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Keboo /
Last active Apr 1, 2021
Presenting / Streaming notes

Personal notes on presenting and streaming.

Before starting

  • Turn off un-needed software. Especially things with notifications: Slack, Skype, Teams, etc.
  • Turn on Focus Assist
  • When sharing your desktop, consider sharing a secondary screen rather than the primary screen. Many apps will post notifications to the primary screen so this will help cut down on accidently sharing out notifications.
  • Hide desktop icons
  • Consider resolution/DPI. Remember that for streaming, people watching may be on lower resolutions; don't stream above 1080p.
  • Hide task bar. Either set auto hide, or simply crop the shared section of your screen to omit it.
  • Consider if desktop background is appropriate.
caseywatts / 0
Last active Sep 17, 2021
Generate Graphviz Files for Project
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short url:

Graphviz is like markdown, for diagrams.

It's a tool that can transform text input into a "directed graph" output, which is nodes pointing to other nodes. You can use it for architecture diagrams, DB diagrams, documentation for users, etc.


You'll want to use a tool with a two-pane layout - the left side is the source text, the right side is the image output.

jbelke / Mac OSX Setup - Brew
Last active Jul 7, 2021
Mac OSX Setup - Brew and Cask
View Mac OSX Setup - Brew
# Get Sudo.
if [ $EUID != 0 ]; then
sudo "$0" "$@"
exit $?
# Install Xcode first -
# Install Xcode command line tools.
xcode-select --install
sukima / maybe.js
Last active Dec 30, 2015
Simple Maybe monad utility for dealing with lookup on objects, etc. (1.8kb minified)
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(function (root, factory) {
if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) {
// AMD. Register as an anonymous module.
define([], factory);
} else if (typeof module === 'object' && module.exports) {
// Node. Does not work with strict CommonJS, but
// only CommonJS-like environments that support module.exports,
// like Node.
module.exports = factory();
} else {
rain1024 /
Last active Sep 15, 2021
Install pdflatex ubuntu

PdfLatex is a tool that converts Latex sources into PDF. This is specifically very important for researchers, as they use it to publish their findings. It could be installed very easily using Linux terminal, though this seems an annoying task on Windows. Installation commands are given below.

  • Install the TexLive base
sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base
  • Also install the recommended and extra fonts to avoid running into the error [1], when trying to use pdflatex on latex files with more fonts.
caseywatts / randomgroupsofx.rb
Last active Mar 10, 2021
Random Groups of X
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names = LISTOFNAMES.split("\n")
shufflednames = names.shuffle
shufflednames.each_slice(GROUPSIZE).with_index do |group, i|
puts "\nGroup " + i.to_s
group.each {|name| puts name}
View application.js
$('.submittable').live('change', function() {