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Rockin' in the new world.

David J Eddy davidjeddy

Rockin' in the new world.
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# tools from
tap "cantino/mcfly"
tap "clementtsang/bottom"
brew "bat"
brew "exa"
brew "lsd"
brew "git-delta"
brew "dust"
brew "duf"
brew "broot"
marcandreappel /
Last active Oct 21, 2019 — forked from yannbertrand/
Using Xdebug on Devilbox with PhpStorm and Postman

The tutorial got a new home, head over to the newly created repo (for more flexibility and better interaction).

incyclum / AWS IAM Policy - ForceMFA.json
Last active Apr 2, 2020
AWS IAM Policy - Force MFA - This policy allows users to manage their own passwords and MFA devices but nothing else unless they authenticate with MFA -- *EDIT*: I forgot where I found it in the 1st place. In fact this policy is explained statement by statement in AWS docs:…
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"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Sid": "AllowAllUsersToListAccounts",
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": [
rainabba /
Last active Jul 24, 2020
Install docker-ce, docker-compose and docker-sync in Ubuntu for WSL
#This script assumes very little other than a fresh Ubuntu install (using the Windows store) on Win10 1709 or newer with WSL installed already
#In Powershell, run the following to install WSL and Ubuntu
#Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux
#Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile ~/ -UseBasicParsing
#Expand-Archive ~/ ~/Ubuntu
ChrisMacNaughton /
Created Mar 8, 2018
bash Russian Roulette
alias roulette='sudo -k; (( $RANDOM % 6 == 0 )) && { echo *Bang* && sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root > /dev/null 2>&1; exit; } || echo *Click*'
stevenringo /
Created Dec 3, 2017
Links to YouTube recordings of AWS re:Invent 2017 sessions

| Title | Description

#!/usr/bin/env bash
git branch | grep -v $(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD) | xargs git branch -D
View One import via join.yaml
- Key: Name
!Join ['_', [ ec2, "Fn::ImportValue" : {"Fn::Sub":'${BaseStackName}-Environment'}, test2]]
#This will create a name tag with value: ec2_<yourValueFromOtherStack>_test2
jameswilson / .gitconfig
Created Feb 15, 2017
git tree - a shorthand alias for a pretty cli git log graph
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# Place this in your home directory's ~/.gitconfig file
# a shorthand alias for a pretty cli git log graph
tree = "!git log --graph --decorate --pretty=format:'%C(yellow)%h %Cred%cr %Cblue(%an)%C(cyan)%d%Creset %s' --abbrev-commit --all"