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Created May 28, 2015 08:08
Github Issue Template

This template is my ideal format for issues submitted to a github repository.

auremoser / phobias.tsv
Last active April 20, 2022 15:02 — forked from miguelbermudez/phobias.tsv
phobiaName phobiaDefinition
Ablutophobia Fear of washing or bathing.
Acarophobia Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching.
Acerophobia Fear of sourness.
Achluophobia Fear of darkness.
Acousticophobia Fear of noise.
Acrophobia Fear of heights.
Aerophobia Fear of drafts, air swallowing, or airbourne noxious substances.
Aeroacrophobia Fear of open high places.
Aeronausiphobia Fear of vomiting secondary to airsickness.
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Last active May 15, 2021 04:43
Yale Workshop: Humanitarian Data

CartoDB Workshop -- Humanitarian Haiti Maps

Aurelia Moser, Map Scientist, CartoDB Workshop - Yale February 4, 2015

Find this document here: | Gist Haiti Flag from wikipedia


  1. Introduction to CartoDB
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Last active October 27, 2020 20:07
DSI - Timeseries Class
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Last active July 6, 2020 08:13
Realtimeliness: 140 Journos + CartoDB
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Last active April 19, 2020 03:57
NonMaps: OpenVis Conf 2016

This is Not a Map:

Building Interactive Maps with Creative Themes and Geometries

Aurelia Moser

The meaning of "map" across disciplines is remarkably varied. It's effectively a spatial representation of geo-topography, a linking between tables by foreign key, a datatype in C++... At CartoDB, users make creative use of our custom basemaps feature, building remarkable maps of multivariate information off-the-(beaten) geographic projection. Many have designed and published interactive maps of cemetery burial plots, galactic drawings of the Star Wars Universe, heatmaps of court traffic during the NBA finals. Let's explore other maps, and investigate topic and themes not yet covered in about how to map them, and why mapping unmapped data might be the perfect expression of their meaning.


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Last active March 16, 2020 06:10
GDI - Webmap Workshop
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Last active December 2, 2019 08:25
DSI - Graphs Class
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Last active November 8, 2019 14:23


###5/3/16 11:30 AM Berlin


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Last active May 29, 2019 21:11
Metrologic Map

[project] weather-based transport recs for NYC


This is a short little experiment to fuse the api with some public data about transportation possibilities in NYC. If the weather is nice, bike options are shown, if it's cold or rainy, subways are highlighted and "danger zones" for bikers centered around CityBike stations as a centroid are displayed, if the weather is "wintery mix" you are encouraged to seek a subway entrance.

For context a small div in the upper left displays the current temperature and precipitation type, if any for NYC's lat/long.

main.js hosts pretty much all the code that wires up the switches, so check it out for logic :).