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Spacemacs cheatsheet

emacs --daemon to run in the background. emacsclient.emacs24 <filename/dirname> to open in terminal

NOTE: "M-m and SPC can be used interchangeably".

  • Undo - C-/
  • Redo - C-?
  • Change case: 1. Camel Case : M-c 2. Upper Case : M-u 3. Lower Case : M-l
  • Helm-projectile find file : M-m p f
  • Helm-projectile-grep : M-m p s g
  • Toggle Auto complete : M-m t a
  • Neotree root directory : M-m p t
  • Linum-relative : M-m t r
  • Ace-jump mode : M-m SPC *. Helm-bookmarks : M-m h b
  • Iedit mode : 1. M-<left>, M-<right> to navigate, 2. C-; to select/deselct all for edit at once
  • Expand Region 1. Expand: M-m v 2. Contract: M-m V
  • Winner mode: 1. Undo : C-c <left> 2. Redo : C-c <right>
  • Toggle Aggressive Indent Mode : M-m t I
  • Open file in new buffer after M-m p f : C-c o
  • Dired mode : 1. Copy file : C 2. Delete the file : D 3. Rename the file : R 4. Create a new directory : + 5. Reload directory listing : g
  • Search : 1. The last searched query : C-s C-s 2. The string under the cursor : C-s C-w
  • Un-indent by 4 spaces : C-u -4 C-x TAB
  • Open emacs dired mode: M-m a d
  • Erase contents of buffer: M-m b e
  • Replace contents of buffer with the contents of the clipboard: M-m b P
  • Copy contents of the whole buffer: M-m b Y
  • Open current file directory: M-m f j
  • Rename current file: M-m f R
  • Indent region/buffer: M-m j =
  • Kill all buffers (of current project): M-m p k
  • Reload spacemacs conf: M-m f e R
  • Kill all buffers except the current one: M-m b K
  • Go to conf file (~/.spacemacs): M-m f e d
  • Toggle display fill-column(column 80): M-m t f
  • Enable/Disable read-only mode C-x C-q
  • Go one level up in directory: C-x C-j
  • Indent/unindent region by n/-n spaces(n=4,8,... usually): C-u <n> C-x TAB
  • Go to previous cursor position(before ace-jump): `M-m SPC ``
  • Do ag (code search) inside project : M-m s a p
  • Narrow to function : M-m n f (M-m n w to exit)
  • Enable rainbow mode: M-m t C c
  • Search selected region or current word through ag in project: M-m s p
  • Highlight search results in another buffer (helm swoop): M-m s s (M-m s s to exit)
  • Toggle current frame transparency: M-m T T
  • Toggle non-matching lines for iedit mode: C-' when in iedit mode (C-;)
  • Helm-resume background task: M-m h l
  • Enter .spacemacs diff mode: M-m f e D
  • Show kill ring history: M-m r y
  • When in dired mode, press ? to display a list of commands.
  • Search within given buffer (helm-swoop mode): M-m s s
  • List all functions in the given buffer (imenu): M-m s l
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For those that got here over search, this is for emacs editing mode, not the default vim mode.

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casouri commented Nov 10, 2017

The only difference is to change all M-m to SPC right?

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It does not appear that M-m to SPC is a 1 to 1 match. I tried toggling auto complete with SPC t a, but it does not exist.

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