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Last active May 18, 2018 19:25
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Process the Unity generated Xcode project to allow dSYM generation on Release but keeping the distribution size the same, only tested in a clean generated project.
// Adjust dSYM generation
var xcodeProjectPath = Path.Combine(xcodeProjectDir, "Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj");
var pbxPath = Path.Combine(xcodeProjectPath, "project.pbxproj");
var sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
var xcodeProjectLines = File.ReadAllLines(pbxPath);
foreach (var line in xcodeProjectLines)
// Remove from OTHER_LDFLAGS
if (line.Contains("-Wl,-S,-x"))
// iOS Default when not present is dwarf-with-dsym
if (line.Contains("DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT"))
// Replace line to stripping on postprocess deployment flags
sb.AppendLine("\t\t\t\tDEPLOYMENT_POSTPROCESSING = YES;");
sb.AppendLine("\t\t\t\tSEPARATE_STRIP = YES;");
sb.AppendLine("\t\t\t\tSTRIP_INSTALLED_PRODUCT = YES;");
// Defaults to Yes
if (line.Contains("COPY_PHASE_STRIP"))
// Defaults to Yes
File.WriteAllText(pbxPath, sb.ToString());
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tenpn commented Dec 24, 2014

I forked this and wrapped it in a build post-processor. Just drop into your project and future builds will have crash info enabled.

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