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Download and extract latest OSX build - built by Melo

I set up two Rift compatible builds set just outside of Lower Russian Lake. One build is x64 bit and the other was called universal in the build settings. - Melo

mkdir SimSalmon-2015.02
cd SimSalmon-2015.02
7z e Lower\ Russian\ Demo\ Mac\ Builds.7z 
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# future
if workstation.broken? then call_for_help
# current -- simplified version - just think if we checked and wrote
# out workflow based on the user.workstation type: windows, linux, osx, other
if user.workstation.broken?
if = GI
then call_for_help("crc")
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syntax on
set softtabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set tabstop=2
set expandtab
set background=dark
set t_Co=256 " 256 colors
"show the line numbers on the side. allow for lots of lines"
View 0-Fedora QGIS build notes
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Notes on a build for a local QGIS on Fedora.
Taken from my old jumbled notes from:
View gist:5278513
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set-option -g prefix C-A
setw -g aggressive-resize on
set -g base-index 1
bind-key a send-prefix
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Building GDAL 1.9.x with ESRI FileGDB support on OS X Lion

  • Download the SDK from ESRI's website
  • Extract the SDK, and put the contents of the directory in a known location, I used ~/local/filegdb. Here's an example path to one of the files: ~/local/filegdb/lib/libFileGDBAPI.dylib
  • I use ~/local/filegdb so it can stay isolated in it's own place. You can put it anywhere, but the next few steps might be different.
  • Go into the directory containing the FileGDB SDK, e.g. ~/local/filegdb
  • ESRI built these dylib's using @rpath's, so to avoid needing to mess with DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, I updated the @rpath's using install_name_tool. There might be a more elegant way to handle this. If so, comments are welcome!
  • Here are the commands I used to patch the dylibs, this is not required if you want to use DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH yourself:

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I'm seeing a repeatable bug in the latest (well, pulled from git a week ago) qgis.

Grab a raster file or wms

Give the raster some transparency (30% say)

New Print Composer

Make the whole image a map. I used A4 paper at 300dpi. (less than 300 no bug).

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46056eea3dd73550804212ec110dbfc3 SDMI.ORTHO/CM3_Pilot_20110408-CIR.jpg.tif
9a083d1c4be51e29ed8ebda922802192 SDMI.ORTHO/CM3_Pilot_20110408-PAN.tif
f1e8909ae504ec4ed8f2e7ee8b45e3da SDMI.ORTHO/CM3_Pilot_20110408-RGB.jpg.tif
f69a80cde74b6c8ffe7efaa420c90396 SDMI.ORTHO/CM3_South_20110408-CIR.jpg.tif
a4bd07bdc0badfbe5bdfb372fbc026bd SDMI.ORTHO/CM3_South_20110408-PAN.tif
2e026d4ebf09ccd2f78a85b9732231d4 SDMI.ORTHO/CM3_South_20110408-RGB.jpg.tif
1d54211671ce298e66049af0b2ac53b2 SDMI.ORTHO/NM2_20110408-CIR.jpg.tif
2184b005f74632a68c41b5d32c1b7f7f SDMI.ORTHO/NM2_20110408-PAN.tif
cab01640ddfdbbc0b159d80bbcc866e0 SDMI.ORTHO/NM2_20110408-RGB.jpg.tif
17eb753e5b54ea4c31cd7c9c382bcc81 SDMI.ORTHO/NM2_East_20110408-CIR.jpg.tif
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Usage: browser
# pipe html to a browser
# e.g.
# $ echo "<h1>hi mom!</h1>" | browser
# $ ron -5 man/rip.5.ron | browser
if $stdin.tty?
puts <<-usage
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