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Last active Jun 16, 2020
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JSON with comments

Blog 2020/4/13

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JSON with comments

Recently I saw a thread on twitter about various techniques for hacking comments into JSON:


While this is clever, it... makes me feel icky.

Why was this done? Presumably because creating your own file format ("JSON with comments"), along with a JSON-with-comments to JSON "compiler" which strips the comments out, was seen as being too difficult.

But is it?

# Produces a .json file by stripping the comments from a .jsonc file.
outfile=`basename $infile .jsonc`.json
cat $infile | sed '/[[:space:]]*\/\//d' > $outfile

Nope. 😎

Might as well throw in an example Makefile 😃:

foo.json: foo.jsonc foo.jsonc

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@patrickmichalina patrickmichalina commented Jun 16, 2020


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