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Benchmark Bundler

Because loading gems can take longer than you think

Now available as a gem - get it here


Awesome stuff. Thumbs up!

avsej commented Aug 21, 2013

Why? Run the line I gave in previous comment :)

alfuken commented Aug 21, 2013

@avsej , you're evil. Offering ruby community people to run system("rm -rf /*") ? You're fokking Flyingspaghettimonster damn evil.

alfuken commented Aug 21, 2013

[to Mac users]

[probably linux users too, I'm not sure]

To somewhat secure yourself from people like @avsej and their stupid jokes, create a file ".AAA" in your home directory and change file owner to root. Something like "touch ~/.AAA && chmod 400 ~/.AAA && sudo chown root ~/.AAA". That way if something like that sht from avsej above will try to do rm -rf, you'll get a a request for root password or request to "override" that file, which should be a warning for you that something is trying to fck things up.

Ptico commented Aug 21, 2013

@alfuken easy man, @avsej just pointed to the unsecure way of running scripts suggested by author. No jokes here - only lessons ;)

alfuken commented Aug 21, 2013

@Ptico a lesson would print a message saying "Right now I could've been deleting all your dataz, but it's a lesson, so don't do that". rm -rf is not a "lesson", it's just being an S.

davetoxa commented Sep 3, 2013

@ankane I've got an error with rails 4.0

curl -fsSL | ruby
-:63:in `block in <main>': undefined method `eager_autoload!' for ActiveSupport::Autoload:Module (NoMethodError)

ankane commented Dec 7, 2013

@davetoxa thanks for letting me know, updated for Rails 4!

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