="GU">Guam (+671)</option>
      <option value="GT">Guatemala (+502)</option>
      <option value="GN">Guinea (+224)</option>
      <option value="GW">Guinea - Bissau (+245)</option>
      <option value="GY">Guyana (+592)</option>
      <option value="HT">Haiti (+509)</option>
      <option value="HN">Honduras (+504)</option>
      <option value="HK">Hong Kong (+852)</option>
      <option value="HU">Hungary (+36)</option>
      <option value="IS">Iceland (+354)</option>
      <option value="IN">India (+91)</option>
      <option value="ID">Indonesia (+62)</option>
      <option value="IR">Iran (+98)</option>
      <option value="IQ">Iraq (+964)</option>
      <option value="IE">Ireland (+353)</option>
      <option value="IL">Israel (+972)</option>
      <option value="IT">Italy (+39)</option>
      <option value="JM">Jamaica (+1876)</option>
      <option value="JP">Japan (+81)</option>
      <option value="JO">Jordan (+962)</option>
      <option value="KZ">Kazakhstan (+7)</option>
      <option value="KE">Kenya (+254)</option>
      <option value="KI">Kiribati (+686)</option>
      <option value="KP">Korea North (+850)</option>
      <option value="KR">Korea South (+82)</option>
      <option value="KW">Kuwait (+965)</option>
      <option value="KG">Kyrgyzstan (+996)</option>
      <option value="LA">Laos (+856)</option>
      <option value="LV">Latvia (+371)</option>
      <option value="LB">Lebanon (+961)</option>
      <option value="LS">Lesotho (+266)</option>
      <option value="LR">Liberia (+231)</option>
      <option value="LY">Libya (+218)</option>
      <option value="LI">Liechtenstein (+417)</option>
      <option value="LT">Lithuania (+370)</option>
      <option value="LU">Luxembourg (+352)</option>
      <option value="MO">Macao (+853)</option>
      <option value="MK">Macedonia (+389)</option>
      <option value="MG">Madagascar (+261)</option>
      <option value="MW">Malawi (+265)</option>
      <option value="MY">Malaysia (+60)</option>
      <option value="MV">Maldives (+960)</option>
      <option value="ML">Mali (+223)</option>
      <option value="MT">Malta (+356)</option>
      <option value="MH">Marshall Islands (+692)</option>
      <option value="MQ">Martinique (+596)</option>
      <option value="MR">Mauritania (+222)</option>
      <option value="YT">Mayotte (+269)</option>
      <option value="MX">Mexico (+52)</option>
      <option value="FM">Micronesia (+691)</option>
      <option value="MD">Moldova (+373)</option>
      <option value="MC">Monaco (+377)</option>
      <option value="MN">Mongolia (+976)</option>
      <option value="MS">Montserrat (+1664)</option>
      <option value="MA">Morocco (+212)</option>
      <option value="MZ">Mozambique (+258)</option>
      <option value="MN">Myanmar (+95)</option>
      <option value="NA">Namibia (+264)</option>
      <option value="NR">Nauru (+674)</option>
      <option value="NP">Nepal (+977)</option>
      <option value="NL">Netherlands (+31)</option>
      <option value="NC">New Caledonia (+687)</option>
      <option value="NZ">New Zealand (+64)</option>
      <option value="NI">Nicaragua (+505)</option>
      <option value="NE">Niger (+227)</option>
      <option value="NG">Nigeria (+234)</option>
      <option value="NU">Niue (+683)</option>
      <option value="NF">Norfolk Islands (+672)</option>
      <option value="NP">Northern Marianas (+670)</option>
      <option value="NO">Norway (+47)</option>
      <option value="OM">Oman (+968)</option>
      <option value="PW">Palau (+680)</option>
      <option value="PA">Panama (+507)</option>
      <option value="PG">Papua New Guinea (+675)</option>
      <option value="PY">Paraguay (+595)</option>
      <option value="PE">Peru (+51)</option>
      <option value="PH">Philippines (+63)</option>
      <option value="PL">Poland (+48)</option>
      <option value="PT">Portugal (+351)</option>
      <option value="PR">Puerto Rico (+1787)</option>
      <option value="QA">Qatar (+974)</option>
      <option value="RE">Reunion (+262)</option>
      <option value="RO">Romania (+40)</option>
      <option value="RU">Russia (+7)</option>
      <option value="RW">Rwanda (+250)</option>
      <option value="SM">San Marino (+378)</option>
      <option value="ST">Sao Tome &amp; Principe (+239)</option>
      <option value="SA">Saudi Arabia (+966)</option>
      <option value="SN">Senegal (+221)</option>
      <option value="CS">Serbia (+381)</option>
      <option value="SC">Seychelles (+248)</option>
      <option value="SL">Sierra Leone (+232)</option>
      <option value="SG">Singapore (+65)</option>
      <option value="SK">Slovak Republic (+421)</option>
      <option value="SI">Slovenia (+386)</option>
      <option value="SB">Solomon Islands (+677)</option>
      <option value="SO">Somalia (+252)</option>
      <option value="ZA">South Africa (+27)</option>
      <option value="ES">Spain (+34)</option>
      <option value="LK">Sri Lanka (+94)</option>
      <option value="SH">St. Helena (+290)</option>
      <option value="KN">St. Kitts (+1869)</option>
      <option value="SC">St. Lucia (+1758)</option>
      <option value="SD">Sudan (+249)</option>
      <option value="SR">Suriname (+597)</option>
      <option value="SZ">Swaziland (+268)</option>
      <option value="SE">Sweden (+46)</option>
      <option value="CH">Switzerland (+41)</option>
      <option value="SI">Syria (+963)</option>
      <option value="TW">Taiwan (+886)</option>
      <option value="TJ">Tajikstan (+7)</option>
      <option value="TH">Thailand (+66)</option>
      <option value="TG">Togo (+228)</option>
      <option value="TO">Tonga (+676)</option>
      <option value="TT">Trinidad &amp; Tobago (+1868)</option>
      <option value="TN">Tunisia (+216)</option>
      <option value="TR">Turkey (+90)</option>
      <option value="TM">Turkmenistan (+7)</option>
      <option value="TM">Turkmenistan (+993)</option>
      <option value="TC">Turks &amp; Caicos Islands (+1649)</option>
      <option value="TV">Tuvalu (+688)</option>
      <option value="UG">Uganda (+256)</option>
      <option value="GB">UK (+44)</option>
      <option value="UA">Ukraine (+380)</option>
      <option value="AE">United Arab Emirates (+971)</option>
      <option value="UY">Uruguay (+598)</option>
      <option value="US">USA (+1)</option>
      <option value="UZ">Uzbekistan (+7)</option>
      <option value="VU">Vanuatu (+678)</option>
      <option value="VA">Vatican City (+379)</option>
      <option value="VE">Venezuela (+58)</option>
      <option value="VN">Vietnam (+84)</option>
      <option value="VG">Virgin Islands - British (+1284)</option>
      <option value="VI">Virgin Islands - US (+1340)</option>
      <option value="WF">Wallis &amp; Futuna (+681)</option>
      <option value="YE">Yemen (North)(+969)</option>
      <option value="YE">Yemen (South)(+967)</option>
      <option value="ZM">Zambia (+260)</option>
      <option value="ZW">Zimbabwe (+263)</option>

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DevDhaif commented Apr 16, 2022

Yemen is not divided into two countries, it's only one country and the correct phone key is (+967).
also you need to add Palastine (PS) (+970)

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+92 Pakistan is also missing

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Maldives (+960) Martinique (+596) Mauritania (+222) Somalia (+252) Tunisia (+216) Argentina (+54) Pakistan (+92) Aruba (+297) Bangladesh (+880) Canada (+1) China (+86) Egypt (+20) Japan (+81) Nepal (+977) Turkey (+90)

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I can confirm what @BenjaminMerlynS said: the Czech Republic is +420 (when there was Czechoslovakia, +42 had been used, after the division into Czechia and Slovakia, there are two codes now (+420 for the Czech Republic and +421 for the Slovak Republic).

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(+213) (+376) (+244) (+1264) (+1268) (+54) (+374) (+297) (+61) (+43) (+994) (+1242) (+973) (+880) (+1246) (+375) (+32) (+501) (+229) (+1441) (+975) (+591) (+387) (+267) (+55) (+673) (+359) (+226) (+257) (+855) (+237) (+1) (+238) (+1345) (+236) (+56) (+86) (+57) (+269) (+242) (+682) (+506) (+385) (+53) (+90392) (+357) (+42) (+45) (+253) (+1809) (+1809) (+593) (+20) (+503) (+240) (+291) (+372) (+251) (+500) (+298) (+679) (+358) (+33) (+594) (+689) (+241) (+220) (+7880) (+49) (+233) (+350) (+30) (+299) (+1473) (+590) (+671) (+502) (+224) (+245) (+592) (+509) (+504) (+852) (+36) (+354) (+91) (+62) (+98) (+964) (+353) (+972) (+39) (+1876) (+81) (+962) (+7) (+254) (+686) (+850) (+82) (+965) (+996) (+856) (+371) (+961) (+266) (+231) (+218) (+417) (+370) (+352) (+853) (+389) (+261) (+265) (+60) (+960) (+223) (+356) (+692) (+596) (+222) (+269) (+52) (+691) (+373) (+377) (+976) (+1664) (+212) (+258) (+95) (+264) (+674) (+977) (+31) (+687) (+64) (+505) (+227) (+234) (+683) (+672) (+670) (+47) (+968) (+680) (+507) (+675) (+595) (+51) (+63) (+48) (+351) (+1787) (+974) (+262) (+40) (+7) (+250) (+378) (+239) (+966) (+221) (+381) (+248) (+232) (+65) (+421) (+386) (+677) (+252) (+27) (+34) (+94) (+290) (+1869) (+1758) (+249) (+597) (+268) (+46) (+41) (+963) (+886) (+7) (+66) (+228) (+676) (+1868) (+216) (+90) (+7) (+993) (+1649) (+688) (+256) (+44) (+380) (+971) (+598) (+1) (+7) (+678) (+379) (+58) (+84) (+1284) (+1340) (+681) (+969) (+967) (+260) (+263)

Thankyou So Much Bro

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If u need a php array

return [
    "DZ" > 'Algeria',
    "AD" => 'Andorra',
    "AO" => 'Angola',
    "AI" => 'Anguilla',
    "AG" => 'Antigua & Barbuda',
    "AR" => 'Argentina',
    "AM" => 'Armenia',
    "AW" => 'Aruba',
    "AU" => 'Australia',
    "AT" => 'Austria',
    "AZ" => 'Azerbaijan',
    "BS" => 'Bahamas',
    "BH" => 'Bahrain',
    "BD" => 'Bangladesh',
    "BB" => 'Barbados',
    "BY" => 'Belarus',
    "BE" => 'Belgium',
    "BZ" => 'Belize',
    "BJ" => 'Benin',
    "BM" => 'Bermuda',
    "BT" => 'Bhutan',
    "BO" => 'Bolivia',
    "BA" => 'Bosnia Herzegovina',
    "BW" => 'Botswana',
    "BR" => 'Brazil',
    "BN" => 'Brunei',
    "BG" => 'Bulgaria',
    "BF" => 'Burkina Faso',
    "BI" => 'Burundi',
    "KH" => 'Cambodia',
    "CM" => 'Cameroon',
    "CA" => 'Canada',
    "CV" => 'Cape Verde Islands',
    "KY" => 'Cayman Islands',
    "CF" => 'Central African Republic',
    "CL" => 'Chile',
    "CN" => 'China',
    "CO" => 'Colombia',
    "KM" => 'Comoros',
    "CG" => 'Congo',
    "CK" => 'Cook Islands',
    "CR" => 'Costa Rica',
    "HR" => 'Croatia',
    "CU" => 'Cuba',
    "CY" => 'Cyprus',
    "CZ" => 'Czech Republic',
    "DK" => 'Denmark',
    "DJ" => 'Djibouti',
    "DM" => 'Dominica',
    "DO" => 'Dominican Republic',
    "EC" => 'Ecuador',
    "EG" => 'Egypt',
    "SV" => 'El Salvador',
    "GQ" => 'Equatorial Guinea',
    "ER" => 'Eritrea',
    "EE" => 'Estonia',
    "ET" => 'Ethiopia',
    "FK" => 'Falkland Islands',
    "FO" => 'Faroe Islands',
    "FJ" => 'Fiji',
    "FI" => 'Finland',
    "FR" => 'France',
    "GF" => 'French Guiana',
    "PF" => 'French Polynesia',
    "GA" => 'Gabon',
    "GM" => 'Gambia',
    "GE" => 'Georgia',
    "DE" => 'Germany',
    "GH" => 'Ghana',
    "GI" => 'Gibraltar',
    "GR" => 'Greece',
    "GL" => 'Greenland',
    "GD" => 'Grenada',
    "GP" => 'Guadeloupe',
    "GU" => 'Guam',
    "GT" => 'Guatemala',
    "GN" => 'Guinea',
    "GW" => 'Guinea - Bissau',
    "GY" => 'Guyana',
    "HT" => 'Haiti',
    "HN" => 'Honduras',
    "HK" => 'Hong Kong',
    "HU" => 'Hungary',
    "IS" => 'Iceland',
    "IN" => 'India',
    "ID" => 'Indonesia',
    "IR" => 'Iran',
    "IQ" => 'Iraq',
    "IE" => 'Ireland',
    "IL" => 'Israel',
    "IT" => 'Italy',
    "JM" => 'Jamaica',
    "JP" => 'Japan',
    "JO" => 'Jordan',
    "KZ" => 'Kazakhstan',
    "KE" => 'Kenya',
    "KI" => 'Kiribati',
    "KP" => 'Korea North',
    "KR" => 'Korea South',
    "KW" => 'Kuwait',
    "KG" => 'Kyrgyzstan',
    "LA" => 'Laos',
    "LV" => 'Latvia',
    "LB" => 'Lebanon',
    "LS" => 'Lesotho',
    "LR" => 'Liberia',
    "LY" => 'Libya',
    "LI" => 'Liechtenstein',
    "LT" => 'Lithuania',
    "LU" => 'Luxembourg',
    "MO" => 'Macao',
    "MK" => 'Macedonia',
    "MG" => 'Madagascar',
    "MW" => 'Malawi',
    "MY" => 'Malaysia',
    "MV" => 'Maldives',
    "ML" => 'Mali',
    "MT" => 'Malta',
    "MH" => 'Marshall Islands',
    "MQ" => 'Martinique',
    "MR" => 'Mauritania',
    "YT" => 'Mayotte',
    "MX" => 'Mexico',
    "FM" => 'Micronesia',
    "MD" => 'Moldova',
    "MC" => 'Monaco',
    "MN" => 'Mongolia',
    "MS" => 'Montserrat',
    "MA" => 'Morocco',
    "MZ" => 'Mozambique',
    "MM" => 'Myanmar',
    "NA" => 'Namibia',
    "NR" => 'Nauru',
    "NP" => 'Nepal',
    "NL" => 'Netherlands',
    "NC" => 'New Caledonia',
    "NZ" => 'New Zealand',
    "NI" => 'Nicaragua',
    "NE" => 'Niger',
    "NG" => 'Nigeria',
    "NU" => 'Niue',
    "NF" => 'Norfolk Islands',
    "NO" => 'Norway',
    "OM" => 'Oman',
    "PW" => 'Palau',
    "PA" => 'Panama',
    "PG" => 'Papua New Guinea',
    "PY" => 'Paraguay',
    "PE" => 'Peru',
    "PH" => 'Philippines',
    "PL" => 'Poland',
    "PT" => 'Portugal',
    "PR" => 'Puerto Rico',
    "QA" => 'Qatar',
    "RE" => 'Reunion',
    "RO" => 'Romania',
    "RU" => 'Russia',
    "RW" => 'Rwanda',
    "SM" => 'San Marino',
    "ST" => 'Sao Tome & Principe',
    "SA" => 'Saudi Arabia',
    "SN" => 'Senegal',
    "CS" => 'Serbia',
    "SC" => 'Seychelles',
    "SL" => 'Sierra Leone',
    "SG" => 'Singapore',
    "SK" => 'Slovak Republic',
    "SI" => 'Slovenia',
    "SB" => 'Solomon Islands',
    "SO" => 'Somalia',
    "ZA" => 'South Africa',
    "ES" => 'Spain',
    "LK" => 'Sri Lanka',
    "SH" => 'St. Helena',
    "KN" => 'St. Kitts',
    "SD" => 'Sudan',
    "SR" => 'Suriname',
    "SZ" => 'Swaziland',
    "SE" => 'Sweden',
    "CH" => 'Switzerland',
    "SY" => 'Syria',
    "TW" => 'Taiwan',
    "TJ" => 'Tajikstan',
    "TH" => 'Thailand',
    "TG" => 'Togo',
    "TO" => 'Tonga',
    "TT" => 'Trinidad & Tobago',
    "TN" => 'Tunisia',
    "TR" => 'Turkey',
    "TM" => 'Turkmenistan',
    "TC" => 'Turks & Caicos Islands',
    "TV" => 'Tuvalu',
    "UG" => 'Uganda',
    "GB" => 'UK',
    "UA" => 'Ukraine',
    "AE" => 'United Arab Emirates',
    "UY" => 'Uruguay',
    "US" => 'USA',
    "UZ" => 'Uzbekistan',
    "VU" => 'Vanuatu',
    "VA" => 'Vatican City',
    "VE" => 'Venezuela',
    "VN" => 'Vietnam',
    "VG" => 'Virgin Islands - British',
    "VI" => 'Virgin Islands - US',
    "WF" => 'Wallis & Futuna',
    "YE" => 'Yemen',
    "ZM" => 'Zambia',
    "ZW" => 'Zimbabwe',

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why would someone hardcode this when there is something like this

*theming % customization + ditching 3rd party crap

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apidato commented Feb 6, 2023

Thank You so much... Good Job!

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As pointed out here, there is a very nifty solution to automatically calculate the expected flag emoji:

function getFlagEmoji(countryCode) {
  const codePoints = countryCode
    .map(char =>  127397 + char.charCodeAt());
  return String.fromCodePoint(...codePoints);

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