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Daniel Fosco dfosco

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sw-yx /
Created May 3, 2019
an adaptive, intent based CLI "state machine"

an adaptive, intent based CLI "state machine"

one realization from working on Netlify's CLI is that the CLI framework we used, oclif, didn't provide a great user experience out of the box.

Emphasis on great: it does a lot of nice things, like offering flag and argument parsing, help documentation, and pluggability. That's good for the CLI developer. But what about the CLI user?

  • Idiomatic oclif code often checks for required preconditions, and if it doesn't exist, it prints a warning and then process.exit(1).
  • Decent code prints a helpful warning telling the user what they got wrong. It is informative.
  • Better code offers a prompt, creates a file, or something similar to solve the precondition before proceeding. (possibly recursively). It is intent-based.
  • Great code remembers past inputs to prompts and uses that to offer useful defaults. It is adaptive.
dylanmckay / facebook-contact-info-summary.rb
Last active Nov 13, 2020
A Ruby script for collecting phone record statistics from a Facebook user data dump
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#! /usr/bin/env ruby
# NOTE: Requires Ruby 2.1 or greater.
# This script can be used to parse and dump the information from
# the 'html/contact_info.htm' file in a Facebook user data ZIP download.
# It prints all cell phone call + SMS message + MMS records, plus a summary of each.
# It also dumps all of the records into CSV files inside a 'CSV' folder, that is created

Hello, visitors! If you want an updated version of this styleguide in repo form with tons of real-life examples… check out Trellisheets!

Trello CSS Guide

“I perfectly understand our CSS. I never have any issues with cascading rules. I never have to use !important or inline styles. Even though somebody else wrote this bit of CSS, I know exactly how it works and how to extend it. Fixes are easy! I have a hard time breaking our CSS. I know exactly where to put new CSS. We use all of our CSS and it’s pretty small overall. When I delete a template, I know the exact corresponding CSS file and I can delete it all at once. Nothing gets left behind.”

You often hear updog saying stuff like this. Who’s updog? Not much, who is up with you?

View random-colors.css
.random-color {
border-top-color: "LightCoral";
border-right-color: #a44b58;
border-bottom-color: rgb(108, 188, 134);
border-left-color: rgb(24%, 88%, 5%);
outline-top-color: hsl(88, 69%, 69%);
outline-right-color: rgba(220, 71, 132, 0.69);
outline-bottom-color: rgba(79%, 47%, 14%, 0.37);
outline-left-color: hsla(111, 31%, 38%, 0.86);
pedrogpimenta / convert sass to scss
Created Apr 11, 2014
Convert SASS to SCSS and delete .sass files (applies to all files in current folder)
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sass-convert -R ./ -F sass -T scss && rm *.sass
bomberstudios /
Last active Oct 16, 2020
A list of Sketch plugins hosted at GitHub, in no particular order.
kyleaparker / gist:7356064
Last active Dec 27, 2015
Inventory Quantity Table for up to two options
View gist:7356064
<div id="inventory">
<h3>Inventory Available</h3>
{% assign options1 = product.variants | map: "option1" %}
{% if product.options.size > 1 %}<th>&nbsp;</th>{% endif %}
{% assign options1Filtered = '' %}
{% for option1 in options1 %}
{% assign option1Space = option1 | prepend: ', ' %}
{% unless options1Filtered contains option1Space %}
sskylar / jekyll-siteleaf.rb
Last active Dec 18, 2015
Jekyll to Siteleaf import script.Imports posts from Jekyll into a Siteleaf page, retains markdown and converts frontmatter into metadata/taxonomy. Requires the Siteleaf Gem ( to your Jekyll site folder and run in the command line using "ruby jekyll-siteleaf.rb".
View jekyll-siteleaf.rb
require "siteleaf"
require "yaml"
# API settings
Siteleaf.api_key = '...'
Siteleaf.api_secret = '...'
# site settings
site_id = '...'
page_id = '...' # blog page to import posts into
dergachev /
Last active Jan 14, 2021
OS X Screencast to animated GIF

OS X Screencast to animated GIF

This gist shows how to create a GIF screencast using only free OS X tools: QuickTime, ffmpeg, and gifsicle.

Screencapture GIF


To capture the video (filesize: 19MB), using the free "QuickTime Player" application:

malarkey / Contract Killer
Last active Jan 15, 2021
The latest version of my ‘killer contract’ for web designers and developers
View Contract Killer

Contract Killer

The popular open-source contract for web professionals by Stuff & Nonsense

  • Originally published: 23rd December 2008
  • Revised date: March 15th 2016
  • Original post

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