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Last active Jan 6, 2023 — forked from jinschoi/
Python script to clean up and recover an OOK bitstream from a Flipper RAW .sub file.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Find the raw bitstring from a captured Flipper RAW .sub file.
# Must provide the bitlength in ms, and the allowable error which can be tolerated.
import re
import sys
import math
filename = sys.argv[1]
atomical / tiny_tds_wrapper.rb
Created Dec 16, 2019
TinyTDS wrapper for Connection Pool gem
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class TinyTdsWrapper
def initialize(config)
@config = config
@client = nil
def method_missing(method_name, *args, &block)
@client.send(method_name, *args, &block)
View net-http-debug.rb
require 'net/http'
# $ cat http_requests.log | grep "GET /" | wc -l
class BacktraceLogger
def initialize
def << ( s )
@@file.write s
View remove_protocol_from_url.rb
require 'uri'
url = ''
def remove_protocol_from_url( url )
url = url[2..-1] if url.start_with?('//')
uri = URI(url)
if scheme = uri.scheme
url = url[scheme.length + 3..-1] # :// is 3 bytes
atomical / file.js
Created Jan 17, 2014
Parent child window communication javascript
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var child =;
$(child.document).find('body').append("Some text");
View gist:5910653
after_save do |record|
record.add_relationship(:is_manager, "info:fedora/#{}")
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def active_for_controller controller_name
params[:controller].to_s == controller_name.to_s ? 'active' : ''
def active_for_action action_name
params[:action].to_s == action_name.to_s ? 'active' : ''
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class RolesController < ApplicationController
include Hydra::RoleManagement::RolesBehavior
prepend_before_filter :accept_batches, only: [:destroy]
def destroy
@roles.each {|role| role.destroy}
redirect_to roles_path, notice: "Successfully deleted groups: #{params[:ids].join(", ")}"
atomical / gist:5708693
Last active Dec 18, 2015
Finding records in Active Fedora without knowing the class
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[147] pry(main)> ActiveFedora::Base.send( :find_one, 'avalon:692', { cast: true })
=> #<MasterFile:3210659936578975662 @pid="avalon:692" >
[148] pry(main)> ActiveFedora::Base.send( :find_one, 'avalon:692', { cast: true }).class
=> MasterFile
View Matterhorn Install.markdown
  1. Install XCode

  2. Install Command Line Tools from XCode Preferences

  3. Install Homebrew

  4. Install rvm or rbenv

  5. Install Matterhorn dependencies within Homebrew