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List of Usable HTML Meta and Link Tags

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Basic HTML Meta Tags

<meta charset='UTF-8'>
<meta name='keywords' content='your, tags'>
<meta name='description' content='150 words'>
<meta name='subject' content='your website's subject'>
<meta name='copyright' content='company name'>
<meta name='language' content='ES'>
<meta name='robots' content='index,follow'>
<meta name='revised' content='Sunday, July 18th, 2010, 5:15 pm'>
<meta name='abstract' content=''>
<meta name='topic' content=''>
<meta name='summary' content=''>
<meta name='Classification' content='Business'>
<meta name='author' content='name,'>
<meta name='designer' content=''>
<meta name='reply-to' content=''>
<meta name='owner' content=''>
<meta name='url' content=''>
<meta name='identifier-URL' content=''>
<meta name='directory' content='submission'>
<meta name='pagename' content='jQuery Tools, Tutorials and Resources - O'Reilly Media'>
<meta name='category' content=''>
<meta name='coverage' content='Worldwide'>
<meta name='distribution' content='Global'>
<meta name='rating' content='General'>
<meta name='revisit-after' content='7 days'>
<meta name='subtitle' content='This is my subtitle'>
<meta name='target' content='all'>
<meta name='HandheldFriendly' content='True'>
<meta name='MobileOptimized' content='320'>
<meta name='date' content='Sep. 27, 2010'>
<meta name='search_date' content='2010-09-27'>
<meta name='DC.title' content='Unstoppable Robot Ninja'>
<meta name='ResourceLoaderDynamicStyles' content=''>
<meta name='medium' content='blog'>
<meta name='syndication-source' content=''>
<meta name='original-source' content=''>
<meta name='verify-v1' content='dV1r/ZJJdDEI++fKJ6iDEl6o+TMNtSu0kv18ONeqM0I='>
<meta name='y_key' content='1e39c508e0d87750'>
<meta name='pageKey' content='guest-home'>
<meta itemprop='name' content='jQTouch'>
<meta http-equiv='Expires' content='0'>
<meta http-equiv='Pragma' content='no-cache'>
<meta http-equiv='Cache-Control' content='no-cache'>
<meta http-equiv='imagetoolbar' content='no'>
<meta http-equiv='x-dns-prefetch-control' content='off'>

Company/Service Meta Tags

Apple Meta Tags

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-title" content="My App"> <!-- New in iOS6 -->
<meta name='apple-mobile-web-app-capable' content='yes'>
<meta name='apple-touch-fullscreen' content='yes'>
<meta name='apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style' content='black'>
<meta name='format-detection' content='telephone=no'>
<meta name='viewport' content='width=device-width; content='width = 320; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=yes; target-densitydpi=160dpi'>

<link href='/apple-touch-icon.png' rel='apple-touch-icon' type='image/png'>
<link href='touch-icon-ipad.png' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='72x72'>
<link href='touch-icon-iphone4.png' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='114x114'>
<link href='/startup.png' rel='apple-touch-startup-image'>

<link href='' sizes='114x114' rel='apple-touch-icon-precomposed'>
<link href='' sizes='72x72' rel='apple-touch-icon-precomposed'>
<link href='' sizes='57x57' rel='apple-touch-icon-precomposed'>
Safari 9 Pinned tabs in El Capitan
<link rel="mask-icon" href="website_icon.svg" color="red">

Internet Explorer Meta Tags

<meta http-equiv='Page-Enter' content='RevealTrans(Duration=2.0,Transition=2)'>
<meta http-equiv='Page-Exit' content='RevealTrans(Duration=3.0,Transition=12)'>
<meta name='mssmarttagspreventparsing' content='true'>
<meta content="IE=edge,chrome=1" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible"/>
<meta name='msapplication-starturl' content=''>
<meta name='msapplication-window' content='width=800;height=600'>
<meta name='msapplication-navbutton-color' content='red'>
<meta name='application-name' content='Rey Bango Front-end Developer'>
<meta name='msapplication-tooltip' content='Launch Rey Bango's Blog'>
<meta name='msapplication-task' content='name=About;action-uri=/about/;icon-uri=/images/about.ico'>
<meta name='msapplication-task' content='name=The Big List;action-uri=/the-big-list-of-javascript-css-and-html-development-tools-libraries-projects-and-books/;icon-uri=/images/list_links.ico'>
<meta name='msapplication-task' content='name=jQuery Posts;action-uri=/category/jquery/;icon-uri=/images/jquery.ico'>
<meta name='msapplication-task' content='name=Start Developing;action-uri=/category/javascript/;icon-uri=/images/script.ico'>
<meta name='msvalidate.01' content='6E3AD52DC176461A3C81DD6E98003BC9'>
<meta http-equiv='cleartype' content='on'>

Windows 8 Meta Tags

<meta name="application-name" content=" Contoso" />
<meta name="msapplication-TileColor" content=" #009900" />
<meta name="msapplication-square70x70logo" content="images/smalltile.png" />
<meta name="msapplication-square150x150logo" content="images/mediumtile.png" />
<meta name="msapplication-wide310x150logo" content="images/widetile.png" />
<meta name="msapplication-square310x310logo" content="images/largetile.png" />
<meta name="msapplication-notification" content="frequency=30; polling-uri=notifications/contoso1.xml;
polling-uri2=notifications/contoso2.xml; polling-uri3=notifications/contoso3.xml" />

Blog Catalog Meta Tags

<meta name='blogcatalog'>

Rails Meta Tags

<meta name='csrf-param' content='authenticity_token'>
<meta name='csrf-token' content='/bZVwvomkAnwAI1Qd37lFeewvpOIiackk9121fFwWwc='>

HTML Link Tags

<link rel='alternate' type='application/rss+xml' title='RSS' href=''>
<link rel='alternate' type='application/atom+xml' title='Atom 0.3' href=''>
<link rel='shortcut icon' type='image/ico' href='/favicon.ico'>
<link rel='fluid-icon' type='image/png' href='/fluid-icon.png'>
<link rel='me' type='text/html' href=''>
<link rel='shortlink' href=''>
<link rel='archives' title='May 2003' href=''>
<link rel='index' title='DeWitt Clinton' href=''>
<link rel='start' title='Pattern Recognition 1' href=''>
<link rel='bookmark'title='Styleguide' href=''>
<link rel='search' href='/search.xml' type='application/opensearchdescription+xml' title='Viatropos'>

<link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''>
<link rel='first' href=''>
<link rel='next' href=''>
<link rel='previous' href=''>
<link rel='last' href=''>

<link rel='canonical' href=''>
<link rel='EditURI' type='application/rsd+xml' title='RSD' href=''>
<link rel='pingback' href=''>
<link rel='stylesheet' media='only screen and (max-device-width: 480px)' href='' type='text/css'>
<link rel='wlwmanifest' href='' type='application/wlwmanifest+xml'>

<link rel='help' title='FAQ' href='/faq'>
<link rel='logo' type='image/svg' href=''>
<link rel='P3Pv1' href='/w3c/p3p.xml'>
<link rel='publisher' href=''>
<link rel='image_src' href='' type='image/jpeg'>

<link rel='author' href='humans.txt' type='text/plain'>
<link href='' rel='original-source'>
<link rel='profile' title='Microformats' href=''>
<link rel='profile' href=''>

Other Resources

whitingx commented Oct 5, 2012

Very useful resource, thanks for this.

I've forked and added Google's news_keyword metatag - - but it looks as if I can't make a pull request on a gist (

whitingx commented Oct 5, 2012

Info on the news_keywords metatag here -

Hope this helps.

kioueste commented Oct 5, 2012


what is the meta
how it works ?

I tested this meta and it does not work.


coliff commented Oct 2, 2013

Another iOS one you can add:

That prevents dates in webpages from being links to create a calendar event.

There are several on this page that are not on your list. They relate to IE 8 and above and specifically Windows 8 when you pin a site to a tile, what image to use.

Apple just added on iOS7 into viewport minimal-ui

ondrek commented May 2, 2014

Nice collection, man! Thanks :-)


Please don’t use meta tags with unregistered keywords. The standardized way to hide data in your document is by using data-* attributes (which you could add to <body> or any other element).

Thanks for the collection. When I have more time I'll help you fill out this list more if you like, because there are quite a lot of meta tags not listed here, to make it truly a 'complete list'.

Just a few notes for now:

You might want to escape the slashes :-)

Great! Thank you!


kevinSuttle commented Jul 1, 2014

Updates: removed OpenGraph, ClaimID, and custom meta tags. I've also purposely excluded "minimal-ui" for UX reasons. Gist title has been updated to reflect the changes.

berruno commented Jul 21, 2014

description is not 150 but 160 now

There are several on this page that are not on your list. They relate to IE 8 and above and specifically Windows 8 when you pin a site to a tile, what image to use.....


<meta name='subject' content='your website's subject'>


<meta name='subject' content="your website's subject">

thank you author.. this research is very easy to learn. one thing i don't understand that what is " pragma"?
please help me. shahab

meulie commented Aug 20, 2015

Apparently syndication-source has been deprecated, so I guess you can scrap that one off the list.

wrxck commented Mar 9, 2016

Is it just me or did you forget <meta http-equiv="refresh"...?

eleumik commented Mar 16, 2016

Hi, I was wondering about rel='previous' and rel='prev', this is what I found out:

If one searches the web and the documentation of Google they all talk about rel='prev', that is defined in HTML4 and in HTML5 while rel='previous' is in RFC5005

'prev' and 'previous' seem both ok, google says in

Google treats rel="previous" as a syntactic variant of rel="prev".

and HTML5 spec

Synonyms: For historical reasons, user agents must also treat the keyword "previous" like the prev keyword.

Probably in one HTML document one should use 'prev', maybe it should be added to the list ? I see now it is in the list you forked from.

I started a project (HEAD) with the aim to be a comprehensive list of everything that goes in the <head> of your document. This gist is one of the resources I used to compile my initial list. Thanks for the great resource @kevinSuttle!

dikiaap commented Apr 24, 2016

@kevinSuttle @joshbuchea this repository and your repository is very helpfull. Thanks!

Note that it's very recommended to use double quotes instead of single quotes for attributes

Technically these are wrong. The html specification does not include single quotes (') for element attributes only double quotes (") Most browsers will still read single quotes but they are not standard and should never be used.


ghost commented Jan 22, 2017

Don't forget this meta tag

<link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json" />

fordnox commented Mar 15, 2017

is this still valid?
<meta name="generator" content="MediaWiki 1.16wmf4" />

arj-89 commented May 11, 2017

Very useful, thanks a lot

useful ,thx

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Thanks for this lists, I found them really useful!
You deserved a huge star on your project.

Very useful resource, thanks for this.
And this meta tag does not give an error "ReplyToCom" ???
<meta name='reply-to' content=''>
How is something connected with the errors "ReplyToCom" ???

Big Star

dirface commented Oct 6, 2017

Thanks for this!

Adil512 commented Oct 8, 2017

Just awesome .Thanks for this .

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