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list all installed packages in android adb shell
pm list packages -f
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hammerhai commented Jan 14, 2019

help needed here !
command for installing a package of github into android system via shell.
After trying the command **pm install **
i get the error..
127|shell@tegranote:/system/bin $ pm install> pkg: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_I

If you're trying to install an app via ADB, do adb install in the same folder as your current CMD is pointing into, or ADB folder.

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afilp commented Feb 9, 2019

Any idea how to do the same in Windows 10? (not in bash)

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OldStarchy commented Apr 4, 2019

@afilp the command Anuboiz posted earlier works fine in windows 10, if you're talking about installing packages, the comment above yours should work fine too.

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ghost commented Sep 7, 2019

How about to list all the packages for a specific --user ?

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Flakie99 commented Feb 20, 2020

This gives a list of just 3rd party apps (or it does on my firestick 4k) if it helps:
shell sh -c 'cmd package list packages -f -3' | sed -e 's/.*=//' | sort

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Flakie99 commented Feb 21, 2020

adb shell cmd package list packages

list packages [-f] [-d] [-e] [-s] [-3] [-i] [-l] [-u] [-U] [--uid UID] [--user USER_ID] [FILTER]

Prints all packages; optionally only those whose name contains
the text in FILTER.
-f: see their associated file
-d: filter to only show disabled packages
-e: filter to only show enabled packages
-s: filter to only show system packages
-3: filter to only show third party packages
-i: see the installer for the packages
-l: ignored (used for compatibility with older releases)
-U: also show the package UID
-u: also include uninstalled packages
--uid UID: filter to only show packages with the given UID
--user USER_ID: only list packages belonging to the given user

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soufian2017 commented May 1, 2020

adb shell 'pm list packages' | sed 's/.*://g'

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AlexzPurewoko commented Mar 29, 2021

Uninstall all installed apks.
adb shell 'pm list packages -f' | grep '/data/app/' | sed -e 's/.*=//' | while read comm; do echo "uninstall $comm"; adb uninstall $comm; done;

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hiteshsahu commented May 13, 2021

Nice one liner: " adb shell 'pm list packages -f' "

List all a package works even without quotes:

adb shell pm list packages -f

Other Commands
  • adb shell list packages (list package names)
  • adb shell list packages -r (list package name + path to apks)
  • adb shell list packages -3 (list third party package names)
  • adb shell list packages -s (list only system packages)
  • adb shell list packages -u (list package names + uninstalled)
  • adb shell dumpsys package packages (list info on all apps)
  • adb shell dump (list info on one package)
  • adb shell path (path to the apk file)

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AndroidDeveloperLB commented Jul 8, 2021

Hi all.
I'm trying to get list of installed apps, together with as many of the next files as possible :

  1. installed time
  2. Updated time
  3. version code
  4. version name
  5. app name
  6. paths to each of the APK files (including split APK files)

Using ./adb shell pm list packages -f , I got only package name and the path to the base APK file.
Is it possible to get what I wrote about? Or at least the paths to the split APK files?

@hiteshsahu Using ./adb shell dump doesn't seem to work. It says: "dump: inaccessible or not found" .

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MrCarb0n commented Jul 23, 2021

How to know installed App's process? like this ↓
Uploading Screenshot_20210723-104444241 (1).jpg…

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ThatOneCalculator commented Jul 24, 2021

I'm running this from Termux and I'm getting the error: cmd: Failure calling service package: Failed transaction (2147483646)

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sameerppradhan commented Nov 24, 2021

Need help!
How to get the uses permission on all app installed?

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wuseman commented Mar 5, 2022

Need help! How to get the uses permission on all app installed?

First, I know the thread is old but for all newcomers who entering the cli nix world of android I just want to say: 'pm' has been moved to become 'cmd' command instead (Call package manager) you might have seen a note on earlier android versions: NOTE: 'pm list' commands have moved! Run 'adb shell cmd package

Back to the real topic and why I came here. @sameerppradhan here is how you can list all permissions for all apps on device, I also toke some time and wrote down some other examples about listning persmissions

Below command will do what you asking for, printing * permissions for all apps installed

cmd package list permissions 
cmd package list permissions|wc -l
Example Output

And some more examples you can use:

Print permissions organized by group
cmd package list permissions -g
Print all information that is given for all aplications
cmd package list permissions -f
Just print short summary of permissions of all applications
cmd package list permissions -s
Print only the flagged permissions that is consider as dangerous for all applications
cmd package list permissions -d
Print only the permissdions the user user you choose to check will see (cmd list users for find users to choose between)
cmd package list permissions -u
  • And you probably already figured it out, if you want to check specifik apps only just add the app name at end of the lines.

- wuseman

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Ash-Kay commented Aug 31, 2022

For anyone wondering about full command using adb adb shell pm list packages -f worked for me

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