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List of JS game engines. You can find a wikified version at Feel free to modify that. I sync it here every once in a while.

IMPORTANT! Remember to check out the wiki page at for the most up to date version. There's also a "notes" column in the table but it simply does not fit there... Check out the raw version to see it.

This table contains primarily HTML5 based game engines and frameworks. You might also want to check out the [[Feature Matrix|Game-Engine-Feature-Matrix]], [[Game Resources]] and [[Scene Graphs]].

Name Size (KB) License Type Unit Tests Docs Repository Notes
Akihabara 453 GPL2, MIT Classic Repro no API github Intended for making classic arcade-style games in JS+HTML5
AllBinary Platform Platform Dependent AllBinary 2D/2.5D/3D no API github J2ME, Android, J2SE, HTML5, and more in 2013 (Adobe/Flash and Native)
Effect Games
EntityJS 27kb MIT 2D yes API github Flexible javascript game engine utlizing entity-component design. Supports sprites, animation, collision, keyboard, mouse, math and more.
GameJs 20-80KB MIT 2D yes API. Tutorial github similar to PyGame (easy) for Canvas only. CommonJs modules. Comes with development server (only Java needed).
Gamvas Web 40KB MIT 2D No Docs API google code Javascript / HTML5 Game Framework with Box2D physics integration. Demos
The GMP Javascript Game Engine
ingenioJS <2KB GPL 2D/2.5D RPG Engine
The Javascript 2D Game Engine
Jaws 33KB (minified), 86KB (full) LGPL 2D Test Suite yes github Jaws is a HTML5 2D game development library written in javascript. Sprite, viewport, gameLoop, input handling etc. The core to create a 2D game. Comes with examples.
Jest 30KB (minified), 58KB (full) MIT 2D not yet Demos github Jest provides a way to rapidly create JavaScript (HTML5) games using the canvas element. Includes a few samples currently with more on the way.
Jomoho JS
Play My Code
PropulsionJS 19.6KB MIT
Pulse 84KB MIT 2D some API github Focuses on high performance 2D games using HTML5 canvas.
pp3Diso 44KB CC BY-SA 3.0 2D Isometric no Docs
Red Locomotive
The Render Engine
RPG JS interpreter
Sprite.js 23K BSD 2D HTML5 Game framework API github
Traffic Cone
Tom's Halls


Name Size (KB) License Type Unit Tests Docs Repository Notes
atom 2.8 BSD 2D, minimal
Crafty 8.7KB GPL, MIT
Mibbu 4.35KB (gzip 1.81KB) MIT micro-framework for fast prototyping
Squarepig 8K zlib 2D no


Name Size (KB) Pricing Type Docs Notes
BXG 150
Construct 2
Float Engine
Isogenic Engine

Inspired by Flash

Name Size (KB) License Type Unit Tests Docs Repository Notes
CasualJS 215kb zipped Apache 2.0 2D, Flash-like no API google code CasualJS provides seamless transition to HTML5 from ActionScript 3.0. Features include frame-based rendering and object collisions.
Doodle-js 17k, gzipped BSD 2D, Flash-like
EaselJS 575kb zipped MIT 2D, Flash-like
IvanK 60k Free software, original source not open
Spaceport spaceport.js is 30K Commercial 2D, Flash-like yes, not publicly available API


Name Size (KB) License Type Unit Tests Docs Repository Notes
Javascript Gamelib
Rocket Engine
bebraw commented Jan 12, 2011

Thanks for contribution davidcalhoun. I added those to the list. :)

bebraw commented Jan 14, 2011

Thanks basecode. Added to list. :)

brand new one for computational design / graphics: JS port of

empyre commented Jan 15, 2011

Some WebGL 3D rendering engines should not be classified as Game Engine.
A full featured game engine should include other functionalities like AI, sound, game logic, network etc.

m4r00p commented Jan 15, 2011

thx. nice thing i've just started few code reviews ;)

bebraw commented Jan 15, 2011

empyreaner, good point! I separated 3D engines to a section of their own.

m4r00, glad you found the list useful! Feel free to suggest improvements etc. :)

bebraw nice work putting it all in one place though one wee thing - cocos2d is not a collision detection engine - it's full blown 2d game engine

bebraw commented Jan 15, 2011

i-eat-brainz: Thanks. Fixed!

dkln commented Jan 17, 2011

hey nice list! hint/tip: A actionscript/flash like API to render to a html 5 canvas ;)

bebraw commented Jan 17, 2011

dkln: Thanks! Added to list. :)

one more.. Box2D is not just a collision detection engine. most of all it's a physics engine :)

dkln commented Jan 17, 2011

hey thanks for the add! just one note: also like the easel.js library, I'm trying to accomplish a flash like displaylist api for handling objects

dkln commented Jan 17, 2011

btw: nice list! I will retweet this list ;)

good list, should add:

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit -

Highcharts JS -

bebraw commented Jan 28, 2011

leeoniya: Thanks. I added those to the wiki. Feel free to mod the page as you like.

bebraw commented Jan 29, 2011

statico: Good catch! Fixed.

m4r00p commented May 5, 2011
bebraw commented May 5, 2011

michalbe: Thanks! Added to the list. If you want to modify the entry further, take a look at the wiki.

ajbkr commented Jun 20, 2011

LOL, just like michalbe (hi mate) I'm being shameless. Whilst not a game engine per se, my HTML5 canvas 2.5D landscape renderer is on GitHub at

bebraw commented Jun 24, 2011

andrewjbaker: Thanks. I added it both to the gist and the wiki. In case you want to mod the entry, just edit the wiki page. I'll sync it up later. Sorry for the delay. :)

Please add QuarkJS to the list:, thanks.

bebraw commented Dec 2, 2011

flashlizi: Thanks, I added it to the list. Please edit the wiki page to improve the entry if you like.

Do you guys think it would make sense to make a copy of this list as a Google Docs spreadsheet? The current table doesn't scale that well (part is cropped out).

starxed commented Dec 13, 2011

Please, add BXG to the list.

For 2D - Isometric, Orthogonal, Hexagonal

size: 150KB


bebraw commented Dec 13, 2011

starxed: Added. :)

starxed commented Dec 14, 2011

Appreciate for your effort! :)

strager commented Jan 3, 2012

Spaceport is at version 3.1 right now:
It's 30kb (30563 for spaceport.js; 32196 for spaceport-debug.js)

bebraw commented Jan 3, 2012

strager: Thanks. Updated.

Really nice contribution! Working on translate to spanish!


even if this thread is old, I suggest a new and powerful one : cgSceneGraph:

1dot44mb commented Dec 3, 2012

An not-so-famous yet powerful one: CAAT
Although it says toolkit in the website, it is actually a framework.

crow00 commented Feb 6, 2013

Check out V-PLay:
A new cross-platform game engine for 2D mobile games.

LibCanvas - highly optimized engine that works well on mobile devices.
my favorite demo:

Also mightyfingers are working on something:

It might be a good idea to create a separate category for engines dedicated or supporting deployment to mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blachberry, WinPhone etc.)

j-mo commented Mar 18, 2013

Should add CAAT I believe -

Game Closure provides a DevKit. It's a staged JavaScript development environment for building web, iOS, and Android games. It has a set of browser-based tools and a fully-documented SDK. And remote debugging and a test app for mobile devices.


License: Free to use and modify. A splash screen is required for games built with the devkit.

This list would be much more interesting if it included links to games done with each engine.

Missing Turbulenz under commercial SDKs

Multi -
Supports WebGL, OpenGL and Direct3D. Allows for the creation of games and levels in realtime across web, mobile and desktop with an editor that lets you drag and drop in new models, textures and javascript.

nicroto commented May 6, 2013

What about FrozenJS?
It looks very promising.

What about iioengine?

Here's another open source engine

DWboutin commented Jan 7, 2014

Phaser :

Really fun, flash inspired framework with a lot of awesome support

+1 for Phaser

Knovour commented Aug 12, 2014

GammaJS no longer use domain

+2 for

maslade commented Jul 27, 2015

FYI, your Cocos2D JS link is sketchy and probably infected with malware.

Where are Phaser ?!?! O.o
It have 10.9k+ stars on github (no one you listed have that)


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