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Recruiter spam
Attention Talented Ruby on Rails Coders,
My new client is an exciting startup in the SF Bay area which has just closed on VC
funding and is actively seeking to hire several senior-level RoR coders with 3+ years of experience. They are a web and mobile platform solution allowing artists (singers, film-makers, etc.) to sell digital content directly to the consumer. They have already established multiple celebrities as members and are rapidly acquiring more. The position offers competitive salary, benefits, and pre-IPO stock options.
We are not looking for any contractors, telecommuters, or people who wish to work from remote locations. This situation may change after the company becomes more mature, but there is a strong consensus that on-site, full-time employees are required at this early stage.
We have actually already filled the CTO and CIO positions with the company in record time, largely because qualified candidates were immediately aware of the unique market-position of this company and the dynamic potential for excellent growth. If you are not interested in a possible 'rocket ride' growth opportunity with equity, this is not the position for you.
Multiple Positions for Senior RoR Coders with 3+ years of experience:
• Design, develop and support the code and architecture that power several APIs for Company's development of new Ruby on Rails Apps to support the growth and
development of expansion.
• Developer considers themselves a full stack developer and is able to take on projects
that include back end development, infrastructure setup & configuration, and front end
Requires Experience with:
• Javascript, Linux, Rails 3.0.10, MySQL
• Content streaming servers such as Wowza and have worked or at least have experience
with cloud based server/hosting
• Ability to work with Designers to place design elements with mobile platforms
IF you are interested in these opportunities, please send a resume with cover letter explaining why you are a good fit, and for which position. Referrals, suggestions and unrelated resume submissions are always welcomed. If you feel that this email was poorly targeted, please feel free to let us know, but bear in mind that we work in many different industries and have placed many 'cross-over' talents.
Best Regards,
Nicholas Meyler
GM/President, Technology
Wingate Dunross, Inc.
ph (818)597-3200 ext. 211

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keikun17 commented Oct 30, 2013



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excid3 commented Oct 30, 2013

"— If the Website Is Too Small for Your Monitor, Click Here to View Our Larger (1024 x 768 Pixel) Version —"



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jasdeepsingh commented Oct 30, 2013



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alinapaz commented Oct 30, 2013

insulted. a cover letter?!


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hlegius commented Oct 30, 2013

WTF is Full Stack developer, dude? Duck one? God damn this!


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rurounijones commented Oct 30, 2013

"We are not looking for any contractors, telecommuters, or people who wish to work from remote locations."

The essence of a good modern rails shop.

[EDIT] Just noticed that I also received this email. I have no idea how they got my email address. Scraped maybe? That would explain how it ended up with DHH and myself (among many others I am sure) which would heavily imply it is a shotgun spam since the skill levels involved between DHH and myself are...not small. (and I somehow doubt DHH is spreading his CV around recruiters...)


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mbulat commented Oct 30, 2013

The email I received it at is only on one gemspec by mistake (i usually use a different email address), So perhaps he did a github search like so:


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carolbschultz commented Nov 5, 2013

Thanks for posting this email. I'll say that as a search pro with over 20 yrs experience, the fact that Meyler is recruiting this way lumps him in with the 95% of recruiters who are shit. What's particularly disturbing is that the guy has been a recruiter since before the Internet. He should know better. He should know how to reach out to candidates in a way they'll be more apt to return his calls/emails. I'll assert he's doing contingent work (what most recruiters do) which exacerbates the problem. It's all about slinging spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. The root of this problem, however, lies with the companies that refuse to use a retained model and utilize corporate recruiters who are clueless about how search needs to be done. It is only with this model that search can be done professionally.


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bf4 commented Dec 23, 2013 open-sourced their recruiter-lint tool (source) (fork of job-lint). I ran the recruiter spam through it and got:


  • Recruiter issues: 11
  • Culture issues: 0.5
  • Realism issues: 0.5
  • Tech issues: 0
  • Overall score: 0/10


  • You must include your company's name (client)
  • Don't ask candidates to forward your emails (not interested)
  • Unless this is an offer email, don't discuss compensation (stock, salary, equity, options)
  • Email is too long - get to the point quicker
  • Sending canned emails without a name is rude
  • Some "visionary" terminology is used (rapidly)
  • Don't ask for CVs or Resumes - it shows you haven't done your homework (resume)

Did anyone ever get a recruiter spam site going? Recruiter Facts seems dead.


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epeefencer commented May 15, 2014

The above are really nasty, very stupid comments which reflect negatively mostly on those who made them. I was initially puzzled about this, but the following medical study of serious mental illness in software engineers helped to explain...

Ruby coders are actually paid quite a bit less than most other engineers (starting salaries for Chemical Engineers in the lowest cost-of-living city in the USA were $10K to $20K above average compensation for Rubyists in San Francisco). The perceived demand is mostly hype.

Carol Schultz forgets that my firm is one of the leading retained search firms in all of Los Angeles, and has been for 30+ years. We were named as a Top Los Angeles Retained Search Firm in 2014 by the L.A. Business Journal and we also won the prestigious USTCRI "California Best" Award for Excellence in Business Ethics in Human Resources. I will say as a search professional that did his first Retained Search 26 years ago, Carol has about 20 years less experience as a retained recruiter than I do. What's even stupider about her comment is that my emails were extremely popular, with 200% to 300% higher open rates than usual. So, obviously, her comments are completely wrong. She is, in fact, a very poor recruiter, a poor sport, and a liar.

"I have said this before and will again: GitHub's workplace culture is toxic. It is crumbling from the inside, no amount of PR will save it." -- Julie Horvath, Founder of GitHub


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codesoda commented Oct 24, 2014

@bf4 you've seen right?


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epeefencer commented Nov 15, 2014 is a fraud/fake website. 460 software engineers who are complaining that they have
received 5644 emails from recruiters "spamming" them over a period of two years, actually is only one
recruiter email per person every 93 days. This is simple arithmetic. Whoever made that site up
is proving the opposite of his contention that he is "flooded" with recruiter email. Stupidest
thing I've ever seen and amazing how gullible people are that they just accept it at face value.

Here's an article written by another recruiter who is less kind in his criticism of obnoxious candidates:


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epeefencer commented Apr 11, 2015

As far as dhh, his comments are much more the product of being sleep-deprived with a one-year old child than anything witty or insightful. One does have to question the sanity of a father who pursues a career as a race-car driver, at least questioning his wisdom and judgment. Others have perceived this immaturity in his conduct as well:


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