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blotus / log4j_exploitation_attempts_crowdsec.csv
Last active Jan 11, 2023
IPs exploiting the log4j2 CVE-2021-44228 detected by the crowdsec community
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ip status country as_name validated RO Unmanaged Ltd validated KR Korea Telecom validated CA OVH SAS validated US PONYNET validated DE netcup GmbH validated ES Orange Espagne SA validated DE LUMASERV Systems validated PT Vodafone Portugal - Communicacoes Pessoais S.A. validated ES Orange Espagne SA
miguelmota / external_link_arrow.txt
Last active Jan 1, 2023
Unicode UTF-8 external link arrow symbol (closest thing to it)
rithvikvibhu /
Last active May 28, 2022
GHLocalApi Update

GHLocalApi Update

The Gist

Until recently, the Google Home app used to communicate with the device over port 8008 (HTTP) and did not require any authentication. Everything in the unofficial documentation worked as expected.

A few days (weeks) ago, Google pushed a new update to all GH devices and all endpoints (except /setup/eureka_info) started returning 403 (forbidden) errors. The app had switched over to port 8443 and HTTPS.

w8r / liang-barsky.js
Created Aug 2, 2017
Liang-Barsky line clipping
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* Liang-Barsky function by Daniel White
* @link
* @param {number} x0
* @param {number} y0
* @param {number} x1
* @param {number} y1
* @param {array<number>} bbox
shashisp / gist:8703545
Created Jan 30, 2014
textcarousel example
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<div id="container">
This is the
<div id="caption">
website in town.
paulferrett / imagick_average_colour.php
Created Dec 23, 2013
This function will get the average colour of an image file using PHP and Image Magick using the IMagick extension.
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* Get the average pixel colour from the given file using Image Magick
* @param string $filename
* @param bool $as_hex Set to true, the function will return the 6 character HEX value of the colour.
* If false, an array will be returned with r, g, b components.
function get_average_colour($filename, $as_hex_string = true) {
henriquemoody / http-status-codes.php
Last active Dec 30, 2022
List of HTTP status codes in PHP
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* Content from
* You may also want a list of unofficial codes:
* 103 => 'Checkpoint',
* 218 => 'This is fine', // Apache Web Server
* 419 => 'Page Expired', // Laravel Framework
mjackson / color-conversion-algorithms.js
Last active Jan 23, 2023
RGB, HSV, and HSL color conversion algorithms in JavaScript
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* Converts an RGB color value to HSL. Conversion formula
* adapted from
* Assumes r, g, and b are contained in the set [0, 255] and
* returns h, s, and l in the set [0, 1].
* @param Number r The red color value
* @param Number g The green color value
* @param Number b The blue color value
* @return Array The HSL representation
brandonheyer / rgbToHSL.php
Last active Jun 12, 2021
PHP snippet to convert RGB to HSL and HSL to RGB.
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function rgbToHsl( $r, $g, $b ) {
$oldR = $r;
$oldG = $g;
$oldB = $b;
$r /= 255;
$g /= 255;
$b /= 255;