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wells fargo ability to download all bank statements
Wells fargo's new statement viewer is HORRIBLE because due to the idiotic way they set it up.
Each time you click a statement PDF, you have to re-navigate the entire section including accounts and dates which takes FOREVER.
Doing this for 3-4 accounts for 12 statements is an multi-hour grind of horrible user experience which should instead take 30 seconds.
The following code snippet will make it so you can get every PDF on that page without hassle (y'know.. like every other website in the world)
To use this, do the following each time you have the links on-screen that you want to download:
1) In Chrome browser, navigate to your wells fargo statement viewer and pull up the set of PDFs you want to view
2) Press F12 to open the developer tools and click the tab at the bottom that says 'Console'
3) Paste the following code into the developer console, then press ENTER
$("a[data-pdf='true']").each(function(i,el) {$(el).attr('href', $(el).attr('data-url'));});
Now that this is done, you can right click on each link and click Save As... to save each PDF (or use a download manager to get them all)
UPDATE: see @trevorfox's suggestions in the comments of this gist for another method that lets you do alternate things.

Thanks for writing this up! They do all kinds of stuff to make doing anything quickly as slow as possible :(

trevorfox commented Apr 7, 2017

Thanks for this! Here's a bit more to make it easy to name all the files or open all the files in new tabs:

$("a[data-pdf='true']").each(function(i, el) {
    // if you want to be able to right-click, download link
    $(el).attr('href', $(el).attr('data-url'))
    .attr('download', $(el).text())

    // if you want to open each PDF in a new window
    var dataUrl = $(el).attr('data-url') dataUrl, '_blank');

wayjake commented Jun 28, 2017

I wish I had this a year ago. Thanks @trevorfox for the update

Thanks for the snippet- I used it this evening to backup my statements.

buitranbiz commented Sep 11, 2017

When I right click and open a new window it shows up with the same pdf each time. @andrew-hardin @trevorfox. That same code is pasted onto the statements window after I select what account right?

then the process would be to just right click and save as?

nateGeorge commented Sep 25, 2017

Dude, awesome! Used this to download all my statements before closing my Wells Scamgo accounts. By the way, quit Wells Fargo. They are terrible and will scam you out of money with fees. If you need a business account, I can't help you, but for personal, there are many online banks with 0 fees. Charles Schwab is what I'm using.


binary1230 commented Oct 12, 2017

oh WOW I wrote this a year ago and didn't even realize other people had discovered it. that's crazy :) I'm glad it seems to be helping, I just used this for my personal taxes which are due in a couple days (filed an extension)

anyone know any wells fargo devs that could fix this? : )


binary1230 commented Oct 12, 2017

since I'm over here today, here's some more info and backstory:

I've been a WF business customer for 7something years now, and they have actually done a pretty good job by us for most things. Also, for normal accounting we use Xero and their new direct feeds + WF feeds cover most of our use case automatically. It's whenever we need to go back and manually check things more than 18 months after the fact that we have to use the bulk download method here (because you can't download CSVs of transactions older than 18months, so you have to go back to the PDF statements). It's really painful when you have to, each time, select a different account, and a different year, for 7 accounts.

I added a writeup to the official WF forums here where someone else reached out about this problem, with a link to this gist: . Also on StackOverflow:

I also reached out to my business contact rep inside Wells Fargo. She normally isn't going to have any kind of access to the web interface or the dev team, but I asked her to escalate this as high up as she could to maybe get a response within WF corporate. Not exactly holding my breath that they will fix it, but, eh, figured I'd give it a shot.

I'm glad to see other people ended up using this, I just re-tested and updated the instructions to be clearer (originally just intended for them to be used by me so they were a little sparse).


binary1230 commented Oct 12, 2017

Re-posting @trevorfox's link because.... I'd rather do literally anything than my taxes right now :)

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