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This is a simple version of UrlBitmapDrawable, an Android Drawable that can automatically reload a URL from an image library.
* This is a version of BitmapDrawable that's associated with a particular URL.
* It automatically caches and reloads itself as its Bitmap is flushed from memory.
* When using this with an ImageView, use loadImageView(), as there is some special
* handling needed when using ImageViews.
public class UrlBitmapDrawable extends BitmapDrawable {
private String mUrl;
private Bitmap mDefaultBitmap;
private WeakReference<ImageView> mImageView;
private boolean mRetrieving;
private boolean mFailed;
public UrlBitmapDrawable(Resources resources, String url, Bitmap defaultBitmap) {
super(resources, defaultBitmap);
mUrl = url;
mDefaultBitmap = defaultBitmap;
// Start loading immediately
* We need to do perform a hack to work properly with ImageViews,
* so most of the time you will be using this method.
public static UrlBitmapDrawable loadImageView(String url, ImageView imageView, Bitmap defaultBitmap) {
UrlBitmapDrawable drawable = new UrlBitmapDrawable(imageView.getContext().getResources(), url, defaultBitmap);
// If there's already a UrlBitmapDrawable associated with this ImageView,
// disassociate it (so we don't have two UrlBitmapDrawables trying to
// operate on the same ImageView).
Drawable currDrawable = imageView.getDrawable();
if (currDrawable instanceof UrlBitmapDrawable) {
((UrlBitmapDrawable) currDrawable).mImageView = null;
drawable.mImageView = new WeakReference<ImageView>(imageView);
return drawable;
public void draw(Canvas canvas) {
// If URL not set, or we could not retrieve the image for this drawable, don't draw (or draw default)
if (mFailed) {
if (mDefaultBitmap != null) {
// If URL not loaded (either being null or recycled), load it now (and fallback to default)
Bitmap bitmap = getBitmap();
if (bitmap == null || bitmap.isRecycled()) {
if (mDefaultBitmap != null) {
else {
private void retrieveImage(boolean forceRetrieve) {
if (!mRetrieving || forceRetrieve) {
mRetrieving = true;
MyImageLib.loadImage(mUrl, mCallbacks);
private MyImageCallbacks mCallbacks = new MyImageCallbacks() {
public void onLoad(Bitmap bitmap) {
if (bitmap != null) {
// This is a hack to get the ImageView to re-measure the
// width/height of this Drawable without having to completely
// re-implement ImageView. Without a re-measure this drawable
// can end up skewed in the ImageView.
if (mImageView != null) {
final ImageView imageView = mImageView.get();
if (imageView != null) {
else {
mFailed = true;
mRetrieving = false;
// These are stand-ins for an actual image loading library
public static interface MyImageCallbacks {
public void onLoad(Bitmap bitmap);
private static class MyImageLib {
private static void loadImage(String url, MyImageCallbacks callbacks) {
// Implement an image loading library here
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ZacSweers commented Dec 14, 2014

Just a heads up, it looks like setBitmap is now private in BitmapDrawable. Any idea how to get around that?


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