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Jekyll Admin Initial Release
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Jekyll Admin Initial Release
2016-08-23 13:21:02 -0700

Jekyll's Google Summer of Code Project has concluded. After three months of hard (but fun) work with my mentors @benbalter, @jldec, and @parkr, I'm proud to announce Jekyll Admin's initial release. Jekyll admin is a Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites. You can start to use it right away by following these instructions.

As a Google Summer of Code student, I feel very lucky to be part of a project that the community has been wanting for such a long time. The three-month Google Summer of Code period was a great journey. It was a lot of fun developing the project and seeing how it could help the community, and going forward, we are really excited to see where the project goes with the help of the amazing Jekyll community.

I would like to thank my mentors who embraced me as their teammate and guided me throughout the process. They have put a lot of work and time to mentor me and helped me with everything. It was a great pleasure to work with them. I also would like to thank the wonderful Jekyll community for making Jekyll what it is today. It was amazing to see the community contribute to the project and give their feedback prior to its release. I'm sure that they will support Jekyll Admin as much as they can and move Jekyll even further.

Please let us know what you think about Jekyll Admin and feel free to contribute. Your feedback and contributions are greatly appreciated.

Happy (graphical) Jekylling!

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