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AWIPS 17.2.1

Getting basic CentOS ready for AWIPS II

  • Clean install of CentOS 7.4.1708
  • Grab the AWIPS 17.2.1 RPMS and setup a repo for them

yum groupinstall "AWIPS II Standalone"

As expected it failed with netcdf dependancies:


Using this GIST to capture a few debug sessions for a support ticket firewall issue#185


Migrating an OS drive to a new drive

Sometimes it is nice to migrate an existing operating system drive to a new drive without having to reinstall or do weird migration things with odd commercial/custom software.

Why do this? A few reasons: My old spinning disk isn't as much fun as a new SSD. My SSD is too small and I need wiggle room!

The following are the steps needed for migrating a windows OS drive to a new drive. Covering two different scenarios:

  1. Scenario 1: Current existing drive smaller than new drive
  2. Scenario 2: Existing drive is larger than new drive.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Enable completions
# Usage: gina swathviewer
# Summary: Downloads and starts swathviewer
# Help: Options:
# --force-download # force redownload of the client
if [ "$1" = "--complete" ]; then
echo --force-download
View bash_it-theme.bash
SCM_THEME_PROMPT_DIRTY=" ${bold_red}${normal}"
SCM_THEME_PROMPT_CLEAN=" ${bold_green}${normal}"
case $TERM in
#!/bin/env python
import socket
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
ports = [ 5672 , 9581, 9582, 388 ]
for i in ports:
result = sock.connect_ex(('',i))
if result == 0:
print "Port %d is open" % i
print "Port %d is not open" % i
View commands on LSH
Collection of commands typed on the LSH
* `sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies tightvncserver`
* `vncserver`
* set a password (limit 8 characters)
* now have a vnc server running on :1
* vncserver -kill :1
* backup the .vnc/xstartup
View habitat in

Simple build system for packages

Uses bash scripts for the plans - check out

When making habitat packages you are building packages in isolation, so they don't depend on the build system's libraries tools, and you can make them portable. They are kind of making their own OS packages available.

Any of these packages can run on any linux OS that has a modern kernel on a x86_64 architecture (no love for RPi). Lots of tutorials.

hab studio enter

  • what you will see is only what was in the directory that you entered - it will look for a .bah
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Usage: gina git_cleanup
# Summary: Detect and delete git branches that are merged and can be removed.
# This must be run from master
starting_branch=`git branch | grep ^\* | awk "{ print \$2 }"`
git checkout master
if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
echo "git checkout master failed - bailing out before doing any further activities"