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Consolidating CoinJoin Information

This gist will be updated regularly to point to the latest information around Consolidating CoinJoin.

Background Information


The code for this project has been moved to the Consolidating CoinJoin GitHub organization. It's composed of these four repositories:

  • ccoinjoin-wallet is a command-line BCH wallet that is used to send BCH to a Consolidating CoinJoin server to participate in a round of Mixing.
  • ccoinjoin-mirror is a type of node in the peer-to-peer network. Wallets connect to Mirrors to download the P2P database of Servers. Mirrors can also transfer data between the clearnet and the darkweb.
  • ccoinjoin-server is the Server that actually implements the Consolidating CoinJoin and mixes the BCH, then returns the mixed coins.
  • ccoinjoin-network is a common NPM library used by the other three repositories.
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