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dmos62 /
Last active September 2, 2022 14:12
Script for counting number of Postgres txs performed since starting the script
# Requires `psql`. The script effectively wraps a `psql` invocation.
# This is what I use for installing psql: `apt update && apt install postgresql-contrib -y`.
# Checks Postgres's tx counter, then blocks until ctrl-c is pressed, then checks tx counter again,
# prints difference, and exits. Start it before performing some database interactions, then press
# Ctrl-C to get the number of transaction commits that were performed since starting script.
# Should be called with the psql command as argument:
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#!/usr/bin/env bats
download-dao-setup-if-needed() {
local daoSetup_remoteUrl=""
test ! -f $daoSetup_localFile \
&& wget -O $daoSetup_localFile $daoSetup_remoteUrl
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vim: shiftwidth=2
---- MODULE DecidePeerSourcing ----
\* BaseCurrencyNetwork
NetParams(btcMode) ==
CASE btcMode = "BTC_MAINNET" -> "MainNetParams"
[] btcMode = "BTC_TESTNET" -> "TestNet3Params"
[] btcMode = "BTC_REGTEST" -> "RegTestParams"
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dmos62 / auto-patch.js
Created September 20, 2017 18:42
Patcher for Node.js that uses hashes to not patch twice
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Usage looks like this:
$ node auto-patch.js get \
--original node_modules/epub.js/build/epub.js \
--changed epubjs.changed > patches/epubjs.patch
$ node auto-patch.js apply patches/epubjs.patch