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Unsubscribe all LinkedIn email in "one click". For an easier to use version, you can check out the bookmarklet:
// 1. Go to page
// 2. You may need to login
// 3. Open JS console
// ([How to?](
// 4. Copy the following code in and execute
// 5. No more emails
// Bookmarklet version:
$('.settings li select:has(option[value=never])').val('never');
$('.settings li select:has(option[value=WEB])').val('WEB');
$('.settings li select:has(option[value=NEVER])').val('NEVER');
$('.settings li select:has(option[value=NONE])').val('NONE');
$('.settings li select:has(option[value=false])').val('false');
$('input[type=submit]').prop('disabled', false).click();

You mispelled 2. You may need to login.


Thanks @brianherman, fixed.


Thanks @chengyin. That's literally the first time I've used the Javascript console and found your instructions super easy.




My inbox thanks you.




Thanks :D Good job!






Awesome! Thanks!


Sweet! Thanks!








Nicely done. Handy.


You just changed my life; thank you very much




Rename this to LinkedOut.


@miguelrochefort done. brilliant.


πŸ‘ Linkedin should have added an easier way to do this!


Brilliant. Thank you.


Accepted Invitations doesn't take the setting for some reason, even though it should be covered since it uses the EMAIL/WEB enumeration.


@skyebook as far as I can see it is a bug/feature of theirs.








You're my hero.




chengyin knows about JS Console!


"You may need to login" --> You may need to log in. (Login is a noun, log in is a verb.)


Amazing... Thanks!!!




My inbox sends you ❀️ and a πŸͺ.








Just tried it... Nice! I was sick of those LinkedIn emails.

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