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Nick Arnoeyts armornick

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// ----------------------------------------------------------
// module imports
// const { existsSync, mkdirSync, readFileSync, writeFileSync } = require('fs');
// const { execSync } = require('child_process');
// ----------------------------------------------------------
// parse commandline arguments
const argv = require('yargs')
armornick / NIA_ShopStock.js
Last active Nov 12, 2018
Add-on for Hime's Shop Manager plugin for RPG Maker MV which adds stock limitations to shops
View NIA_ShopStock.js
@plugindesc Shop Stock
@author armornick
@param default-stock
@text Default Stock Size
@type number
@desc The default size of stock for items without note-tag.
@default 99
armornick / NIA_StateCancelElement.js
Created Aug 17, 2018
Make States Canceled by Elements (RPG Maker MV)
View NIA_StateCancelElement.js
@plugindesc States Cancelled by Elements
@author armornick
This plugin adds states which are canceled when the inflicted person is hit with
an attack with a certain element.
=== Usage ===
armornick / NIA_EquipSkillCommands.js
Created Aug 17, 2018
RPG Maker MV plugin to show the skills added by a piece of equipment
View NIA_EquipSkillCommands.js
@plugindesc Show equipment skills on equip menu
@author armornick
@param Equipment Skills Text
@desc The label to show above the equipment skills list.
@default Equipment Skills
armornick / NIA_SimpleCrafting.js
Last active Dec 6, 2020
Simple crafting system for RPG Maker MV
View NIA_SimpleCrafting.js
@plugindesc Simple crafting system.
@author armornick
Adds a simple crafting system with a simple crafting menu.
armornick / generator.js
Last active Mar 30, 2018
Node-based Project Generator (templates not included)
View generator.js
var Generator = (function () {
var Mustache = require("./lib/mustache.min.js"),
fs = require("fs")
function Generator() {
this.templateDir = null
this.config = null
armornick / embed.cpp
Created Mar 6, 2018
Embed text file as C string
View embed.cpp
#include <cstdio>
#include <cctype>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <sstream>
#include <algorithm>
#include <stdexcept>
#define FILE_LIST_FN "file_list.txt"
armornick / xml.cpp
Last active Nov 23, 2016 — forked from anonymous/xml.cpp
Duktape bindings for TinyXML 2
View xml.cpp
#include <duktape.h>
#include <tinyxml2.h>
using namespace tinyxml2;
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// XmlNode Object structure & utility functions
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define DUKWIN_XMLNODE_PROTOTYPE "$DukwinXmlNodePrototype"
armornick / list-cpls.cpp
Created Apr 12, 2016
List control panel applets and allow the user to open them
View list-cpls.cpp
List and load Control Panel applets
Based on this article:
And this section of MSDN:
armornick / RequestFile.cpp
Created Mar 3, 2016
How to request a file via the Windows API using both the old and new method
View RequestFile.cpp
#include <windows.h>
#ifdef UNICODE
g++ -municode -s -static -Os -o openfiledialog-gnu openfiledialog.cpp -lshell32 -luuid -lole32 -DUNICODE -D_UNICODE -D_WIN32_WINNT=_WIN32_WINNT_VISTA -DNTDDI_VERSION=NTDDI_VISTA
NOTE: forgive the expletives but it took several days to get this working and it turned out I forgot to define the version macros