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Bulk convert shapefiles to geojson using ogr2ogr
# Bulk convert shapefiles to geojson using ogr2ogr
# For more information, see
# Note: Assumes you're in a folder with one or more zip files containing shape files
# and Outputs as geojson with the crs:84 SRS (for use on GitHub or elsewhere)
#geojson conversion
function shp2geojson() {
ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -t_srs crs:84 "$1.geojson" "$1.shp"
#unzip all files in a directory
for var in *.zip; do unzip "$var"; done
#convert all shapefiles
for var in *.shp; do shp2geojson ${var%\.*}; done
# You'd probably want to `mv *.geojson [path-to-git-repo]/` at this point
# so you could commit the file to GitHub
# Happy mapping!

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chopper26 Jan 2, 2016



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