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Just graduated!

Anshul Singhvi asinghvi17

Just graduated!
  • Columbia University
  • New York, NY
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asinghvi17 / flipped_axis.jl
Created Jun 16, 2022
Flip axis in Makie using PointTrans
View flipped_axis.jl
using Makie, CairoMakie
# patch a bug in Makie, will push a PR laters
@eval Makie begin
function apply_transform(f::PointTrans{N}, point::VecTypes{N}) where N
return f.f(point)
function apply_transform(f::PointTrans{N1}, point::VecTypes{N2}) where {N1, N2}
asinghvi17 / fitzhugh_nagumo_makielayout.jl
Last active May 10, 2022
Gist of one of my FHN MakieLayout figures
View fitzhugh_nagumo_makielayout.jl
using Makie, MakieTeX, CairoMakie
# Makie v0.17 and associated packages
using DifferentialEquations, Polynomials
# define the default theme
font = "CMU Serif",
fontsize = 12, # 12,
Axis = (
asinghvi17 / cobweb.jl
Last active May 7, 2022
Interactive cobweb plot with Makie
View cobweb.jl
using Makie, GLMakie
f(x::Real, r::Real) = r * x * (1 - x)
function cobweb(
nstep::Real = 30
)::Vector{Point2f} # col 1 is x, col 2 is y
asinghvi17 / insert_pdf_description.jl
Created May 7, 2022
PDF metadata writing script for Julia
View insert_pdf_description.jl
# Author: Anshul Singhvi
# Works as of 20220507
# Basically, the function is used to edit the metadata of a PDF using Ghostscript
# This could be made pure-Julian with the right logic (searching for keywords, etc.)
# but that is annoying to do.
using Ghostscript_jll
const AUTHOR = Ref{String}("Anshul Singhvi")
asinghvi17 / position_popup.jl
Created Aug 6, 2020
Makie position popup along multiple axes
View position_popup.jl
using Makie
using Makie.AbstractPlotting.MakieLayout
function position_popup!(
scene, axes;
formatter = (point::Point2f0) -> string(round.(Float64.(point), digits = 3)),
visible = Observable(false)
View tex_prototype.jl
# Generate the tex file
rawtex = raw"""
\[\left[{\frac{-\hbar^{2}}{2m}}\nabla^{2}+V(\mathbf{r})\right]\Psi(\mathbf{r}) = E\Psi(\mathbf{r})\] % Schrodinger equation
lua_stdin = IOBuffer(writable = true)
View MakieUSPop.jl
# setup
# import Pkg;
# Pkg.pkg"add Makie#master PlotUtils GeoInterface GeoJSON"
using Makie
using GeoInterface, GeoJSON
using PlotUtils
states = download("")
asinghvi17 /
Created Jun 28, 2019 — forked from endolith/
Frequency estimation methods in Python
from __future__ import division
from numpy.fft import rfft
from numpy import argmax, mean, diff, log, nonzero
from scipy.signal import blackmanharris, correlate
from time import time
import sys
import soundfile as sf
except ImportError:
from scikits.audiolab import flacread
View interactive_lorenz.jl
## setup differential equation
using DifferentialEquations,
lorenz = @ode_def Lorenz begin # define the system
dx = σ * (y - x)
dy = x *- z) - y
dz = x * y - β*z
end σ ρ β
View mass_prs.jl
#!/usr/bin/env julia
## NOTE:
# To set this up, you will need to change the two constants below
# to the user who will fork,
# and the organization which owns the repos.