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Plugins that need to be updated to be ready for the move to PHP 5 constructors
# Important Notice for WordPress Plugins Using PHP 4 Style Constructors
The ability to use PHP 4 style constructors is getting removed from PHP. Without an update, many plugins will eventually no longer work (this is PHP breaking this backwards compatibility, not WordPress)
One of the more common uses of the PHP 4 style constructor (as opposed to PHP 5 style ```__construct()``` ) are plugins with widgets calling ```WP_Widget::WP_Widget()``` and/or ```parent::WP_Widget()``` and/or ```{object}->WP_Widget()```
Note: Starting in WordPress 4.3, regardless of the PHP version in use on a server, WordPress will throw a deprecated notice when one of the PHP 4 style constructors is called specifically for widgets.
Basically instead of doing these:
- ```{classname}::{classname}()``` as in ```WP_Widget::WP_Widget()``` or
- ```parent::{classname}()``` as in ```parent::WP_Widget()``` or
- ```{object}->{classname}()```as in ```{object}->WP_Widget()``` (a more specific example: ```$this->WP_Widget()```)
- ```parent::__construct()``` to call the parent class constructor from a child class
- ```$var = new {class name}()``` as in ```$var = new My_Widget_Class()``` to hold an instance of a widget (don't use ```My_Widget_Class```as the name of your widget class though, use something more unique and applicable to avoid class name conflicts with other plugins.
- See [Mark Jaquith's article]( on using PHP 5 constructors for widgets
Here are a list of plugins (or rather the slugs for them) that were recently detected to be using one or both of these methods during a recent sweep of hosted plugins. If you see a plugin on this list that you made please update it to use the PHP 5 constructor (it takes like 2 seconds to do, see If you see a friend's plugin on this list, let them know as well. __Friends don't let friends use PHP 4 style constructors.__
It's possible this list isn't complete, so please double check all your plugins that are making widgets to make sure they don't needed to be updated. This list was compiled using the current stable version of all (at the time) 51,501 plugins on as of 5/25/2015
Update (7/1/2015): There's a new [ article]( on this topic.
Update (7/3/2015): Hattip to George for pointing out a way to find more plugins that need to be updated. List is now updated and there's now 4,004 plugins on it. I also added plugin titles, and author names and contributor username. Instead of reading through all 4,004 plugins on this list, try control/command + f for your username, your first + last name, and any plugin titles you've written.
Update (11/11/2016): Note, this list is no longer actively updated. Many of the plugins listed have fixed the errors already, and new plugins introduced since 7/3/2015 when this list was last updated that use the deprecated PHP 7 constructors won't be listed. Consider the list below a starting point, not a definitive guide. Also __please note I will not be responding to further requests to remove plugins and/or author information from the list__. Even if plugins have been updated since then, or removed from the repository, users could still have these plugins installed on their local WordPress instances. Making the list searchable by plugin name, plugin author name, and contributor usernames, all public information that is/was available on, and will continue to be available via local installs of these plugins and archive websites such as the Wayback Machine, is useful for one of the two intended audiences of this gist (users who have plugins installed and are looking at updating their sites). It's possible at some point in the future I'll update this list but it's unlikely at this time.
__Note: This list only includes plugins that call ```WP_Widget::WP_Widget()``` or ```parent::WP_Widget()``` or ```{object}->WP_Widget()```. Plugins who use a PHP 4 constructor that do not call either of those also need to be updated, but we don't have a list of those. Check all your plugins for PHP 4 style constructors, especially your plugins that have widgets.__
## Plugins that use ```WP_Widget::WP_Widget()``` (4 plugins)
- Title: Every Calendar +1 for WordPress
Slug: every-calendar-1
Author: Andrew Bevitt
Contributors: andrewbevitt
- Title: Flare
Slug: flare
Author: dtelepathy
Contributors: kynatro,dtelepathy,moonspired,nielsfogt,dtlabs,guylabs,jamie3d
- Title: Social Icons Widget
Slug: social-icons-widget
Author: Curtiss Grymala
Contributors: cgrymala
- Title: UserEcho for Wordpress
Slug: userecho
Author: Jonathan Champ, Sergey Stukov
Contributors: sstukov
## Plugins that use ```{object}->WP_Widget()``` (2714 plugins)
- Title: 123devis-affiliation
Slug: 123devis-affiliation
Author: Servicemagic EU
Contributors: servicemagic-eu
- Title: 13-Moon Synchronometer
Slug: 13-moon-synchronometer
Author: Anthony R. Fogleman
Contributors: tonyray,
- Title: 2046's Loop widget
Slug: 2046s-widget-loops
Author: 2046
Contributors: o-o
- Title: 2048
Slug: 2048-number-game
Author: Envigeek Web Services
Contributors: envigeek
- Title: 27coupons
Slug: 27coupons
Author: diffion
Contributors: diffion
- Title: 2State Widget
Slug: 2statereviews-wp
Author: Darren/James @ 2StateReviews
Contributors: darrenwatt
- Title: 3DHubs
Slug: 3dhubs
Author: Christian L'lkes
Contributors: christianloelkes
- Title: 42U HTML5 Upgrade
Slug: 42u-html5-upgrade
Author: Rick Bush; 42U
Contributors: 42urick
- Title: 42U Jetpack Booster
Slug: 42u-jetpack-booster
Author: Rick Bush; 42U
Contributors: 42urick
- Title: 4bzCore
Slug: 4bzcore
Author: 4bzthemes
Contributors: 4bzthemes
- Title: 7 football ligue
Slug: 7-football-leagues
Author: FutNik
- Title: ILWP Colored Tag Cloud
Slug: a-colored-tag-cloud
Author: Steve Johnson
Contributors: stevejohnson
- Title: Twidget
Slug: a-simple-twitter-widget
Author: Florian Girardey
Contributors: fgirardey
- Title: A Sub Site Teaser Widget
Slug: a-sub-site-teaser-widget
Author: Kevin Busch
Contributors: ravekev
- Title: A Year Ago Today
Slug: a-year-ago-today
Author: Jerimi
Contributors: jerimiw
- Title: A to Z Index
Slug: a-z-listing
Author: Daniel Llewellyn
Contributors: diddledan
- Title: A-2-Z Alphabetical Archive Links
Slug: a2z-alphabetical-archive-links
Author: Nowell VanHoesen
Contributors: nvwd
- Title: a3 Portfolio
Slug: a3-portfolio
Author: a3 Revolution
Contributors: a3rev,
- Title: NSTDA Widget
Slug: abdul-tag
Author: DreamBuilder Inc.
Contributors: ,information,call-center,faq
- Title: ABDUL TAG Widget
Slug: abdul-tag-widget
Author: DreamBuilder Inc.
Contributors: ,information,call-center,faq
- Title: ABDUL Widget
Slug: abdul-wp-plugin
Author: DreamBuilder Inc.
- Title: About The Autor
Slug: about-the-author
Author: H.-Peter Pfeufer
Contributors: ppfeufer
- Title: About the Author Advanced
Slug: about-the-author-advanced
Author: Dan Zaniewski
- Title: Accessible Tag Cloud
Slug: accessible-tag-cloud
Author: Toon Van de Putte
Contributors: automaton
- Title: Accordion Image Menu
Slug: accordion-image-menu
Author: Alain Gonzalez
- Title: Accordion Slider
Slug: accordion-slider-lite
Author: bqworks
Contributors: bqworks
- Title: ACLoginWidget
Slug: acloginwidget
Author: Michael Tracey
- Title: ActiveCampaign Form by
Slug: activecampaign-form
Contributors: contactuscom
- Title: WP Live Activity Streaming
Slug: activity-life-stream
Author: Scott Phillips
- Title: Activity Sparks
Slug: activitysparks
Author: Greg Jackson
Contributors: pantsonhead
- Title: Social Media Widget by Acurax (aka Acurax Social Media Widget)
Slug: acurax-social-media-widget
Author: Acurax
Contributors: acurax
- Title: Ad Code Manager
Slug: ad-code-manager
Author: Rinat Khaziev, Jeremy Felt, Daniel Bachhuber, Automattic, doejo
Contributors: rinatkhaziev,jeremyfelt,danielbachhuber,carldanley,zztimur,automattic,doejo
- Title: Ad Injection
Slug: ad-injection
Author: reviewmylife
Contributors: reviewmylife
- Title: Ad Rotator
Slug: ad-rotator
Author: Dmytro Shteflyuk
Contributors: kpumuk
- Title: Wordpress Ad Widget
Slug: ad-widget
Author: Broadstreet Ads
- Title: Adapter Post Preview
Slug: adapter-post-preview
Author: Ryan Kienstra
Contributors: ryankienstra
- Title: Adapter Responsive Video
Slug: adapter-responsive-video
Author: Ryan Kienstra
Contributors: ryankienstra
- Title: Shabbat Zman Widget
Slug: adatosystems-friday-zmanim
Author: Leon Adato
Contributors: adatosystems
- Title: Adblock invite (Yes adblock)
Slug: adblock-invite
Author: David Mercereau
Contributors: kepon
- Title: Add Link
Slug: add-link
Author: OLT UBC
Contributors: oltdev,enej
- Title: Add Link to Facebook
Slug: add-link-to-facebook
Author: Marcel Bokhorst, Tanay Lakhani
Contributors: ,tanaylakhani
- Title: Add Links to Pages
Slug: add-links-to-pages
Author: Jealous Designs
Contributors: jealousdesigns
- Title: Add Subpage Here
Slug: add-subpage-here
Author: mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)
Contributors: mitchoyoshitaka
- Title: Add to Circle Widget
Slug: add-to-circle-widget
Author: Tesur Rajan
Contributors: tesurrajan
- Title: 分享家:AddFeed订阅按钮(Widget)
Slug: addfeed-widget
Author: 高飞
- Title: AddThis Sharing Buttons
Slug: addthis
Author: The AddThis Team
Contributors: abramsm,srijithv,vipinss,dnrahamim,jgrodel,,mkitzman,kirk-at-addthis,addthis_paul,addthis_matt,,
- Title: Follow Buttons by AddThis
Slug: addthis-follow
Author: The AddThis Team
Contributors: srijithv,solchea,_mjk_,addthis_paul
- Title: AddThis Trending Content
Slug: addthis-trending-content
Author: The AddThis Team
Contributors: srijithv,solchea,_mjk_
- Title: AdHerder
Slug: adherder
Author: Tristan Kromer, Peter Backx
Contributors: pbackx,trikro
- Title: Admium
Slug: admium
Contributors: admium
- Title: Ads By Country
Slug: ads-by-country
Author: Nick Daugherty
- Title: Adsense Explosion
Slug: adsense-explosion
Author: Romolo Cortese
- Title: Adsense In Posts
Slug: adsense-in-posts
Author: MoizDev
Contributors: moizdev
- Title: Adsense Widget
Slug: adsense-widget
Author: Matt Say
Contributors: mattsay
- Title: Adsense Optimizer
Slug: adsenseoptimizer
Author: gnarf
Contributors: gnarf
- Title: AdSpeed Ad Server
Slug: adspeed-ad-server
Contributors: adspeed
- Title: Advanced Author Listings
Slug: advanced-author-listings
Author: Andy Killen
- Title: Related Posts Widget with Thumbnails
Slug: advanced-css3-related-posts-widget
Author: wp-buy
Contributors: wp-buy
- Title: Advanced Iranian Widget
Slug: advanced-iranian-widget
Author: Towhid Nategheian
- Title: Advanced meta widget
Slug: advanced-meta-widget
Author: Sjiamnocna
Contributors: sjiamnocna
- Title: Advanced Most Recent Posts
Slug: advanced-most-recent-posts
Author: Yakup G'VLER
Contributors: yakuphan
- Title: Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod
Slug: advanced-most-recent-posts-mod
Author: Kailey Lampert
Contributors: yakuphan,trepmal
- Title: Advanced Random Posts
Slug: advanced-random-posts
Author: Yakup G'VLER
Contributors: yakuphan
- Title: Advanced Random Post Thumbnails Widget
Slug: advanced-random-posts-thumbnail-widget
Author: Dion de Ville.
- Title: Advanced Random Posts Widget
Slug: advanced-random-posts-widget
Author: Satrya
Contributors: satrya,themejunkie
- Title: Advanced Sidebar Menu
Slug: advanced-sidebar-menu
Author: Mat Lipe
Contributors: mat-lipe
- Title: Advanced Tag Lists
Slug: advanced-tag-list
Author: Robin Dalton
Contributors: blueinstyle
- Title: Advanced Text Widget
Slug: advanced-text-widget
Author: Max Chirkov
- Title: Advanced Videobox
Slug: advanced-videobox
Author: Tom
Contributors: tom
- Title: advertSAFE Site Seal
Slug: advertsafe
Author: Weptile
Contributors: weptile,ufukerdogmus,onurure,
- Title: Adzan and Iqamah Times - A Simple Reminder
Slug: adzan-and-iqamah-times-a-simple-reminder
Author: Imam Herlambang
Contributors: imamherlambang
- Title: Aeytimes Ideas Widget
Slug: aeytimes-ideas-widget
Author: Alexey Yermolai
Contributors: aeytimes
- Title: Aeytimes Product or Service Feedback / Comments Widget
Slug: aeytimes-product-or-service-feedback
Author: Alexey Yermolai
Contributors: aeytimes
- Title: AeyTimes Site Feedback / Comments Widget
Slug: aeytimes-site-feedback
Author: Alexey Yermolai
Contributors: aeytimes
- Title: Affiliate marketing product feed importer Daisycon
Slug: affiliate-marketing-xml-product-feed-importer-for-daisycon
Author: Daisycon
Contributors: daisycon
- Title: Affinityclick Plugin
Slug: affinityclick-blog-integration
Author: Affinity Click
- Title: AG: Twitter
Slug: ag-twitter
Author: Andre Gumieri
- Title: AgentPress Broker Listings
Slug: agentpress-broker-listings
Author: iZone Technology
Contributors: izoneteam
- Title: AgentPress Listings
Slug: agentpress-listings
Author: StudioPress
Contributors: nathanrice,wpmuguru,studiopress,
- Title: Real Estate Agent
Slug: agentrank
Author: RealtyBaron
Contributors: realtybaron
- Title: aiMatch Platform Connection
Slug: aimatch-platform-connection
Author: aiMatch
Contributors: jacobaimatchcom
- Title: AJAX Calendar
Slug: ajax-calendar
Author: John Godley
Contributors: johnny5
- Title: Campaign Monitor Ajax Forms
Slug: ajax-campaign-monitor-forms
Author: Lee Willis
Contributors: leewillis77
- Title: Ajax Post Carousel
Slug: ajax-post-carousel
Author: Mantish - 8manos
- Title: Ajax Search
Slug: ajax-search
Author: Sandor Kovacs
Contributors: almos20
- Title: Ajax Search Lite
Slug: ajax-search-lite
Author: Ernest Marcinko
Contributors: wpdreams
- Title: Ajax Weather
Slug: ajax-weather
Author: Sun Kim
Contributors: ,
- Title: AK Featured Post Widget
Slug: akfeatured-post-widget
Author: Andrew Kaser
Contributors: kaser
- Title: Alewb Image Widget
Slug: alewb-image-widget
Author: Alessia Missiaglia
- Title: Alexa Rank Widget
Slug: alexa-rank-widget
Author: Purab Kharat
Contributors: purab,wordpressapi
- Title: Alfie WP Weather
Slug: alfie-wp-weather
Author: Appcuarium
Contributors: appcuarium
- Title:
Slug: aliveio
Author: alive_io
Contributors: alive_io
- Title: Aljazeera RSS
Slug: aljazeera-rss
- Title: All In One Facebook
Slug: all-in-one-facebook
Author: Rahul Mukherjee.
Contributors: rahadgp
- Title: All-In-One Slideshow
Slug: all-in-one-slideshow
- Title: All in One Sub Navi Widget
Slug: all-in-one-sub-navi-widget
Author: jim912
Contributors: jim912
- Title: All Related Posts
Slug: all-related-posts
Author: Maarten Swemmer
Contributors: maartenjs
- Title: All-Social FW Style
Slug: all-social-fw-style-widget
Author: Angelverde
- Title: The Sports Bank Widget
Slug: all-sports-widget
Author: Kurt Turner
- Title: AllProWebTools Cart
Slug: allprowebtools-shopping-cart-ecommerce-tools
Contributors: allprowebtools,pmschartz,rcgig,ceec
- Title: AllWebMenus WordPress Menu Plugin
Slug: allwebmenus-wordpress-menu-plugin
Author: Likno Software
Contributors: liknosoftware
- Title: ALO EasyMail Newsletter
Slug: alo-easymail
Author: Alessandro Massasso
Contributors: eventualo
- Title: Alpha's Categories Widget
Slug: alphas-categories-widget
Author: Alpha.M.
- Title: Alvinet Widget
Slug: alvinet-widget
Author: iCode
- Title: Quick Contact Box
Slug: am-quick-contact-box
Author: Antonio Scarf - Maurizio Tarchini
- Title: Amazon Master
Slug: amazon-master
Author: TechGasp
Contributors: techgasp
- Title: Ambrosite Post Formats Widget
Slug: ambrosite-post-formats-widget
Author: J. Michael Ambrosio
Contributors: ambrosite
- Title: Amikelive Adsense Widget
Slug: amikelive-adsense-widget
Author: Mikael Fernandus Simalango
Contributors: mikaelfs
- Title: amr ical events lists
Slug: amr-ical-events-list
Author: anmari
Contributors: anmari
- Title: amr users
Slug: amr-users
Author: anmari
Contributors: anmari
- Title: amtyThumb posts
Slug: amty-thumb-recent-post
Author: Amit Gupta
- Title: Ancient World Linked Data for WordPress
Slug: ancient-world-linked-data-for-wordpress
Author: Peter J. Herrel
Contributors: donutz
- Title: Aneleira Virtual
Slug: aneleira-virtual
Author: Gesto Ativa, luiz.simples
Contributors: ,luizsimples
- Title: Anetwork Widget
Slug: anetwork-widget
Author: Amin Diary
Contributors: amindiary
- Title: aNi-N-gin widget
Slug: ani-n-gin-anime-recommendation-system
Author: Woxxy
Contributors: ,
- Title: Animated Banners
Slug: animated-banners
Author: Leo Brown
Contributors: acumensystems
- Title: Ankyler
Slug: ankyler
Author: Ruud Laan, Edwin Siebel
Contributors: ,edwin-yard
- Title: Anti-Splog
Slug: anti-splog
Author: WPMU DEV
Contributors: wpmudev
- Title: Annual Archive
Slug: anual-archive
Author: Twinpictures
Contributors: twinpictures,baden03
- Title: Anyfeed Slideshow
Slug: anyfeed-slideshow
Author: Soleil Golden
Contributors: solei
- Title: Apester Interactive Content
Slug: apester-interactive-content
Author: Apester
Contributors: benkalsky,tomarad,shushui
- Title: App Store TopCharts
Slug: app-store-topcharts
Author: Cattani Simone & Leo Marco
- Title: AppAware Top Apps Widget
Slug: appaware-top-apps
Author: AppAware team
Contributors: appaware
- Title: Appointments
Slug: appointments
Author: WPMU DEV
Contributors: wpmudev,wpmudev-support1,wpmudev-support2,wpmudev-support4,wpmudev-support6
- Title: AppStore Links
Slug: appstore
Author: Stephan
Contributors: ste-bi
- Title: Apptivo Business Site CRM
Slug: apptivo-business-site
Author: Apptivo
Contributors: apptivo,rmohanasundaram,prabhuganapathy
- Title: Apptivo eCommerce
Slug: apptivo-ecommerce
Author: Rajkumar Mohanasundaram
Contributors: apptivo,rmohanasundaram,prabhuganapathy
- Title: April's Super Functions Pack
Slug: aprils-super-functions-pack
Author: Aaron Hodge Silver
Contributors: springthistle
- Title: Search Widget
Slug: aprsfi-search-widget
Author: Flint Gatrell, N0FHG
Contributors: n0fhg
- Title: Aragon-eRH RSS
Slug: aragon-erh-rss
Author: Omar Mir
Contributors: mirwindsor-omar
- Title: AJAX Archive for WP Themes
Slug: archive-ajax
Author: Rafael Poveda - RaveN
Contributors: bi0xid,_dorsvenabili,mecus
- Title: Archivist
Slug: archivist
Author: Ben Huson
Contributors: husobj
- Title: Array Toolkit
Slug: array-toolkit
Author: Array
Contributors: arrayhq,okaythemes,mindctrl
- Title: Art FB Recent Activity od Recommendations
Slug: art-fb-recent-activity-or-recommendations
Contributors: artcreativeme
- Title: articlesPickAndSlide
Slug: articlespickandslide
Author: Pantaleo de Pinto, Felice Breglia
- Title: As Heard On
Slug: as-heard-on
Author: Dustin Hartzler
Contributors: dustinhartzler
- Title: Widget Customizer for Wordpress - Free Version
Slug: asd-123-456-widget
Author: Mihajlovic Nenad
Contributors: dzeriho
- Title: Asian Word Count
Slug: asian-word-count
Author: ye11ow
Contributors: ye11ow,bjplink
- Title: Aside Widget
Slug: aside
Author: Paul Reeve
- Title: Aspen Shortcodes and Widgets
Slug: aspen-shortcodes-and-widgets
Author: wpweaver
Contributors: wpweaver
- Title: Asteroids Widget
Slug: asteroids-widget
Author: Eric Burger
- Title: AstroPress by Ask Oracle
Slug: astropress-by-ask-oracle
Author: Ask Oracle Team
Contributors: aheadzen
- Title: ATT YouTube Widget
Slug: att-youtube
Author: ATinyTeam
- Title: Attach Files Widget
Slug: attach-files-widget
Author: Vyacheslav Volkov (
- Title: Audemedia Tools
Slug: audemedia-tools
Author: Audemedia
Contributors: audemedia
- Title: Audio Player Widget
Slug: audio-player-widget
Author: Corey Snow
Contributors: ,greenshady
- Title: Auktionsscroller widget till Tradera
Slug: auktionsscroller-for-tradera-widget
Author: Johan Groth
Contributors: johangroth
- Title: Author and Post Statistic Widgets
Slug: author-and-post-statistic-widgets
Author: gVectors Team (Gagik Zakaryan & Hakob Martirosyan)
Contributors: gvectors-team
- Title: Author Image(s)
Slug: author-images
Author: Scott Reilly
Contributors: coffee2code
- Title: Author Info
Slug: author-info
Author: Gadgets Choose
Contributors: gadgetschoose
- Title: Author List
Slug: author-list
Author: vinoth06
Contributors: vinoth06,buffercode
- Title: Author Profile Widget
Slug: author-profile-widget
Author: inc2734
Contributors: inc2734
- Title: Wordpress Author Profile Avatars List
Slug: author-profiles
Author: Sabir Abdul Gafoor
Contributors: sabirtiger,themefantasy
- Title: Authors based on recent posts
Slug: authors-list-based-on-recent-posts
Author: Position2 WAAS Team
- Title: List Authors Widget
Slug: authors-widget
Author: Frankie Roberto
Contributors: frankieroberto
- Title: Auto Copyright
Slug: auto-copyright-1
Author: Christopher Ross
Contributors: christopherross,thisismyurl
- Title: Auto Image Randomizer
Slug: auto-image-randomizer
Author: Alexander Fuchs
Contributors: autoteile-preiswert,alexander_fuchs
- Title: Automatic Quotes
Slug: automatic-quotes
Author: Quote Piper
- Title: AutoNav Graphical Navigation and Gallery Plugin
Slug: autonav
Author: William Lindley
Contributors: wlindley
- Title: AutoWebOffice Internet Shop
Slug: autoweboffice-internet-shop
Author: Alexander Kruglov (
- Title: AvantLink WP
Slug: avantlink-wp
Contributors: avantlink
- Title: Aviation Weather from NOAA
Slug: aviation-weather-from-noaa
Author: Mark Chouinard
Contributors: machouinard
- Title: AWeber Form by
Slug: aweber-form
Contributors: contactuscom
- Title: AWeber Integration
Slug: aweber-integration
Author: OM4
Contributors: jamescollins,glenn-om4
- Title: AWeber Forms by Optin Cat
Slug: aweber-wp
Author: Fatcat Apps
Contributors: davidhme,fatcatapps,aweber-forms-by-optin-cat
- Title: Awesome Social Icons
Slug: awesome-social-icons
Author: Daniyal Ahmed
Contributors: daniyalahmedk
- Title: Ayat Al-Quran
Slug: ayat-al-quran
Author: Agus Setiawan
- Title: AZAN Plugin
Slug: azan
- Title: B-oxmail
Slug: b-oxmail
Author: Ankit Aggarwal
- Title: Badge
Slug: badge
Author: Eugne Roux
Contributors: eroux
- Title: BadgeOS
Slug: badgeos
Author: LearningTimes
Contributors: badgeos,learningtimes,credly,webdevstudios,williamsba1,rzen,jtsternberg,ryanduff,messenlehner,lisasabinwilson,tw2113
- Title: Badges
Slug: badges
Author: Eugne Roux
Contributors: eroux
- Title: Bambuser for Wordpress
Slug: bambuser-for-wordpress
Author: Mattias Norell
Contributors: ,
- Title: Bang Faceted Search
Slug: bang-faceted-search
Author: Marcus Downing
Contributors: diddledan,
- Title: Bangla Al Quraner Bani
Slug: bangla-al-quran
Author: Jabed Bhuiyan
- Title: Bangla Sidebar Login
Slug: bangla-sidebar-login
Author: Mirza Md. Hasan
Contributors: mirza-md-hasan
- Title: Banner Upload
Slug: banner-upload
Author: vinoth06
Contributors: vinoth06,buffercode
- Title: baseballNuke
Slug: baseballnuke
Author: Nick Collingham, Shawn Grimes, Christian Gnoth, Dawn Wallis
Contributors: ,,,,
- Title: Basic Twitter Widget
Slug: basic-twitter-widget
Author: Koen Eijkemans
- Title: Bauernregeln
Slug: bauernregeln
Author: Rally Vincent
Contributors: rvincent
- Title: BBpress last topics
Slug: bbpress-last-topics
Author: Jaap Marcus
Contributors: jaapmarcus
- Title: Bbpress Latest Discussion
Slug: bbpress-latest-discussion
Author: Atsutane Shirane
Contributors: atsutane
- Title: bbPress Social Network
Slug: bbpress-social-network
- Title: GetShopped Support Forums
Slug: bbpress-vip-support-plugin
Author: Mychelle, GetShopped, mufasa
Contributors: mychelle,,getshopped
- Title: BCD Upcoming Posts
Slug: bcd-upcoming-posts
Author: Frank Jones
- Title: bCMS
Slug: bcms
Author: Casey Bisson
Contributors: misterbisson,borkweb,zbtirrell
- Title: BD Maniac Widget
Slug: bdmaniac-widget
Author: Steaw
Contributors: steaw
- Title: BE Subpages Widget
Slug: be-subpages-widget
Author: Bill Erickson
Contributors: billerickson
- Title: Beautiful Social Widget
Slug: beautiful-social-widget
Author: Sudeep Acharya
Contributors: sudeep611
- Title: Beautiful Yahoo Weather
Slug: beautiful-yahoo-weather
Author: Mohammad Pishdar
- Title: Becide
Slug: becide
Author: Becide
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- Title: beCounted
Slug: becounted
Author: beAutomated
Contributors: beautomated,seanconklin,randywsandberg
- Title: Beevi
Slug: beevi
Author: Beevi
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- Title: compare Bar/ Before - After Wordpress Plugin
Slug: before-after-compare-bar
Author: Wpfruits
Contributors: rahulbrilliant2004,tikendramaitry
- Title: Before It's News: Blogging/Citizen Journalism Widget
Slug: before-its-news-blogging-citizen-journalism-widget
Author: Justin Dawson
- Title: Before It's News: Featured Stories
Slug: before-its-news-featured-stories
Author: Justin Dawson
- Title: Before It's New's: Health Widget
Slug: before-its-news-health
Author: Justin Dawson
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Before It's New's: Lifestyle Widget
Slug: before-its-news-lifestyle
Author: Before It's News
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Before It's News Mainstream Stories
Slug: before-its-news-mainstream
Author: Before It's News
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Before It's New's: Money Widget
Slug: before-its-news-money
Author: Justin Dawson
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Before It's News: Spirituality News Widget
Slug: before-its-news-paranormal-news-widget
Author: Before It's News
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Before It's New's: Politics Widget
Slug: before-its-news-politics
Author: Justin Dawson
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Before It's New's: Sci-Tech Widget
Slug: before-its-news-sci-tech
Author: Justin Dawson
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Before It's New's: Self Sufficiency Widget
Slug: before-its-news-self-sufficiency
Author: Justin Dawson
Contributors: dawsoju
- Title: Belgo Meteo
Slug: belgo-meteo
Author: Benoit De Boeck
- Title: BeLocal Widget
Slug: belocal-plugin
Author: John Burch
Contributors: belocal
- Title: Benchmark Email Lite
Slug: benchmark-email-lite
Author: beAutomated
Contributors: beautomated,seanconklin,randywsandberg
- Title: Ads Manager
Slug: best-ads-manager
Author: Walid Naceri
Contributors: pro-developer
- Title: Best Facebook Like Box widget
Slug: best-facebook-like-box-widget
Author: lamb5rifle
Contributors: lamb5rifle
- Title: Better archives widget
Slug: better-archives-widget
Author: Paul de Wouters
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- Title: Better Facebook Page Box
Slug: better-facebook-page-box
Author: Daniele De Rosa
Contributors: bloodspencer
- Title: Better Feedburner Widget
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Author: iThemes
Contributors: ithemes,chriswiegman
- Title: Better Menu Widget
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Author: Tracey Holinka
- Title: Better time-based greetings Widget
Slug: better-time-based-greeting-widget
Author: Carsten Bach
Contributors: carstenbach
- Title: widget
Slug: bettings-widget
Author: Samuel Ericson
Contributors: sericson
- Title: Battlefield 3 Server Stats
Slug: bf3-server-stats
Author: Jason Hazel
- Title: BGColor Setter
Slug: bgcolor-setter
Author: Grigori
Contributors: grigori991
- Title: Bible Post
Slug: bible-post
Author: Antonio Salas (Hyno)
Contributors: hyno,antony_salas
- Title: Bible Verse Display
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Author: Elise Bosse
Contributors: kirilisa
- Title: Bible Verse of the Day
Slug: bible-verse-of-the-day
Contributors: dailyverses
- Title: Bible Verses
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Author: Joel James
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- Title: Big Red Button
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Author: Mads Phikamphon
Contributors: madsphi
- Title: Bike Events
Slug: bike-events
Author: FreeHub
Contributors: freehub
- Title: BinaryM CMS Pack
Slug: binarym-cms-pack
Author: Matt McInvale - BinaryM Inc.
Contributors: mcinvale
- Title: Bing Links
Slug: bing-links
Author: Jose Miguel Parrella
Contributors: bureado
- Title: Bio Widget
Slug: bio-widget
Author: Farhad Mollazade
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- Title: Bitcoin Plus Miner
Slug: bitcoin-plus-miner
Author: Donny Nadolny
Contributors: donnynadolny
- Title: Official Bitly for WordPress
Slug: bitly
Author: Bitly
- Title: BittAds for Wordpress
Slug: bittads-for-wordpress
Author: Skyao Yang
Contributors: bittads
- Title: Bizarski Cute Gallery
Slug: bizarski-cute-gallery
Author: Bizarski
Contributors: sparxdragon
- Title: Bizarski Cute Gigs
Slug: bizarski-cute-gigs
Author: Bizarski
Contributors: sparxdragon
- Title: Bizarski Cute Records
Slug: bizarski-cute-records
Author: Bizarski
Contributors: sparxdragon
- Title: Blaze Slideshow
Slug: blaze-slide-show-for-wordpress
Author: XML / SWF
Contributors: xmlswf
- Title: Blitzcorner Sports News Widget
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Author: Blitzcorner
- Title: BlizzBlue-Widget
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Author: Francis Carriere
Contributors: senatorsfc
- Title: Blog Authors Description
Slug: blog-authors-description
Author: Balta Romeo
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- Title: Blog Post Calendar Widget
Slug: blog-post-calendar-widget
Author: Presshive
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- Title: Blog Stats by W3Counter
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Author: W3Counter
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- Title: Blog Time
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Author: Scott Reilly
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- Title: Blog Toplist
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Author: amaniaah
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- Title: Widget
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Author: Boris Kuzmanov
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- Title: Bloglovin Follow
Slug: bloglovin-follow
Author: Per Sandstr'm
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- Title: Bloglovin Widget
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Author: pipdig
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- Title: blogsiread
Slug: blogsiread
Author: fusionstream
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- Title: Blog Promotion - BlogUpp
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Author: The BlogUpp Team
- Title: Blue Utopia Donate Now
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Author: Blue Utopia
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- Title: Blue Utopia Sign Up
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Author: Blue Utopia
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- Title: Blue Wrench Video Widget
Slug: blue-wrench-videos-widget
Author: Sunil Nanda
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- Title: Protech BMI calculator
Slug: bmi-calculator-pro
Author: Protech
Contributors: protechmk
- Title: BNS Badge
Slug: bns-chesscom-badge
Author: Edward Caissie
Contributors: cais
- Title: BNS Corner Logo
Slug: bns-corner-logo
Author: Edward Caissie
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- Title: BNS Early Adopter
Slug: bns-early-adopter
Author: Edward Caissie
Contributors: cais
- Title: BNS Featured Category
Slug: bns-featured-category
Author: Edward Caissie
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- Title: BNS Featured Tag
Slug: bns-featured-tag
Author: Edward Caissie
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- Title: BNS Site Data
Slug: bns-site-data
Author: Edward Caissie
Contributors: cais
- Title: BNS SMF Feeds
Slug: bns-smf-feeds
Author: Edward Caissie
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- Title: BNS Support
Slug: bns-support
Author: Edward Caissie
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- Title: BNS Theme Details
Slug: bns-theme-details
Author: Edward Caissie
Contributors: cais
- Title: BNS Twitter Follow Button
Slug: bns-twitter-follow-button
Author: Edward Caissie
Contributors: cais
- Title: BOC Box Office Cinma
Slug: boc-box-office
Author: fandecine
Contributors: fandecine
- Title: Seller Widget - App for
Slug: bolcom-seller-widget
Author: Derk Braakman
Contributors: derkmdt
- Title: Bon Toolkit
Slug: bon-toolkit
Author: Hermanto Lim
Contributors: nackle2k10
- Title: boo-boxfy
Slug: boo-boxfy
Author: boo-box team
Contributors: boo-box
- Title: BoobTube
Slug: boobtube
Author: Keith Vance
Contributors: gnunews
- Title: Book Doctor Appointments - iCliniq
Slug: book-doctor-appointments-icliniq
Contributors: marshalicliniqcom
- Title: Book Review Library
Slug: book-review-library
Author: Chris Reynolds
Contributors: jazzs3quence
- Title: BookFin eBook Widget
Slug: bookfin-widget
Author: Andreas Ostermann
- Title: Official Search Box
Slug: bookingcom-official-searchbox
Author: Strategic Partnership Department at
Contributors: sp-bookingcom
- Title: BookList Widget
Slug: booklist
Author: Shayne Holmes
Contributors: cambium
- Title: BookMooch Widget
Slug: bookmooch-widget
Author: Jonathan "MontanaMax" Pruett
Contributors: montanamax
- Title: Bootstrap Feature Widgets
Slug: bootstrap-feature-widgets
Author: Phil Ewels
Contributors: tallphil
- Title: Bootstrap Multi-language Responsive Portfolio
Slug: bootstrap-multi-language-responsive-portfolio
Author: August Infotech
Contributors: augustinfotech
- Title: Boss Banner Ad
Slug: boss-banner-ad
Author: kaser
Contributors: kaser
- Title: BuddyPress Groupblog
Slug: bp-groupblog
Author: Rodney Blevins, Marius Ooms, Boone Gorges
Contributors: mariusooms,reblevins,boonebgorges
- Title: Author Role Widget
Slug: bp-member-widget
Author: Ashley Johnson
- Title: BP Recent groups topics
Slug: bp-recent-groups-topics
Author: BgExtensions
- Title: BP Statistic bar
Slug: bp-statistic-bar
Author: BgExtensions
- Title: BR Twitter Widget
Slug: br-twitter-widget
Author: Kaus Midia
Contributors: kausmidia
- Title: BracketPress Login Widget
Slug: bracketpress-login-and-registration-widget
Author: Nick Temple
Contributors: ntemple
- Title: amr breadcrumb navigation
Slug: breadcrumb-navigation-widget
Author: Anmari
Contributors: anmari
- Title: Breezing Forms
Slug: breezing-forms
Author: Crosstec GmbH & Co. KG
Contributors: crosstec
- Title: British Embassy Finder
Slug: british-embassy-finder
Author: Andrew Wrigley
Contributors: wrigs1
- Title: BroadedNet
Slug: broadednet
Author: Enstine Muki
Contributors: dangpraveen
- Title: Broadstreet
Slug: broadstreet
Author: Broadstreet
- Title: Browse Content by My Solr Server
Slug: browse-content-by-my-solr-server
Author: My Solr Server
- Title: Mozilla Persona (BrowserID)
Slug: browserid
Author: Shane Tomlinson
Contributors: stomlinson,,m66b
- Title: bSocial
Slug: bsocial
Author: Casey Bisson
Contributors: misterbisson,willsfca
- Title: bSuite
Slug: bsuite
Author: Casey Bisson
Contributors: misterbisson
- Title: bSuite
Slug: bsuite
Author: Casey Bisson
Contributors: misterbisson
- Title: BU Navigation
Slug: bu-navigation
Author: Boston University (IS&T)
Contributors: ntk,mgburns,gcorne,jtwiest
- Title: BuddyBar Widget
Slug: buddybar-widget
Author: Slushman
Contributors: slushman
- Title: BuddyMenu BuddyLinks
Slug: buddymenu-buddylinks
Author: Lee Hodson
Contributors: leehodson
- Title: Buddypress Activity Widget
Slug: buddypress-activity-sidebar-widget-resubmission
Author: Rameshwor Maharjan
- Title: BuddyPress Activity Tags
Slug: buddypress-activity-tags
Author: Alicia Garca Holgado
Contributors: aliciagh
- Title: Buddypress Featured Conversation Widget
Slug: buddypress-featured-conversation-widget
Author: Collin Anderson
Contributors: collina
- Title: Featured Member Widget
Slug: buddypress-featured-members-widget
Author: Jeff Sayre
Contributors: jeffsayre
- Title: Buddypress Friend of a Friend (FOAF)
Slug: buddypress-foaf
Author: Florian Schiessl
- Title: Buddypress Friends
Slug: buddypress-friends
Author: Adam J Nowak
- Title: BuddyPress Group Tags
Slug: buddypress-group-tags
Author: Deryk Wenaus
Contributors: dwenaus
- Title: BuddyPress Group Topic Tags
Slug: buddypress-group-topic-tags
Author: Deryk Wenaus
Contributors: dwenaus
- Title: Buddypress Who clicked at my Profile?
Slug: buddypress-who-clicked-at-my-profile
Author: Florian Schiessl
- Title: BuddyStream
Slug: buddystream
Author: Peter Hofman
- Title: Bug Of The Day
Slug: bug-of-the-day
Author: Dawn Endico
Contributors: endico
- Title:
Slug: buienradar
Author: kierownik
Contributors: kierownik
- Title: Bulgarian search
Slug: bulgarian-search
Author: Andon Ivanov
Contributors: andon
- Title: Bullsender signup for WordPress
Slug: bullsender-signup
Author: Bullsender
- Title: Wordpress Popular Widgets: Weather, Facebook, Twitter, Visitors Map, YouTube, Picasa, Games
Slug: bumpin-widget
Author: Bumpin Team
- Title: Bundesliga Table
Slug: bundesliga-table
Author: Gaetano Caruana
- Title: Business Block Widget
Slug: business-block-widget
Author: grandslambert
- Title: Business Contact Widget
Slug: business-contact-widget
Author: StressFree Sites
Contributors: stressfree-sites
- Title: Business Hours Plugin
Slug: business-hours-plugin
Author: MZAWeb
Contributors: mzaweb
- Title: Buton de Follow
Slug: buton-de-follow
Author: Cristi Mirt
- Title: Buy Sell Ads
Slug: buy-sell-ads
Author: Thaya Kareeson
Contributors: madeinthayaland
- Title: BuySellAds
Slug: buysellads
Author: Derek Herman
Contributors: barchard
- Title: BW Posts Top
Slug: bw-posts-top
Author: Brainymore
- Title: Bx Ultimate
Slug: bx-ultimate-by-avinash-infotech
Author: Avinash Infotech
- Title: Cache Tweets Widget
Slug: cache-tweets-widget
Author: vickythegme
Contributors: vickythegme
- Title: Cache Tweets Widget
Slug: cache-tweets-widget~
Author: vickythegme
Contributors: vickythegme
- Title: CafePress Widget
Slug: cafepress-widget
Author: widget
Contributors: widget
- Title: Call To Action Scheduler
Slug: call-to-action-scheduler
Author: Springbox
Contributors: springbox,chriswiegman
- Title: Call Sign Query Widget
Slug: callsignquery
Author: Michiel Broek
Contributors: mbroek
- Title: Camera+ Widget
Slug: camera-plus-widget
Author: Austin Passy
Contributors: austyfrosty
- Title: Campaign Monitor Forms by Optin Cat
Slug: campaign-monitor-wp
Author: Fatcat Apps
Contributors: davidhme,fatcatapps
- Title: Campaign ROI Calculator v1.0
Slug: campaign-roi-return-on-investment-calculator-v10
Author: Yoav Shalev
- Title: CancanIT Review Widget
Slug: cancanit-review-widget
Author: CancanIT
- Title: Candy Social Widget
Slug: candy-social-widget
Author: AJ Clarke
Contributors: ajclarke
- Title: Car Demon
Slug: car-demon
Author: CarDemons
- Title: career builder job search plugin
Slug: career-builder-jobsearch
Author: ashwini singh
- Title: CareerBuilder Jobs
Slug: careerbuilder-jobs
Author: CareerBuilder
Contributors: jonathanstegall
- Title: Carousel CK
Slug: carousel-ck
Author: Cdric KEIFLIN
Contributors: ced1870
- Title: Cart66 Cloud :: Ecommerce with security
Slug: cart66-cloud
Author: Reality66
Contributors: reality66
- Title: Cart66 Lite :: WordPress Ecommerce
Slug: cart66-lite
Author: Reality66
Contributors: reality66
- Title: Cartographer
Slug: cartographer
Author: kraftpress
Contributors: kraftpress,buildcreate,a2rocklobster
- Title: Category-Post AJAX Tree
Slug: cat-post-tree-ajax
Author: Sergei Karasiov
Contributors: ,
- Title: CataBlog
Slug: catablog
Author: Zachary Segal
Contributors: macguru2000
- Title: Catalyst Excerpts Plus
Slug: catalyst-excerpts-plus
Author: Michael Davis
Contributors: surfjam
- Title: Category and post tag related posts
Slug: category-and-post-tag-related-posts
Author: Laurens ten Ham (MrXHellboy)
Contributors: mrxhellboy
- Title: Category Clouds Widget
Slug: category-clouds-widget
Author: Hugh Bassett-Jones
- Title: Category Contributors
Slug: category-contributors
Author: Christopher Ross
Contributors: christopherross,thisismyurl
- Title: Category counter
Slug: category-counter
Author: Tomek
Contributors: tomek00
- Title: Category Country Aware Wordpress
Slug: category-country-aware
Author: Andrew Wrigley
Contributors: wrigs1
- Title: Category Expander
Slug: category-expander
Author: Joseph Hinson and Tim Grahl
Contributors: jhinson,
- Title: Category Family Tree
Slug: category-family-tree
Author: Nasibu Njoka
- Title: Category Icons
Slug: category-icons
Author: Brahim Machkouri
Contributors: submarine
- Title: category_post_content
Slug: category-post-contet
Author: Atsuyoshi Tabata
- Title: Category Post Widget
Slug: category-post-widget
Author: Teja Amilineni
Contributors: bhargavteja
- Title: Category Posts Widget
Slug: category-posts
Author: Mrinal Kanti Roy
Contributors: mkrdip
- Title: Categories Recent Posts Widget
Slug: category-recent-posts-widget
Author: The Medios, illuminatus7
Contributors: ,illuminatus7
- Title: Category Sisters
Slug: category-sisters
Author: La Petite Chambre Noire
Contributors: lpcn
- Title: Category Teaser
Slug: category-teaser-widget
Author: Craig P Jolicoeur
Contributors: cpjolicoeur
- Title: Category Text Widget
Slug: category-text-widget
Author: Matt Say
Contributors: mattsay
- Title: Category Widget
Slug: category-widget
Author: vinoth06
Contributors: vinoth06,buffercode
- Title: Category Content
Slug: categorycontent
Author: Laurens ten Ham (MrXHellboy)
Contributors: mrxhellboy
- Title: Catholic Liturgy Calendar
Slug: catholic-liturgical-calendar
Contributors: vercalendario-info
- Title: CatholicJukebox Radio listings
Slug: catholicjukebox-radio-lists
Author: George Leite
- Title: catnip
Slug: catnip
Author: Lew Ayotte @
Contributors: layotte
- Title: CatWalker
Slug: catwalker
Author: Kevin Wiliarty
Contributors: kwiliarty
- Title: cbnet Social Menu
Slug: cbnet-social-menu
Author: chipbennett
Contributors: chipbennett
- Title: cbnet Twitter Widget
Slug: cbnet-twitter-widget
Author: chipbennett
Contributors: chipbennett
- Title: ClickBank Press
Slug: cbpress
- Title: Edit Flow for Custom Bulk/Quick Edit
Slug: cbqe-edit-flow
Author: Axelerant
Contributors: comprock,saurabhd,subharanjan
- Title: CC Flickr Widget
Slug: cc-flickr-widget
Author: Harun R. Rayhan (Cr@zy Coder)
Contributors: thecrazycoder
- Title: CDYNE Call Me Widget
Slug: cdyne-call-me
Author: H.O.W.D.Y. Media
Contributors: howdymedia
- Title: Ceneo Plugin
Slug: ceneo-plugin
- Title: Challenge Your Soul Affiliate
Slug: challenge-your-soul-affiliate
Author: Abu Sabah Abdullah
Contributors: sayfsolutions
- Title: Chamber Dashboard Business Directory
Slug: chamber-dashboard-business-directory
Author: Morgan Kay
- Title: Chameleon CSS
Slug: chameleon-css
Author: Grass still Green
Contributors: zeally
- Title: Chatbot widget
Slug: chatbot-widget
Author: Benoit Bottemanne
- Title: Chatimity Chat Rooms
Slug: chatimity-chat-rooms
Author: Chatimity Software Pvt Ltd
Contributors: aravind
- Title: ChatMe Login Widget
Slug: chatmeim-login-widget
Author: camaran
Contributors: camaran
- Title: ChatMe Status Widget
Slug: chatmeim-status-widgt
Author: camaran
Contributors: camaran
- Title: Chatroll Live Chat
Slug: chatroll-live-chat
Author: Chatroll
Contributors: chatroll
- Title: Check Wallet
Slug: check-wallet
Author: Tomek
Contributors: tomek00
- Title: CheetahMail For WordPress
Slug: cheetahmail
Author: Experian CheetahMail
- Title: Child Page Of Widget
Slug: child-page-of-widget
Author: Ruud Evers
Contributors: yakti-ruud
- Title: ChillThemes Widgets
Slug: chillthemes-widgets
Author: ChillThemes
- Title: PM 2.5 Mainland China
Slug: china-pm25
Author: Yanming Deng
- Title: ChirpHub Widget
Slug: chirphub-widget
Author: Joel Pearson,
Contributors: chirphub
- Title: Choc Chip EU Cookie Plugin
Slug: choc-chip-eu-cookie-plugin
Author: Christian Senior
Contributors: utcwebdesign
- Title: wp_chotcal
Slug: chotcal
Author: Les Jourdets
Contributors: oallais
- Title: Christian Science Bible Lesson Subjects
Slug: christian-science-bible-lesson-subjects
Author: Gabriel Serafini (
Contributors: gserafini
- Title: Chromeless YouTube
Slug: chromeless-youtube
Author: Adam J Nowak
- Title: Church
Slug: church-post-types
Author: Daniel Morrison
Contributors: dmorrison42
- Title: Cinematoria Widget
Slug: cinematoria-widget
Author: Cinematoria
- Title: CircuPress
Slug: circupress
Author: Adam Small, Douglas Karr
Contributors: cadamsmall,douglaskarr
- Title: Citizens' initiative support
Slug: citizen-initiative-support
Author: Timi Wahalahti
Contributors: sipulisopuli
- Title: Click4Assistance Live Chat Software with real-time visitor monitoring
Slug: click4assistance-live-chat-real-time-visitor-monitoring
Author: Click4Assistance
- Title: ClickBank Affiliate Ads
Slug: clickbank-ads-clickbank-widget
Author: ClickBank Ads
- Title: ClickSold IDX
Slug: clicksold-wordpress-plugin
Author: ClickSold; Visit plugin site
Contributors: clicksold
- Title: clickstreamtv
Slug: clickstreamtv
Author: ClickStreamTV
- Title: Clock_Widget
Slug: clock-widgets
Author: Nitin Maurya
Contributors: nitinmauryalko
- Title: CloudSwipe :: Ecommerce with security
Slug: cloudswipe
Author: Reality66
Contributors: reality66
- Title: Cloudy Tags
Slug: cloudy-tags
Author: Some Guy
Contributors: someblogsite
- Title: CM Ad Changer
Slug: cm-ad-changer
Author: CreativeMindsSolutions
Contributors: creativemindssolutions
- Title: Cnhk Slideshow
Slug: cnhk-slideshow
Author: Rija Rajaonah
Contributors: cnhk_systems
- Title: Cocatech Podcast
Slug: cocatech-podcast
Author: @joelgarciajr84
Contributors: joelgarciajr84
- Title: Code to Widget
Slug: code-to-widget
Author: Sean Klein
Contributors: seanklein
- Title: WordPress Vimeo videos
Slug: codeflavors-vimeo-video-post-lite
Author: CodeFlavors
Contributors: codeflavors
- Title: Coduri Postale Romania
Slug: coduri-postale-romania
Author: Bluebay Design
- Title: CollabPress
Slug: collabpress
Contributors: scottbasgaard,williamsba1,cochran,boonebgorges,ericlewis
- Title: Collapsing Archives
Slug: collapsing-archives
Author: Robert Felty
Contributors: robfelty
- Title: Collapsing Categories
Slug: collapsing-categories
Author: Robert Felty
Contributors: robfelty
- Title: Collapsing Links
Slug: collapsing-links
Author: Robert Felty
Contributors: robfelty
- Title: Collapsing Pages
Slug: collapsing-pages
Author: Robert Felty
Contributors: robfelty
- Title: Collecta Search Widget
Slug: collecta-search
Author: Matthew Gregg, Mick Thompson
Contributors: ,
- Title: ColorWP Twitter Widget
Slug: colorwp-twitter-widget
Contributors: colorwp
- Title: ColourPress
Slug: colourpress-colourlovers-widget
Author: Ryan Ludwig
Contributors: serostar
- Title: Column Posts
Slug: column-posts
Author: Catherine Lebastard
Contributors: lebasca
- Title: Comic Easel
Slug: comic-easel
Author: Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)
Contributors: frumph
- Title: Comic Rocket Ad Network Widget
Slug: comic-rocket-ad-network-widget
Author: Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)
Contributors: ,comic-rocket
- Title: Comments as Testimonials Widget and Shortcode
Slug: comment-testimonials
Author: Eli Scheetz
Contributors: scheeeli
- Title: Commenters Info
Slug: commenters-info
Author: wokamoto
Contributors: wokamoto
- Title: Comments Loop
Slug: comments-loop
Author: Ptah Dunbar
Contributors: ptahdunbar
- Title: Compact Archives
Slug: compact-archives
Author: WPBeginner
Contributors: smub,noumaan
- Title: Compact Archives Widget
Slug: compact-archives-widget
Author: Aldo Latino
Contributors: aldolat
- Title: ComparePress
Slug: comparepress
Author: The Blog House
Contributors: thebloghouse
- Title: Compassion Widget
Slug: compassion-widget
Author: LOUDERmedia
Contributors: kurtloudermedia,benstewart
- Title: Comprehensive Twitter Profile Widget
Slug: comprehensive-twitter-profile-plugin
Author: Alexander Zagniotov
Contributors: alexanderzagniotov
- Title: Comprehensive Twitter Search Widget
Slug: comprehensive-twitter-search-plugin
Author: Alexander Zagniotov
Contributors: alexanderzagniotov
- Title: Configurable Tag Cloud (CTC)
Slug: configurable-tag-cloud-widget
Author: Keith Solomon
Contributors: zarathos
- Title: Constant Contact for Wordpress
Slug: constant-contact-api
Author: Katz Web Services, Inc.
Contributors: katzwebdesign,katzwebservices
- Title: Constant Contact Signup Form
Slug: constantcontact-form
Contributors: contactuscom
- Title: Contact Bank Contact Forms Builder
Slug: contact-bank
Author: Tech Banker
Contributors: contact-banker,gallery-bank
- Title: Contact Form 7 Widget
Slug: contact-form-7-widget
Author: Stephanie Wells
Contributors: sswells
- Title: Contact Form Builder
Slug: contact-form-builder
Author: WebDorado
Contributors: webdorado
- Title: Contact Form Generator
Slug: contact-form-generator
Author: Creative Solutions
Contributors: creative-solutions-1
- Title: Contact Form Maker
Slug: contact-form-maker
Author: WebDorado
Contributors: webdorado
- Title: ContactBuddy by iThemes
Slug: contactbuddy-by-pluginbuddycom
Author: iThemes
Contributors: ithemes
- Title: Contactology Signup PLugin
Slug: contactology-signup-plugin
Author: Ankit Agarwal
Contributors: aankit
- Title: Contact Form by ContactUs
Slug: contactuscom
Contributors: contactuscom
- Title: Content for your Country
Slug: content-for-your-country
Author: Yannick Arrimadas Bot
Contributors: sauronz
- Title: CG Button
Slug: content-glass-button
Author: Rhizome Networks
Contributors: rhizome-networks
- Title: Content Stats
Slug: content-stats
Author: InkThemes
Contributors: pankajagarwal
- Title: Content4Subscribers
Slug: content4subscribers
Author: Websupporter
Contributors: websupporter
- Title:
Slug: contentad
- Title: Content Pro
Slug: contentpro
Author: Benjamin Kott
Contributors: benjamin-kott
- Title: Contextual Pages Widget
Slug: contextual-pages-widget
Author: Ca-Phun Ung
Contributors: caphun
- Title: Contributors Plugin for SEO
Slug: contributors-link-plugin
Author: SEO ORG
Slug: contus-video-gallery
Author: Apptha
Contributors: hdflvplayer
- Title: CookiesControl (Spanish legislation)
Slug: cookiescontrol-spanish-rules
Author: Playbrand Estratgies Crossmdia
Contributors: alvaromartinezmajado
- Title: Cooksnaps
Slug: cooksnaps
Author: Cooksnaps
Contributors: milesw,jgranado
- Title: Cool Facebook Widget
Slug: cool-facebook-widget
Author: Son Pham
- Title: cool Popular Post
Slug: cool-popular-post
Author: Jake Landers
- Title: Cool Social Icons Widget
Slug: cool-social-icons-widget
Author: Kamal Saroya Mr-Koder
- Title: Cool Video Gallery
Slug: cool-video-gallery
Author: Praveen Rajan
Contributors: praveen-rajan
- Title: Costa Rica Currency Exchange Rate
Slug: costa-rica-currency-exchange-rate
Author: Pablo Alvarado
Contributors: artdecoded
- Title: Cotizaciones
Slug: cotizaciones
Author: Luis Daniel
- Title: Count All
Slug: count-all
Author: Agoston Horvath
Contributors: horvathagoston
- Title: Countdown Clock
Slug: countdown-clock
Author: enclick
Contributors: enclick
- Title: Countdown Clock Timer
Slug: countdown-clock-timer
Author: Luis Perez
Contributors: luisperezphd
- Title: CoursePress
Slug: coursepress
Author: WPMU DEV
- Title: CP Easy Form Builder
Slug: cp-easy-form-builder
Contributors: codepeople
- Title: CP Cast o Podcast do Canal Piloto
Slug: cpcast-canalpiloto
Author: Joel Garcia Jr
Contributors: joelgarciajr84
- Title: CPD Search
Slug: cpd-search
Author: The CPD Team
Contributors: rossigee
- Title: CPO Widgets
Slug: cpo-widgets
Author: CPOThemes
Contributors: cpothemes
- Title: CPT Archive
Slug: cpt-archive
Author: Brenda Egeland
Contributors: brendaegeland
- Title: CPT Widget
Slug: cpt-widget
Author: 1980 Creative Media LLC
Contributors: 1980creative
- Title: Software Vote Widget
Slug: craptoolcom-software-vote-widget
Author: Michael Plas
- Title: Creative Image Slider - The Best WordPress Image Slider and Portfolio plugin
Slug: creative-image-slider
Author: Creative Solutions
Contributors: creative-solutions-1
- Title: Creative Market
Slug: creative-market
Author: Chris McCoy
Contributors: fristopher
- Title: Creative Socials
Slug: creative-socials
Author: Hossam Hamed
Contributors: megatpl
- Title: CreativeSignal Testimonials
Slug: creativesignal-testimonial
Author: CreativeSignal Team
- Title: Cryptocurrency Ticker
Slug: cryptocurrency-ticker
Author: CryptoBadger
Contributors: rbbrdckybk
- Title: CSFD Last Seen
Slug: csfd-last-seen
Author: Josef těpnek
- Title: CSSable Countdown
Slug: cssable-countdown
Author: dmonnier
Contributors: dmonnier
- Title: CSSJockey Add-Ons
Slug: cssjockey-add-ons
Author: Mohit Aneja (CSSJockey)
Contributors: cssjockey
- Title: WordPress Calls to Action
Slug: cta
Author: InboundNow
Contributors: davidwells,hudson-atwell
- Title: Cudazi Latest Tweets
Slug: cudazi-latest-tweets
Author: Cudazi
Contributors: cudazi
- Title: Currency Converter
Slug: currency-converter
Author: enclick
Contributors: enclick
- Title: Currency Converter Rub
Slug: currency-converter-rub
Author: PahaW
Contributors: pahaw
- Title: Current Moon Information
Slug: current-moon-information
Contributors: vercalendario-info
- Title: Current Star Sign
Slug: current-star-sign
Contributors: auntypizza
- Title: Current weather widget
Slug: current-weather-widget
Author: Jeffrey Barke
Contributors: jeffreyb
- Title: Currently Active Visitors List
Slug: currently-active-visitors
Author: Ravinder Mann
Contributors: csgraduate
- Title: Currently Reading
Slug: currently-reading
Author: Eugne Roux
Contributors: eroux
- Title: Currently Reading Book
Slug: currently-reading-book
Author: Bostjan Cigan
Contributors: zerocool51
- Title: Cursul Valutar BNR
Slug: cursul-valutar-bnr
Author: ITSol Telecom
Contributors: itsol-telecom
- Title: Custom Banners
Slug: custom-banners
Author: GoldPlugins
Contributors: ghuger,richardgabriel
- Title: Custom Bulk/Quick Edit
Slug: custom-bulkquick-edit
Author: Axelerant
Contributors: comprock,saurabhd,subharanjan
- Title: Custom Categories RSS
Slug: custom-categories-rss
Author: Jn Bočnec
Contributors: johnnypea
- Title: Custom Field Images
Slug: custom-field-images
Author: scribu
Contributors: scribu
- Title: Custom Google Talk Chatback
Slug: custom-google-talk-chatback
Author: Intervaro Web Agency in Lund, Sweden
Contributors: mrvictor
- Title: Custom Login Widget With Cube Points Integration
Slug: custom-login-widget-with-cube-points-integration
Author: Roger MacRae
Contributors: rmac0001
- Title: Custom Meta Widget
Slug: custom-meta-widget
Author: bitacre
Contributors: bitacre
- Title: Custom Post Type Parents
Slug: custom-post-type-parents
Author: MIGHTYminnow & Mickey Kay
Contributors: mcguive7,mightyminnow
- Title: Custom Post Type Privacy
Slug: custom-post-type-privacy
Author: Kev Price
Contributors: kimedia,
- Title: Custom Post Widget
Slug: custom-post-widget
Author: Johan van der Wijk
Contributors: vanderwijk
- Title: Custom Recent Posts Widget Plus
Slug: custom-recent-posts-widget-plus
Author: Javier Jara
Contributors: javierjara
- Title: Custom Sections
Slug: custom-sections
Author: W!SSEN
Contributors: jvwissen
- Title: Tag Widget
Slug: custom-tag-widget
Author: Clayton McIlrath
Contributors: claymcilrath
- Title: Custom Taxonomies Menu Widget
Slug: custom-taxonomies-menu-widget
Author: Ade Walker, Studiograsshopper
Contributors: studiograsshopper
- Title: Customized Recent Comments
Slug: customized-recent-comments
Author: Robin Dalton
Contributors: blueinstyle
- Title: Cute Profiles
Slug: cute-profiles
Author: KeenCodes
Contributors: keencodes,internet-techies
- Title: CutUp Machine
Slug: cutup-machine
Author: Lake e Lou
Contributors: languageisavirus
- Title: CW Post Widget
Slug: cw-post-widget
Author: Celtic Wolf, Inc.
Contributors: celticwolfinc,
- Title: CW Show on Selected Pages
Slug: cw-show-on-selected-pages-sosp
Author: Christian Wenzl
Contributors: christianwenzl
- Title: cyr-to-arabic
Slug: cyr-to-arabic
Author: Janibek Sheryazdan
- Title: D-login
Slug: d-login
Author: DYTRI
Contributors: dytri
- Title: Daileez Widget
Slug: daileez-widget
Author: Daileez team
Slug: daily-christian-bible-verses
Author: L.Ch.Rajkumar
- Title: Daily Crowdsource News
Slug: daily-crowdsource-news
Author: The Daily Crowdsource
Contributors: thedailycrowdsource
- Title: Daily Lessons
Slug: daily-lessons
Author: Discover the Fire
Contributors: discoverthefire
- Title: Daily Quotes
Slug: daily-quotes
Author: Bobcares
Contributors: bobcares_plugins
- Title: Daily Zman Widget
Slug: daily-zman-widget
Author: Leon Adato
Contributors: adatosystems
- Title: Dailymotion Videowall Widget
Slug: dailymotion-videowall-widget
Author: Kevin Fernandez
Contributors: kevinff
- Title: Dakujeme SME widget
Slug: dakujeme-sme-widget
Author: Matej Dunik
Contributors: matejdunik
- Title: danixland-countdown
Slug: danixland-countdown
Author: Danilo 'danix' Macri
Contributors: danixland
- Title: danixland-user-panel
Slug: danixland-user-panel
Author: Danilo 'danix' Macri
Contributors: danixland
- Title: Das Wetter von
Slug: das-wetter-von-wettercom
Author: AG
Contributors: wettercom,warinsky
- Title: Das 'rtliche Suchfeld
Slug: dasoertliche-suchfeld
Author: Das'rtliche Service- und Marketinggesellschaft mbH
- Title: Random / Rotating Ads V2
Slug: datafeedr-ads
Contributors: datafeedrcom
- Title: Date Today Nepali
Slug: date-today-nepali
Author: Nilambar Sharma
Contributors: rabmalin
- Title: Dave's External Search
Slug: daves-external-search
Author: Dave Ross
Contributors: csixty4
- Title: DBD Pinterest Widget
Slug: dbd-pinterest-widget
Author: Justin Norton
Contributors: designerbydesign
- Title: Dbox 3D Slider Lite
Slug: dbox-slider-lite
Author: SliderVilla
Contributors: slidervilla
- Title: DD Page Widget
Slug: dd-page-widget
Author: Mladen Milentijevic
- Title: Driving Directions
Slug: ddirections
Author: Hector Garrofe
Contributors: hectorgarrofe
- Title: DealDoktor Schnppchen Widget
Slug: dealdoktor-schnaeppchen-widget
Author: Bjoern Weiland
- Title: Social Deals Engine
Slug: deals-engine
Contributors: wpsocial,dwaser71
- Title: Dedinomy
Slug: dedinomy
Author: Jean-Baptiste Fournot
- Title: Deezer Widget
Slug: deezer-widget
Author: Adrien P.
- Title: Delicious Readings
Slug: delicious-readings
Author: Aldo Latino
Contributors: aldolat
- Title: Delicious Wishlist for WordPress
Slug: delicious-wishlist-for-wordpress
Author: Aldo Latino
Contributors: aldolat
- Title: Dell Cloud Connect
Slug: dell-cloud-connect
Author: Dell
Contributors: mattlsmith,clintonb11
- Title: Dell Virtualization Connect
Slug: dell-virtualization-connect
Author: Dell
Contributors: clintonb11
- Title: DeMomentSomTres Categories
Slug: demomentsomtres-categories
Author: marcqueralt
Contributors: marcqueralt
- Title: DeMomentSomTres Review EscapadaRural
Slug: demomentsomtres-escapadarural-review
Author: Marc Queralt
Contributors: marcqueralt
- Title: DeMomentSomTres Image Feed Widget
Slug: demomentsomtres-image-feed-widget
Author: Marc Queralt
Contributors: marcqueralt
- Title: DeMomentSomTres Language
Slug: demomentsomtres-language
Author: DeMomentSomTres
Contributors: marcqueralt
- Title: MailChimp Subscribe
Slug: demomentsomtres-mailchimp-subscribe
Author: Marc Queralt
Contributors: marcqueralt
- Title: DeMomentSomTres Promotions
Slug: demomentsomtres-promotions
Author: Marc Queralt
Contributors: marcqueralt
- Title: Dental Optimizer Patient Generator App
Slug: dental-optimizer-patient-generator-app
Author: Healthygrid
Contributors: healthygrid
- Title: Developer Showcase
Slug: developer-showcase
Author: SWERgroup
Contributors: swergroup,pixline
- Title: Deviant Thumbs
Slug: deviant-thumbs
Author: scribu
Contributors: scribu
- Title: Device Theme Switcher
Slug: device-theme-switcher
Author: James Mehorter;
Contributors: jamesmehorter
- Title: DFD Reddcoin Tips
Slug: dfd-reddcoin-tips
Author: Michael Kilday
- Title: Dice Roller
Slug: dice-widget
Author: Kevin Oedekoven
- Title: Digital and analog clock widget
Slug: digital-and-analog-clock-widget
Author: Andrew Kovalev
- Title: diigoRSS
Slug: diigorss
Author: Paul Cormack
Contributors: pcormack
- Title: Direction Map
Slug: direction-map
Author: Bhumi Shah
Contributors: softy5454
- Title: Directjob widget
Slug: directjob-widget
Author: Hilflo
- Title: Discordian Date
Slug: discordian-date
Author: Dan Johnson
Contributors: relunrelated
- Title: Discount Codes Plugin
Slug: discount-codes-plugin
Contributors: damien
- Title: DiscussIt Comments
Slug: discussit-comments
Author: pnyxe
- Title: Display Authors Widget
Slug: display-authors-widget
Author: Sami Keijonen
Contributors: samikeijonen
- Title: Display Categories Widget
Slug: display-categories-widget
Author: Suresh Baskaran
Contributors: iteamweb
- Title: Display Content Piece Widget
Slug: display-content-piece-widget
Author: Chris Egerton
Contributors: ceenz,
- Title: Display File Contents Widget
Slug: display-file-contents-widget
Author: Pratik Sinha
Contributors: fr33think3r
- Title: Display Latest Feeds
Slug: display-latest-rss-feeds
Author: Lougie Quisel
Contributors: lougie
- Title: Displaying Countries with their Capital and currencies
Slug: displayingcountries
- Title: Combination Widget For Disqus
Slug: disqus-combination-widget-by-tricks-panda
Author: Hardeep Asrani
Contributors: hardeepasrani
- Title: Popular Threads Widget For Disqus
Slug: disqus-popular-threads-widget-by-tricks-panda
Author: Hardeep Asrani
Contributors: hardeepasrani
- Title: Disqus Recent Comments Widget Advanced
Slug: disqus-recent-comments-widget-advanced
Author: Rahul Ramesh
- Title: Recent Comments Widget For Disqus
Slug: disqus-recent-comments-widget-by-tricks-panda
Author: Hardeep Asrani
Contributors: hardeepasrani
- Title: Top Commenters Widget For Disqus
Slug: disqus-top-commenters-widget-by-tricks-panda
Author: Hardeep Asrani
Contributors: hardeepasrani
- Title:
Slug: distance-calculator-by-avtodispetcherru
Author: Ilya Guk
Contributors: iguk
- Title: DistanceFromMe
Slug: distancefromme
Author: Ross Connell
Contributors: rdconnell
- Title: Ditty News Ticker
Slug: ditty-news-ticker
Author: Metaphor Creations
Contributors: metaphorcreations
- Title: Divelogs Widget
Slug: divelogs-widget
Author: Rainer Mohr
- Title: Diwali Countdown
Slug: diwali-countdown
Author: Shardul Pandey
- Title: DJ On Air Widget
Slug: dj-on-air-widget
Author: Nikki Blight