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I know the value and cost of nothing

Ohta Shogo athos

I know the value and cost of nothing
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athos / gist:120598
Created May 30, 2009
this script enables gosh to call the external commands as a function without any definitions.
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#!/usr/bin/env gosh
(use gauche.process)
(use srfi-1)
(use srfi-13)
(define (tree-filter f tree)
(define (rec t s)
(cond [(null? t) s]
[(pair? t) (rec (car t) (rec (cdr t) s))]
athos / Portfile
Created Jul 10, 2009
a MacPorts Portfile for tmux 0.9
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# $Id: $
PortSystem 1.0
name tmux
version 0.9
categories sysutils
maintainers athos
description terminal multiplexer
long_description \
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(define-module breakpoint
(use gauche.parameter)
(export bp bp-enabled? inspect set!-inspect resume reset))
(select-module breakpoint)
(define %inspect #f)
(define %set!-inspect #f)
(define %cont #f)
View scheme_baton.clj
;; 第1回 Scheme コードバトン
;; ■ これは何か?
;; Scheme のコードをバトンのように回していき面白い物ができあがるのを楽しむ遊びです。
;; 次回 Shibuya.lisp で成果を発表します。
;; Scheme 初心者のコードを書くきっかけに、中級者には他人のコードを読む機会になればと思います。
;; ■ 2 つのルール
;; (1)自分がこれだと思える変更をコードに加えて2日以内に次の人にまわしてください。
athos / my-do.scm
Created May 24, 2010
destructive version of `do' macro
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;; destructive version of `do' macro
;; (my-do ([x 1 y] [y 1 (+ x y)])
;; ((> x 30) #f)
;; (print x))
;; is expanded as below:
;; (let ([x 1] [y 1])
;; (let loop ()
View hanoi.erl
hanoi(N) ->
hanoi(N, a, c, [], fun lists:reverse/1).
hanoi(0, _, _, Moves, K) ->
hanoi(N, From, To, Moves, K) ->
[Temp] = [a,b,c] -- [From, To],
View brainfuck.scm
;; delayed tree structure for representing brainfuck's ``memory''
(define (make-tree n)
(define (rec start n)
(if (= n 1)
(let* ([n/2 (ceiling (/ n 2))]
[n-n/2 (- n n/2)])
(list (- n/2 1) (rec start n/2) (rec (+ start n/2) n-n/2))))))
(rec 0 n))
View tco.scm
;; from
;; 「Pythonで末尾再帰最適化をする。」のScheme版
(define (TCO proc)
(let ([first? #t] [continue (list 'CONTINUE)] [args #f])
(lambda args*
(if first?
(set! first? #f)
(let loop ([result (apply proc args*)])
(if (eq? result continue)
View echo.html
<style type="text/css">
.log {
color: red;
ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:8080");
ws.onopen = function (e) {
athos / gist:895752
Created Mar 31, 2011
an idea of alternative macros for letfn (I hate its too deep indents)
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(letfn [(kons [x y]
(cons x y))]
(kons 1 nil))
(defmacro letfn1 [name args & form]
(let [fbody (butlast form)
body (last form)]
`(letfn [(~name ~args ~@fbody)]
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