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func TestNoProjects(t *testing.T) {
db := Setup(t)
pr := &GormProjectRepository{DB: db}
// Don't add any projects
// Test
allProjects := GetProjects(pr)
if len(allProjects) > 0 {
t.Errorf("Shouldn't have any projects, but got: %+v\n", allProjects)
creativenull / mini_init.vim
Last active February 28, 2021 20:20
The bare bones, bring your own plugin manager, theme, vim configuration - opinionated of course
" Minimal vim config
" =============================================================================
filetype plugin indent on
" =============================================================================
" = Plugin Manager =
" =============================================================================
" Use any plugin manager here
jmoyers / 1.
Last active June 23, 2023 17:00
Get up and running with a terminal, vim, and c++
  • color scheme
  • terminal
  • z proj, takes you to /some/deep/directory/project
wtbarnes /
Created March 5, 2020 04:49
Brief instructions for how to modify and push to someone else's PR on github

How to Push to Someone Else's Pull Request

Let's say contributor has submitted a pull request to your (author) project (repo). They have made changes on their branch feature and have proposed to merge this into origin/master, where

origin ->

Now say you would like to make commits to their PR and push those changes. First, add their fork as a remote called