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drhelius / Interrupt INT 48h - LCD STAT
Last active May 27, 2019
Interrupt INT 48h - LCD STAT
View Interrupt INT 48h - LCD STAT
Interrupt INT 48h - LCD STAT
The STAT register (FF41) selects the conditions that will generate this
interrupt (expecting that interrupts are enabled via EI or RETI and that
IE.1 (FFFF.1) is set).
STAT.3 HBLANK (start of mode 0)
STAT.4 VBLANK (start of mode 1) (additional to INT 40)
STAT.5 OAM (start of mode 2 and mode 1)
drhelius /
Created Dec 21, 2015 — forked from dnozay/
jenkins groovy scripts collection.
MEMPTR, esoteric register of the ZiLOG Z80 CPU.
by Boo-boo (first and draft English translation by Vladimir Kladov)
As it is known, after the instruction BIT n,(HL) execution, bits 3 and 5 of the flag register become containing values that is not documented in the official documentation at all. Actually these bits are copied from the bits 11 and 13 of the internal register pair of Z80 CPU, which is used for 16-bit operations, and in most cases to handle addresses. This is usual practice for processors having 8-bits data bus working with 16-bits data.
It is not known why and how these bits of the internal buffer register are copied to the flags register though. At least Sean Young in the "Undocumented Z80 Documented" refers to that phenomenon ( and a bit more info can be found in the Z80 description of another "nocash" project ( where such register pair is called as MEMPTR. Unfortunately until now attemts to crack the algorithm se
drhelius / MBC3 RTC save format
Last active Dec 20, 2015
MBC3 RTC save format
View MBC3 RTC save format
MBC3 RTC save format
the RTC data is appended after the sav file, 44 or 48 bytes. you can detect its presence by the save data being 44 or 48 bytes bigger than the cart's ram size, or 44 or 48 bytes bigger than a multiple of 8192.
old VBA (from 2005) saves the 44 bytes version, and can load both the 44 and 48 bytes version.
VBA-M saves the 48 bytes version, and can *only* load the 48 bytes version.
one should load both types, and always save the 48 bytes version.
drhelius / Game Boy Boot ROM Disassembly
Last active Jan 10, 2020
Game Boy Boot ROM Disassembly
View Game Boy Boot ROM Disassembly
LD SP,$fffe ; $0000 Setup Stack
XOR A ; $0003 Zero the memory from $8000-$9FFF (VRAM)
LD HL,$9fff ; $0004
LD (HL-),A ; $0007
BIT 7,H ; $0008
JR NZ, Addr_0007 ; $000a
LD HL,$ff26 ; $000c Setup Audio
drhelius / GameBoy Color Boot ROM Disassembly
Last active Dec 20, 2019
GameBoy Color Boot ROM Disassembly
View GameBoy Color Boot ROM Disassembly
; GameBoy Color Boot ROM Disassembly
; Dumped by Costis
; Commenting by Randy Mongenel (Duo)
; ===========================================================================
; Segment type: Pure code
drhelius / Gameboy ROM headers
Last active Apr 7, 2017
Gameboy ROM headers
View Gameboy ROM headers
1.01 - Added some new licensees, fixed some
v1.00 - Initial release.
This information was taken and compiled from Martin Korth's
NO$GMB emulator. Best viewed in DOS EDIT.
Every Gameboy ROM header starts off at the HEX offset 0134.
drhelius / Game Boy MBC 3
Last active Jan 4, 2017
Memory Bank Controller (MBC) 3 for GameBoy Information
View Game Boy MBC 3
Memory Bank Controller (MBC) 3 for GameBoy Information
by bRILLO hEAD, 1-Jan-98
The MBC3 is a memory controller for some GameBoy carts
drhelius / Gameboy's video hardware
Last active Apr 5, 2018
Gameboy's video hardware
View Gameboy's video hardware
Nitty Gritty Gameboy Cycle Timing
A document about the down and dirty timing of the Gameboy's video hardware.
Written by: Kevin Horton
Version: 0.01 (preliminary)
My findings here are based on the original DMG, Super Gameboy, and GB
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