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Hi, I’m Casey!

Casey Watts caseywatts

Hi, I’m Casey!
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I wrote this skill tree diagram for teaching Intro to Programming with the YEI Tech Bootcamp Summer 2014. Boxes are greyed out after they have been covered in the course. Some topics are not required to progress to the farther parts, like how "csv import/export" isn't required to move beyond database section beyond to the web app sections, but it would be natural to teach in that section if we wanted to cover it. Each big-box section ends with a project/assessment to make sure the students understand the content enough to apply it, before move on.

This uses graphviz to print a .dot file to a png. To learn more about the dot format, check out my graphviz tutorial.

To generate the image after modifying the dot file, try this:

  1. Install graphviz brew install graphviz
  2. Run this command to create and open the image: dot -Tpng:quartz:quartz -o courseprogress.png && open courseprogress.png