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Graphical User Interfaces

Last time I wrote a little bit about my current GUI research progress. There are some things that were misunderstood so I want to clarify some fundamental design decisions and finally write up some current problems and their solutions.

First up I want to clarify a component is not another term for what is usually refered to as widget. Instead wigets in this implementation are made out of n >= 1 components. Components themself are just rectangles with attributes left, right, top, bottom, center_x, center_y, width and height some behavior flags and an optional surface to draw into. For example a scroll regions is made up out of at least three


Graphical User Interfaces

For the last few weeks I spend some time coding, writing and cleaning up my notes from almost a year since I published nuklear.

Basically this is a possible implementation for a graphical user interface builder backend with support for an immediate mode style API. So it provides a way to define non-mutating UI state, an immediate mode style API for dynamic UI components (lists,trees,...) and a combination of both.

The core implementation is ~800 LOC without any kind of default widgets or extensions. At first this seems quite counter intuitive. However since the inherent design allows for lots of different ways to define any widget like buttons it does not make sense to provide a specific default implementation. The way this code was architectured furthermore removes the need for style/skinning configurations used in Nuklear since widget painting is just calling a small


Listpack specification

Version 1.0, 1 Feb 2017: Intial specification.

Version 1.1, 2 Feb 2017: Integer encoding simplified. Appendix A added.

Version 1.2, 3 Feb 2017: Better specify the meaning of the num-elements
                         field with value of 65535. The two 12 bits
                         positive/negative integers encodings were
mauron85 / letsencrypt-cert
Last active Apr 22, 2016
Auto refresh LetsEncrypt cert for NGINX with letsencrypt-auto
View letsencrypt-cert
echo "Running as user $USER"
$DIR/letsencrypt-auto -a webroot --webroot-path /home/letsencrypt/webroot/ \
--config-dir /home/letsencrypt/etc \
--logs-dir /home/letsencrypt/log \
View PaperScissorsStone.scala
// concepts:
// - actors
// - pattern matching
// - Option (None/Some(x))
// -- enums etc
object Figure extends Enumeration {
type Figure = Value
val Paper, Scissors, Stone = Value
View AreaCalculator.scala
// concepts:
// - functional style: higher-order functions, type aliases
// - testing in REPL
object AreaCalculatorApp {
def main(args: Array[String]) = println(area(readVertices(args(0))))
type Vertex = (Double, Double)
def area(vertices: Seq[Vertex]) = triangulate(vertices) map(triangleArea _) sum
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