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Benchmark Your Bundle
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'benchmark'
/^no such file to load -- (.+)$/i,
/^Missing \w+ (?:file\s*)?([^\s]+.rb)$/i,
/^Missing API definition file in (.+)$/i,
/^cannot load such file -- (.+)$/i,
def pull(dep)
required_file = nil
# Loop through all the specified autorequires for the
# dependency. If there are none, use the dependency's name
# as the autorequire.
Array(dep.autorequire || do |file|
required_file = file
Kernel.require file
rescue LoadError => e
if dep.autorequire.nil? &&'-')
namespaced_file ='-', '/')
Kernel.require namespaced_file
rescue LoadError
REGEXPS.find { |r| r =~ e.message }
raise if dep.autorequire || $1.gsub('-', '/') != namespaced_file
REGEXPS.find { |r| r =~ e.message }
raise if dep.autorequire || $1 != required_file
require 'rails/all'
# If you would prefer gems to incur the cost of autoloading
# Rails frameworks, then comment out this next line.
$VERBOSE = nil do |x|
Bundler.setup.dependencies.each do |dependency|[0..20].ljust(21)) do

There's an issue with line 32, it will raise an exception due to required_file being an undefined local variable or method. I ran into this with the rubyzip gem, not sure why. I simply commented the line and had it print a few things - $1 was "rubyzip" and the message was "cannot load such file -- rubyzip". My test was on ruby 1.9.3-p194.

I also needed this fix, I used this fork:


panthomakos commented May 10, 2012

@latortuga @joshsz Thanks for the catch. I've updated the gist.

Great! Also FWIW I like to run it like this: bundle exec ruby benchmark.rb | sort -n -k4, that way they get ordered by slowness :)

No need to even download it, just use

bundle exec ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" | sort -n -k4

panthomakos commented May 14, 2012

I've added an eager autoloading line. This should reduce the burden on gems that are required first and autoload Rails frameworks. You can comment out the line if you prefer to let the gems incur the benchmarking cost.

sskirby commented Oct 3, 2012

I had to add an exit at the end of the file for one of my more complicated projects. Not sure why, but it would start webrick otherwise.

ankane commented Feb 24, 2013

This script is so awesome!!! I added sorting and percentages here

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