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Last active Mar 14, 2018 — forked from arsewizz/gist:c59ca68267df4b103e56082f06f9a288
Ionic payment with Stripe, then create a record at Skygear.

On Ionic side

1. Create a ionic project

  • ionic start ionicStripe blank

2. Install the stripe plugin

  • ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-stripe
  • npm install --save @ionic-native/stripe

3. add stripe to module.ts

 * import { Stripe } from '@ionic-native/stripe';

4. On the payment page :

#!/bin/bash -e
# Make sure you have installed ImageMagick
# Ensure we're running in location of script.
cd "`dirname $0`"
for f in *; do
if [[ $f == *@3x* ]];

Copied from

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