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Brian Cline briancline

  • SoftLayer / IBM Cloud
  • Dallas, Texas
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Terbau /
Last active January 6, 2023 13:17
(Partially outdated) epic games authflow
import requests
# Constants. These should not be tampered with.
base = ""
base_public_service = ""
launcher_token = "MzQ0NmNkNzI2OTRjNGE0NDg1ZDgxYjc3YWRiYjIxNDE6OTIwOWQ0YTVlMjVhNDU3ZmI5YjA3NDg5ZDMxM2I0MWE="
# Fill out.
email = ""
jmutkawoa / gist:8b439876a808ec0fe5061b61d329d2ea
Last active March 3, 2018 19:13
Allowing user to specify TLSv1.3 in Stunnel
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1.The stunnel beta version was compiled with openssl-dev 1.1
[root@localhost stunnel-5.43]# /usr/local/bin/stunnel version
[ ] Clients allowed=500
[.] stunnel 5.43 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu platform
[.] Compiled/running with OpenSSL 1.1.1-dev xx XXX xxxx
[ ] errno: (*__errno_location ())
2.My stunnel configuration as follows:
Freeaqingme /
Last active October 16, 2019 02:14
Cockroachdb debian .deb package
set -ex
version=$(echo "${release}-${build_iter}" | sed 's/^v//g')
rm -rf bin/ pkg/ pkg_root/
PatrickLang /
Last active February 10, 2023 15:41
Automated deployments of Windows Server 2016

This is a draft that will ultimately be blogged later. If you're seeing this after April 2017 it's probably out of date.

Making a pre-updated Windows Server 2016 ISO


  1. Install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit
  2. Download a Windows Server 2016 ISO such as the trial here - TODO
  3. Download the latest cumulative update
Brainiarc7 /
Last active June 3, 2023 23:03
ffmpeg livestreaming to youtube via Nvidia's NVENC and Intel's VAAPI on supported hardware

Streaming your Linux desktop to Youtube and Twitch via Nvidia's NVENC and VAAPI:

Considerations to take when live streaming:

The following best practice observations apply when using a hardware-based encoder for live streaming to any platform:

  1. Set the buffer size (-bufsize:v) equal to the target bitrate (-b:v). You want to ensure that you're encoding in CBR mode.

  2. Set up the encoders as shown:

marians / Chromium
Last active March 28, 2023 11:47
How to install CA certificates and PKCS12 key bundles on different platforms
View Chromium

We install certutil and pk12util if necessary:

sudo apt install libnss3-tools

On Linux, Chromium uses the NSS Shared DB. Check if you have the ~/.pki/nssdb directory:

ls $HOME/.pki/nssdb
teknoraver / unixhttpc.go
Last active May 17, 2023 22:32
HTTP over Unix domain sockets in golang
View unixhttpc.go
package main
import (
import os
import sys
import errno
from collections import defaultdict
from swift.common.ring import Ring
device_root = sys.argv[1]
r = Ring('/etc/swift/object.ring.gz')
dev2parts = defaultdict(set)
oxguy3 / RoughScroll.js
Last active December 20, 2022 02:18
Greasemonkey script for disabling smooth scrolling across the web (WIP! currently breaks a few websites, unfortunately)
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// ==UserScript==
// @name RoughScroll
// @namespace
// @version 0.1
// @description Disables smooth scrolling on ALL websites
// @author Hayden Schiff (oxguy3)
// @match *://*/*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
/* jshint -W097 */